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TV Time: STDs & Propositioning Professors Run Rampant in the UES & 90210; Adios SCDP!

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It struck me as hilarious when almost the exact same plot happened this week on Gossip Girl and 90210. From the prevalence of STDs to the failed attempts at coming onto teachers, it seems like these were popular topics this week. Too bad there weren't any STDs traveling around Mad Men or any propositioning of clients. Lord knows SCDP needs that right now. One episode left? NO WAY.

Merlin 03x05: The Crystal Cave

MERLIN! YOU DID IT AGAIN. He could have killed Morgana, but he didn't. And to think this girl has been predicted to be his downfall, but he couldn't do it cause he's too damn nice. Merlin, you do know this is all going to bite you in the ass one day right? I know you can't take Uther crying and lord, you couldn't let a single tear drop down Arthur's face, but I hope you get some guts in the future.

This isn't saying I want Morgana dead. I actually like her causing all this havoc in Camelot. And look how evil she's gotten? It's awesome. But what's more explosive is finding out she's Uther's daughter. Somehow I had this feeling all along but never thought of its implications. Now I get it. The only thing keeping me sane is the knowledge that Arthur is the canon king and they can't go all AU on us right now.

Speaking of Arthur, how handsome was he this week? Sure he got knocked out and all, but he was so cute when he was trying to thank Merlin and trying to find a gift for Morgana. And look, he does care about Morgana in a sisterly way, being all depressed with her sickness. Best part of the episode though? Arthur comforting Gwen. HELLO BODY CONTACT. Look at all that hugging. You know you're jealous.

Mad Men 04x12: Blowing Smoke

Oh how fast the mighty have fallen. Technically, they weren't very mighty, but at least they were functional in the start of the season. And now with one left to go, it seems like SCDP is in its last stages as well. From the cancelled meeting, to the desperate courtships to clients, even Don is doing the rounds, SCDP really is dying.

So what does Don do? Make noise. And yes, controversial for sure and maybe disrespectful to the other partners, but it's not like they had anything to lose at this point. I liked what Don did and I don't know how SCDP will survive this literally, especially with Bert walking away, if SCDP makes it, could Pete be the new C in the firm's name? THAT IS IF THEY GET PAST THIS SEASON.

Don and His Weakness
LOOK IT'S MIDGE! To think I really liked her in season 1 and now we see she's totally spiraled downards in her addiction. But see, Don's still rich like that, giving away money to those in need. I have to say, Don really does help those close to his heart (Pete included). It just made me sad to see Midge so different.

Then of course there's the non-awkwardness between Don and his secretary cause fuck buddies are cool like that. I wonder if Don will continue this illicit relationship with Megan to destress and all. Because she seems to be cool about it all. It made me laugh when Megan and Faye were in front of the other. I wanted to yell at them both: he slept with her too! But you know Don, he can do this. I'm just happy Don and Faye get to date in public now. Sorry Bethany, you're not the blonde he chose.

Peggy's Gone So Far
Speaking of Don's women, the woman he won't have -- Peggy has gone such a long way from season 1. Don asks for her advice and opinion and actually listens to her. I love how much he's grown to rely on her for all things creative. It makes me happy to see Peggy really accomplish things and I hope Don rewards her for her loyalty too. This relationship -- in it's platonic form was definitely one of my favorite things about this season.

Pete Doesn't Wear the Pants in the Family
I love Pete/Trudy and obviously with the new baby, I get where Trudy is coming from. Yet I also feel for Pete. Here's his first time to really assert his being a partner and he can't because he can't pay up. And yet you can tell he really really wants to be part of this. Stay loyal to Don. See it through the end. Only to find out, Don's already paid his share. That moment in the end when Pete finds out Don paid, and the nod he gives him? It feels like all that loyalty was worth it. I know, we're Don/Pete lovers.

Sally Takes One Step Forward, Two Back
On the family front for Don, things aren't doing very well either. Just when Betty thinks she's got Sally sort of on the path to a better life, she finds her with Gene, which obviously creeps her out. I don't blame her, but he was a good friend to Sally and she needs those now. It looks like it's war for Sally and Betty now. I can't wait for next season really. Imagine all the things Sally will do to torture her mother.

Chuck 04x04: Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat

Oh Chuck, I love how awkward you are with Sarah and this non-conversing you guys do. I have to give him props for trying to go through the 101 conversations, at least they were talking. But really, this couple is too cute. Especially in the end with Sarah talking to him in his sleep. That smile he did? Priceless.

Also, it's awesome to see them work so well as a team. Yes, they're together, but they're also spies and being awesome at that makes up for their lack of progress on the relationship part. But let's all take it slow right? I'm happy with how they are. I hope Chuck is too.

