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Joseph Keeps On Singing; Jake, Anne & Natalie are a Bunch of Goodie Two Shoes

Sing Out![JGL Source]
And the pretty people are back out being pretty -- but also somehow being 'good' too. Anne and Jake both showed up at philanthropic events (the International Monetary Fund for Anne and the First Edible School Yard for Jake). Natalie too was in the spirit of giving back, presenting at the Environmental Awards.

Still, other of my favorites were out too. Joseph singing his heart out with Yoko Ono; And Matthew, whom I haven't seen in ages playing golf of all things! So random! Andrew and Carey continue to promote Never Let Me Go. You definitely don't see me complaining.


Joseph looked oh so dashing performing alongside Yoko Ono in the "We Are Plastic Ono Band" in LA this weekend and though I have yet to see video of Joseph actually singing in this thing, if his Natural Woman video is any indication, I'm sure he did a pretty good job.


Because Jon is awesome, he showed up more than once since the last time I spammed him. First at some watch event for Jaeger-LeCoultre Event. You know, I could care less where this guy showed up, as long as he was there looking awesome.

And though I shall reserve my Mad Men finale thoughts for my tv recap, Jon looked pretty good as well at the Mad Men Finale screening. Oh to be there at that screening so I could shake stalk Matthew Weiner and ask him what was going on. Then again, if I were at an event with Jon Hamm, I wouldn't care about anyone else, who am I kidding?


Jim got even more casual than the LA premiere for the London premiere of his movie, Legend of the Guardians. I love how he looked like he just rolled out of bed and remembered it was the premire today. Now that's laid back. I'm still not over how the guy who made Watchmen and 300 also made this. Can't wait for Sucker Punch and his Superman remake The Man of Steel though!


I'm thinking Jake wants to hang on to his scruff for as long as he can before he needs to shave it all off for the press for Love and Other Drugs so let's enjoy the beard as Jake brings it with him to pet projects like the First Edible School Yard in New York. How lucky are these kids they get Jake visiting their school? Really.

Then, Jake headed west coast for the Elle’s 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute where he probably presented something for Proof co-star, Gwyneth Paltrow. All I can say is, hello handsome. See, the right amount of scruff goes a long way. Looks like all the girls wanted photos with him too. I don't blame them.


I haven't seen Matthew in forever and a day, so it was nice to see him out, even if he was playing golf. Though I'd take a red carpet over the greens any day, you know beggars can't be choosers. A close-up though next time? Yes please.


I know, the Scream Awards happened and Kristen was in it, but I'll save that for another entry. For now, let's focus on how hot Ryan always looks despite not really trying. Yes Scarlett, everyone's jealous of you. It's alright.


Andrew's been doing double duty for The Social Network and Never Let Me Go. Far from being the last of his TSN duties, he stopped by Madrid with his first threesome (Jesse and Justin) to say hola to some fans.

Then it was off to London to join another threesome (Carey and Keira) to promote the much awaited movie, for me at least Never Let Me Go. Three British stars in a British movie, on British soil? I'm sure the journalists had a field day with the prettiness at the photo call and the press conference. Andrew, stop being so dashing.

But of course, Andrew didn't listen and so we get him even more handsome at the premiere of their movie, sandwiched between two gorgeous girls. I can't wait till this sandwich consists of him, Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy. Spiderman, you know I'm excited for you.


As much as I'm crushing on Carey, adding Keira into the mix, and I'm totally dead. And really, how insanely similar do their 'younger selves' look right? Where is young Tommy though? Before I forget though, Carey looked awesome in her mustard pleated Proenza Schouler dress with black trims and a black belt.</i> She makes me want to cut my hair. Really.

Then for the premiere at the London Internationl Film Festival premiere of their movie, she changed into a
colour-block Vionnet Spring 2011 halter dress and really pretty hair, that makes me wish I knew how to style short hair. She and Keira were so cute on the red carpet together, I want to be best friends with them too.


The original do-gooder, Natalie was a presenter at the 20th Annual Environmental Media Awards. I swear this girl fits right in with these goodies with all her advocacies and she looked fab doing so with her hair slicked back and all. Too much pretty.

But before that, Natalie showed up at the NYC Ballet 2010 Fall Gala with her boyfriend, danseur, Benjamin Millepied. Looks like Natalie really got into character for her Black Swan role. I don't know how long this relationship will last, but I like it. Natalie's got a glow going on with her.


Still on promotional duties for Easy A, Emma dropped by Mr. Letterman's late night show to be awesome and adorable on screen. I really wish we got the late night shows live here. I'll try to scrounge her interview up somewhere that won't be taken down five minutes after it's been uploaded.


On a less goodie note, there's some left-overs from Paris Fashion Week at the Miu Miu show wearing of course a pink Miu Miu dress. Girl looked the right balance of girly-girl and yet all glammed up in couture. I'm so jealous she gets to go. Oh right, she's Dakota.


Being a cover girl is apparently harder work than just mugging it. Anna showed up at the Elle and Express '25 at 25' event in celebration of the magazine's 25 years in a really cute orange dress. Girl is looking so bright and sunny. I love it.

Anna's been out in Vegas for this 'Fall Out: New Vegas' launch event which I'm not quite sure is all about. Still, getting to see Anna decked out for the night and then the next day? Thanks event, for taking our girl out. She showed up at the brunch the next day all casual and cool and with her sunnies on.


Before doing some good for the IMF, Anne showed up at the Guggenheim 2010 Young Collectors Council Art Affair. I'm not sure if Anne collects art at all, but she sure looked happy and comfy with the folks at this one. Or she could have been drunk. Probably a combination of both. I love seeing her so happy.

And because Anna is a busy girl, she also showed up at the Elle’s 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute looking pretty damn awesome in her turquoise Reem Acra Resort 2010 strapless dress. Look at the neckline of that dress right? Still, gorgeous as ever.

Meanwhile, in a more reserved state, Anne showed up in support of the International Monetary Fund looking all sobered up and preppy in her coat and with her neatly combed. Gotta love how they can so easily transform no? They aren't actresses for nothing.
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