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Promise I Won't Tell[42 Down/10 To Go!]
[-] This week, not only did our router give up on us, but my bathroom was also under repair. On top of this, my temporary cellphone is turning out to be failing as well. Why must things die on me all at once?

[+] I know they're virtual but these VGIFTS always make me smile. Thanks so much to mizra for my sunflower! I hope it survives the storms we're going through now though. Thanks girl.

[+] Work has been pretty crazy with all the planning for next year so I've been pretty focused on the job this week -- so much so that I've dreamt of it. Still, it feels good to be involved and really care about what I'm doing. Let the novelty remain for a little longer please.

[+] I am just so glad I have a long weekend and one more coming up next week. Four day work weeks please? I hope you all have great week ahead as well.

Long day is long much? It's only the start of the week and I was in the office till past my 9.6 hour quota! The worst part was the storm was a-coming and by the time I got out of the office, the winds were so strong, the rain was coming at us horizontally. Still, I get home to some crazy Mad Men finale watching and of course the post-MM pow wow with jamypye and _lexizzle. I'll miss those for sure.
It was my first time to commute to work in the rain. Let's just say I don't want this to happen again. Even if I was in my raincoat, my feet were still soaked to my socks. Not fun. After a long day at work, it was great to go to the mall with my parents. I was about to go home when my dad text me saying they were out so I headed to the mall instead. And of course, so many books came a-tempting but I managed to keep the money in the wallet.
Boss-less Wednesday is something I wouldn't mind having more often and despite the daunting list I made for myself of things to do, much was accomplished and I'm happy for myself. I switched cubicles today, as I'm now nearer my boss. Lowest point of the day? Having a piece of my lip torn off when I removed the sticker from my lips in my attempt to unfurl the curling sticker. Never again will I put a sticker in my mouth. No more blood loss for me okay?
Hello long day. 12 hours in the office when I thought I'd be able to go home earlier today. But no, sometimes some things just take longer than others and finishing that presentation almost killed me. The worst part? It's not even over yet, really. Then because I'm trying to be a good sister, I acted as a sort of messenger for my Singaporean sister to drop something off at her boyfriend's house. Seriously. Who am I?! Why am I being nice?!
It's not so uncommon anymore for me to take my lunch past the normal lunch hour. It's just weird cause despite getting to the office at 8-ish am, I always feel like time flies so fast and the lights are being turned off already for lunch break. It's like, where the hell did the morning go? Still, it's a good thing, I was able to have my lunch at my cousin's house. Well technically, she just watched me eat. Best part? Getting picked up by my dad. No Friday night commuting for me. I'm so spoiled.
There's something wrong with our router at home. I hate it when there's no Internet but now it isn't actually our ISP's fault. I don't really know how to set up routers but I hope we get it fixed soon. Because on top of my bathroom being repaired this week and the router conking out, I feel like nothing I own works quite like it should. I'm also looking at you mobile phone. I think I really do need to get a new one. There goes my money again. Bye bye London 2012 fund.
I spent four hours in McDonalds today. No, it wasn't for fun. My brother took his UST entrance test and my mom, sister and I stuck it out during his four hour test. Not such a bad way to spend the afternoon except there were three birthday parties going on with lots of rowdy children. If you ever think you want to have kids, just enter McDonalds on a birthday party spree and you will change your mind. Thank goodness it's a long weekend. I'm curling up with Beautiful Darkness tomorrow.
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