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TV Time: Megan's Milkshakes Brings Don To Her Yard*; Casey Means Business; Katherine's Out To Kill

I DON'T KNOW HOW LIFE WILL GO ON NOW THAT MAD MEN HAS ENDED. The wait to next season will just be too damn long and I'm sure there'll be so much to look forward to then. For now, let's celebrate this glorious season of awesome. I EXPECT AN EMMY SWEEP with the level of greatness this season showed, really. Also, I'm kind of glad, I had less shows this week. I'm not too tired.

Merlin 03x06: The Changeling

It seems like every season, Arthur is betrothed to a fairy-type girl whom they'll discover is actually NOT who she says she is. I get it. But hey, this time around, the girl was really adorable -- and turned out to be beautiful when the fairy person got out of her. I'm glad that Arthur stood for what he believed in, even if it was against Uther. Sure, they got to the wedding, but at least he didn't go through with it.

And before I get to Arthur/Gwen, I just have to discuss the cuteness of Gaius and Merlin. These two silly kids get into the craziest things and Gaius 'seducing' the princess's handmaiden was hilarious. You still have it Gaius. Be happy with that.

But really, now that we see how torn/pained these two are cause they can't be together, I'm more excited to see how this works out. Gwen, for the first time, admitted it to someone (Morgana) out loud. Obviously, Morgana's going to use this against her, but at least she got it out. And then she and Arthur had their little heart to heart and I was hoping so hard we'd get another kiss but that would just make it too awesome. I hope Arthur gets bolder in the coming episodes. I want some action.

Mad Men 04x13: Tomorrowland

WHERE MUST ONE BEGIN WITH THIS FINALE?! Admittedly, I've had lots of time to mull it over since it aired this week, so if you take out the entire HOLY-SHIT-MEGAN'S-THE-NEXT-MRS-DRAPER, one can say that this wasn't exactly the most explosive finale. Compared to last year's game changer of a finale, this season ended more with a Don-changing finale. Or did he really change?

Over the entire season, we saw Don transform from the more media-shy guy who refused to play the game, to one who's totally owning where he is. And hey, perhaps this new and improved Don needs new arm candy to tote along. Thing is, we've seen Don with the brunettes, and I've liked them -- well some of them. Midge (though not anymore), Rachel Menken, the comedian's wife, Sally's teache, but he was always married when he was with them. Now, he's got a brunette again, and he's actually single. So we probably shouldn't be too damn shocked.

Well I still am. And it looks like Megan was pretty damn shocked too. So really, I wonder where Weiner will bring this next season. Of course, there's the fact that Don might actually not marry her. But I feel like he will. Will he cheat while he's with her? OF COURSE. It's in Don's nature.

I just wonder how Megan will handle all of this and what kind of wife she'll be. Will she be a Jane -- totally oblivious to her husband's woes as long as she gets to shop? Or will she be more like Trudy -- totally in touch with the husband and a little of the pants wearing too? At least she gets along with the kids.

Sally and Bobby Seem to Like Megan... As their Au Pair!
And really, Sally and Bobby seem to really like her. Though probably not as a step-mom. When they were all on the bed together singing in French, I swear she looked like she could have passed of as Don's eldest kid if he knocked someone up when he was 13. I don't know how Sally will take this. I hope not too bad.

See Don, just because someone's good with your kids, it doesn't mean you should marry her. You should probably hire her to take care of them a few nights a week and then boink her the other nights, but I'm past his marriage proposal. There is no rationalizing Don's actions. I'm sure he's got some skewed reasoning behind it. I just hope it works out for the kids. Again, at least they seem to get along for now.

Naturally, Faye Won't Take This Well
See, this is probably one of the things going against Faye Miller. Other than her being Don's intellectual equal -- not someone who fawned over him, but actually understood him, she wasn't very great with kids. And when they're not on vacation, Don's not very good with his kids either. So he probably thought this relationship wouldn't do him any good.

