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Happy days are here again, the skies above are clear again; so let's sing a song of cheer again

Get Happy[41 Down/11 To Go!]
[+] My teammate resigned before I got hired so she's been turning over work to me and this week was her last week. I never got really close to her but it seems like I would have if she stayed. Our boss said she'd hire someone else but I'm just scared for the time being. I hope I don't mess up.

[+] Random story but while at the get together following my brother's retreat, the mom of his classmate asked me what I planned to take in college!!! She thought I was in high school too, which totally lifted my spirits. Then again, I was wearing a shirt circa high school.

[-] I had to restore my iPod to it's factory settings. It's a 3-year old iPod classic 15G and I don't want to replace it even if the battery dies quickly. I backed-up all my files but it sucks because all the play counts and playlists are gone. It seems like every gadget I own was meant to die on me in 2010. Not cool.

I've been pretty good at waking up earlier for work. I get up a good one hour earlier than with my first job. But so far, so good. I guess the fear of not being able to get on the MRT is a pretty good threat to make me get up early. When I get home though, despite the not too crazy day, I'm so exhausted, I just fall asleep. Perhaps the longer commute is wearing me out.
I made plans with my cousin to check out a warehouse sale with my cousin during my lunch break today. Unfortunately, we both got really busy with work that we never did get to drop by. Hopefully, things will get better this week and I'll get to see the books. Then again, I've bought SO MANY books already, I shouldn't be going to these things. Books, you are my weakness.
I was boss-less today but still had some stuff to work on. But still, any time the cat's are away, you know the mice will play and it was a good day to not be too on edge. Second week in and I'm a bit more relaxed but still feeling my way through this new place. I did end up going to the book warehouse sale but the stuff weren't so good so I didn't get anything. This is a good thing, really.
I finally dropped by my aunt's house (she lives right next to my office) after work, since I didn't get off the usual time and it was fun to just chill and watch some TV with her and my cousin. It's funny cause I thought that once I started my new job, I'd be at their house everyday, but I've been quite busy, I haven't had the time. Their food is always so good so this is going to be bad for my weight.
My boss sent me home an hour early in anticipation of a the super typhoon that was set to hit Manila by midnight of Friday. I was reluctant to leave cause I didn't want to have to make up for that hour, but she was right and it was nice to get home a little earlier for a change. I really took advantage cause it was my first day of my period and wasn't feeling my best with my lower back pains and all.
Today was Patty is your driver day. Even if my brother just learned to drive, everyone's still more comfortable with asking me to bring them places and I don't really mind. I just wish they didn't take my weekends. Unfortunately, that's how it goes. I picked my sister up from her friend's house last night and then took my mom to my brother's retreat's last day today. Thank god my other brother found a driver for the debut (a sweet 16 equivalent) he had cause I was just wiped out.
So far, so good. A super-typhoon was supposed to hit Manila this weekend and we got a bazillion storm advisories at work so I was getting a little scared, but so far, it's Sunday and it has yet to hit. I hope it doesn't anymore and just skips us completely. We don't need another Ondoy. Never again please. On a happier note, we went out and I ended up buying basic t-shirts that I do not have. My siblings bought those Nat Geo shirts to share -- without me. It's silly but I feel very left out. But that's just the period talking, I suppose. I hate being over-emotional.
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