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Kristen Welcomes Us to the Rileys

Brunette Again[Kristen Stewart Fan]
With Kristen's new movie Welcome to the Riley's coming out at the end of the month, we get quite a bit of Kristen doing all sorts of promotion. This obviously makes me a very happy camper. And from the looks she's given us, I have to say, girl is looking happier than ever and more confident in her red carpet looks. Good times for all.

And in Breaking Dawn casting news; MY GOD THAT'S A LOT OF VAMPIRES. It took a while to know them all while reading, so at least now there are faces to the names. And thanks Bill for the note. Good luck to you (and to us). Here's to 390 days left.

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

First she showed up with her still-blonde locks to be interviewed by Jay Leno and she was just so adorable in her Bird by Juicy Couture Tail Blazer with Juicy Couture Leggings and a Make Believe tank top with Christian Louboutin Zhora Pumps. I'm really liking how comfy she's getting with this thing. +

Spike TV's Scream Awards

And because someone had to show up on behalf of the movie, Kristen accepted the award for Best Fantasy Female or something like that. Still, it was a nice surprise to see her back with her brown hair, I guess we're all prepping for Breaking Dawn now. Nevertheless, I'm loving her white GUiSHEM’s Spring 2011 asymmetrical dress with black and grey panels and Giuseppe Zanotti heels with gold contrast pllatforms. Girl, work that mini-dress cause your legs are too pretty to hide. +

Welcome to the Riley's NY Screening

AND BECAUSE SHE JUST KEPT blowing me away this week, at the New York screening for WTTR, Kristen just trumped herself in the magnificent Valentino Resort 2011 asymmetrical lace dress with black satin Brian Atwood pumps. Divine, really. The hair, the make-up, the dress, the shoes, the confidence? I'm in love.

Of course, post-premiere, Kristen changes into her street clothes and looks 10 million times more comfortable with her beanie, jeans and sneakers. Sure, you can dress up the girl and get her more confident in her outfits, but she'll always be much happier in her normal stuff.

Live! With Regis and Kelly

Finally, Kristen dropped by Regis and Kelly, where she sat around really because they wouldn't let her get a word in. Girl looked amazing being quiet though in her Christian Dior Resort 2011 plaid dress with red Giuseppe Zanotti platform peeptoes. I really love this cutesy dress. It's like a girlier version of the French Connection dress she wore to Much Music a couple years back. Look at her being such a girl. Gotta love the effort. +
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