THING IS, FAYE KNOWS ABOUT DON'S PAST OR HAVE YOU ALREADY FORGOTTEN THIS TINY DETAIL DON!?!? I really hope Faye isn't some vindictive bitch and rats Don's ass out because you know her mob connections could totally get him in deep shit. The way he broke up with her, even if she did choose to do it over the phone, was pretty harsh. I really did feel for her. She was just wishing him good luck on his trip and he comes home with a fiance. This has got to be a tragedy for Faye.

But hey, Faye, don't blame yourself. You couldn't have changed Don even if you thought you could. No one is going to change this man. Not even you. Sorry girl.

Betty Is Losing Control of it All
Another blonde seems to be losing it all. Betty not only lost Carla, but it looks like Henry Francis's patience is also wearing out. And on top of that, she finds out her ex is also getting married. I don't know if I'm seeing things, but you can totally see her checking Don out in the last scene and probably thinking all these what-ifs. What if they'd stuck it out together? But Betty, really, you're better of.

I just wish she'd give herself a break and not be too hard on everyone, herself included. Girl needs to let things out, I feel like she has so much pent up anger within that it gets released at the wrong times and at the wrong people. Repressed woman is repressed. Someone liberate this girl.

Peggy Signs New Business... No One Cares
But I have to say, I feel bad for Peggy most of all. Girl has worked her ass off the entire season and does she get any recognition at all? Of course not. She's got no stone on her finger. The moment she sees Don kissing Megan, you can tell she can already feel this will overshadow her getting new business for SCDP.

And when she confided in Joan, I wanted to squish them both and tell them it would all turn out fine. These two girls have worked so hard, much harder than the men and they get nothing in the end. It's really sad. That hug Don gave her in the end? That's a rare moment for them and at least Don showed some appreciation despite his obvious distraction. Don't worry Peggy, I'm sending you great work vibes.

Some Joan, Just Because I'll Miss Her
And finally, we all knew she kept that baby and this seals the deal. I was seriously hoping her husband would be shown blown up while they were talking on the phone but we'd be too lucky that way, so it looks like we'll see these kids sticking around longer. I really hope, for her sake, the baby doesn't come out with silver hair.

And that ends Mad Men season 4. My goodness it was a crazy one. I'm expecting tons of Emmy nominations for this one. Really. Yes there were some WTF moments but over-all it was a pretty spectacular season. Some acting awards for the cast please?

Poll #1635048 Mad Men Season 4

Did you like the finale?

Fuck yeah!
What the fuck writers?

Over-all this season was

Freaking Fantabulosity
Sometimes Great, other times not so
Why the hell do they win Emmys?

Chuck 04x05: Chuck Versus the Couch Lock

Let me start by saying that I'm so happy the show got picked up for an entire season. Finally NBC, you know they deserve this. But really, YOU KNOW WE ALL NEED SOME JOHN CASEY IN OUR LIVES and I'm glad we got some this week. Add to that, the craziness of the Morgan/Alex situation and it was a pretty fun episode of Chuck. Absurd as always, complete with ex-teammates plotting to chop of Casey's arm to get their share of the gold, but in true Chuck fashion, the show pulls it off.

Jeff and Lester's absurdity always goes past the line of reason but the fact that they saved Casey when the others couldn't get to him really made me laugh. Of course they once again relate this to getting high, which technically Casey did do, but these boys and their cluelessness always makes me smile.

You know who else is adorable? Morgan. I'm glad this guy is getting more and more camera time and time on the field. Look at him, rescue them all by electrocuting himself! Crazy is crazy but he did it for his friends. And you know they all appreciate it. And as much as I loved Anna, Alex is really cute and hey, her dad is pretty awesome, so she must be too. Sorry Casey, your intimidation tactics didn't quite work out.

Yes there was some Chuck/Sarah goodness this week, but with Casey and Morgan owning the show, I'd rather focus on that this week. I'm sure next week we get back to Chuck/Sarah prettiness.

Nikita 01x06: The Resistance

I'm really really liking where this is so far and though I'm not quite sure who to ship anymore Michael/Alex, Michael/Nikita, or Owen/Nikita, the story's been going great so far and I'm liking how I get a little Alias-esque action on my screen again.

I know Owen just lost his girlfriend but come on, how cute would he and Nikita be together, super spying and taking down Division? And what was up with Michael totally doting on Alex complete with almost hugs and wanting to stop her exercises. You can tell Julie Cooper sees something's going on. So if you're hinting at it, make it happen. Shane West, you're still so cute.

Vampire Diaries 02x06: Plan B

SERIOUSLY SHOW, HOW CAN YOU STILL BE AWESOME SIX EPISODES INTO THE SECOND SEASON?! I don't want to jinx it but so far, they're on a roll. And I love how one episode we have Katherine, the next we don't. It definitely mixes things up. Still, when Katherine is in town, you can be sure shit is going to go down.

From the start, with the cut-to-cut of Katherine/Mason and Stefan/Elena being all cutesy/hot in bed, I knew it was going to be spectacular. And look at all the havoc Katherine did despite not coming out on camera too much. Promising Mason a happily ever after if he got her the moonstone; getting Jenna to stab herself; COMPELLING MATT TO GET TYLER TO KILL HIM!?! WTF KATHERINE! Don't kill Matt off!!!

Thing is, Matt's been compelled and because Tyler becomes a werewolf after he kills, it looks like this is going to be the end for Matt. AND I DON'T WANT IT TO BE because he and Caroline are too cute with each other. Oh Katherine, the havoc you wreak. Once again, props to Nina Dobrev for seamlessly transitioning in between the two girls. Dammit, she gets to make out with ALL the hot guys on the show. Come on Alaric, you're next.

LIKE THE STEFAN/ELENA BREAK-UP. Let's all blame Katherine for the end of this relationship. Though I have to say, I didn't ship them in the start, this season has gotten me digging them A LOT. Snaps for Paul Wesley crying his heart out when Elena breaks up with him. That's pain y'all. I feel it.

Meanwhile, Damon too is feeling pain for Elena and their one little exchange still has my fangirl heart all aflutter. SHOW, STAY THIS AWESOME ALL THE TIME AND I MIGHT DIE FROM WATCHING YOU. I swear, I don't know why I didn't get hooked sooner.

Then of course, there's the Damon-interacts-with-all-the-hot-guys-on-the-show. Yes, Jeremy's sort of getting to be pretty, but you can't join the hot guys club just yet. With the help of the younger Gilbert sibling, Damon gets Mason into his lair -- to kill him of course. As much as I find Mason hot and will miss his hot presence, I'm glad Damon got rid of him already. It was only a matter of time till the Salvatore brothers got into more trouble thanks to this werewolf. Plus we have another werewolf to worry about anyway.

Let it be known that I wish there were more Alaric in every episode. And not just in relation to Jenna but just Alaric goodness in general. Preferably with Damon too. You can't go wrong with that.

And finally, let's end with the cuteness of Caroline and the sheriff. I love these mother-daughter bonding moments and I'm glad Liz is seeing what an awesome person Caroline is, even more so now that she's changed into a vampire. I'm glad she came to terms with it or was at least trying, because that means a lot to Caroline. Still, I have to give it to Caroline for putting the secret of the Salvatore brothers above her own desire to keep her mom close to her and in the know. Liz would have cracked about the brothers, I'm sure. So good call Caroline.

You know what else was awesome? Caroline effortlessly pulling those chains to hoist Elena into the verbane-filled well to save Stefan. Look at Caroline using her vampire skillz for good. She's going to be an awesome vampire. So please don't kill Matt just yet. OBVIOUSLY, I need more of this show.

* Title courtesy of my post-Mad Men finale pow wow with jamypye and _lexizzle! I miss you guys!
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