Other cute things in this episode? Casey's daughter liking Morgan and Casey threatening/bullying Morgan into backing away. But it looks like Alex got something from her dad: getting what she wants. I love how she just laid one on Morgan. They're going to be a cute couple. And imagine all the intimidation tactics Casey can do now.

But really, Awesome and Ellie and Awesome talking to their baby and having a statue erected in his honor was just pure Chuck. I hope nothing bad happens to Awesome, Ellie or their baby. I would be so devastated. And I love that Ellie saw how good Chuck is at being a spy (or not being one). And I'm glad Ellie knows Chuck is looking for their mom now. That's one secret less at least.

Gossip Girl 04x05: Goodbye, Columbia

So it's back to Chuck and Blair fighting now? Okay, I'll take it. It's funny cause I've always wondered why Chuck didn't at least want to go to college (I know he has a business and all) and now that's he's in Columbia, I totally don't see him fitting in. These kids look really well dressed for school too! Still, I'm just glad to see Chuck and Blair actually interacting.

I feel bad though that Blair can't get anything right at all. She's the master of schemes but she can't seem to catch a break. Fine writers, let Chuck win all the battles. But you better give Blair her triumph soon because she just keeps losing fight after fight. It's not fair anymore.

And really as much as I don't care about everyone else in the show, this Juliet-destroying-Serena-via-Vanessa business was the height of ridiculousness. From the fake STD to Nate going to get tested, to the stealing of the phone and sending a naughty text to Serena's professor to blaming it on Vanessa, Juliet sure is beating Georgina 10 to 1 on the evil meter. I don't mind. AS LONG AS THEY GIVE HER THE COMMENSURATE CLOSURE. Not like that silly cop out they did for Georgina with her parents in the end. So lame.

90210 02x05: Catch Me If You Cannon

For more failed attempts at propositioning a teacher with the end goal of getting them caught, we have Silver, Naomi and Adrianna attempting to catch Cannon in the act. Instead we get Silver getting thrown into counseling and Cannon looking like a saint. I have to say though, go Silver for really trying to pin Cannon for Naomi. This is good.

And because Mrs. Wilson always gets things fixed somehow, she totally blocked Annie from donating her eggs to her boss. I hope the internship isn't awkward at all. Also, I hope Ivy won't be too awkward with Dixon now that he's not actually HIV positive. COP OUT SHOW. It would have been interesting to see Dixon with HIV. I would have finally taken interest in him. For the first time, I felt bad for Ivy. This is progress. I never feel anything for her.

Also, I feel nothing for Teddy since he's no longer with Silver. And I also feel nothing for Jen and her baby or the fact that Debbie will now be her assistant/nanny. Also Mr. Ryans, cut your hair please? I liked it shorter. So that's that.

Glee 02x04: Duets

In yet another plot-less, but totally entertaining episode of Glee, all I remember is that Rachel and Finn plot to make Sam feel welcome in glee club to make him stay. This may have involved talking Kurt out of dueting with the non-blonde and forcing him with Quinn -- who surprisingly got me really really really really giddy to see her with someone other than Puck. This isn't normal. I'm not even into blondes, and I like them so much. Too much cuteness really.

Oh wait, I remember plot! Brittany actually gets sort of near human when she feels bad for taking Artie's virginity away. Who wants to bet they'll forget all of this next week?

Obviously, this should have won. From the vocal arrangement to the Tina-impersonations, Mercedes and Santana BROUGHT IT. They should have eaten at Breadsticks. But then again, Santana's rich enough to probably buy Breadsticks. But performance-wise, I loved the energy of this. Really good.

HELLO ASIAN COUPLE WITH ASIAN PROBLEMS. They made the most of their lack of singing talent and made it spectacular. Then again, Mike Chang can do anything, and I will squee, so it's not really a good basis. But I loved it.

Let's set this one up properly. 1) I LOVE JASON MRAZ; 2) I HATE THIS SONG, "LUCKY;" 3) SOMEHOW, SAM/QUINN REALLY REALLY REALLY MADE ME LOVE IT. I don't know, could it be their adorable blondness? Could it be Sam's total disregard for his life by aiming to hook up with the girl Puck is hung up on? Could it really be Quinn's eyes?! That is making boys speak Navi and all. I don't know but I liked it. A LOT. ANd I can't stress how much I Loathe this song.

Doesn't mean I didn't love Don't Go Breaking My Heart cause I did. Finn and Rachel are just awkward to watch perform, but that's just me. Kurt was fantastic as always in Le Jazz Hott and Happy Days are Here Again/Get Happy was pretty much flawless. I LOVED THAT.

Bones 06x04: The Body in the Bounty

For the first time this season, I really paid attention to the episode and really really enjoyed it. Could it be because Booth's new lady love isn't in it? From the perfect-murder banter in the front seat with Booth and Brennan, to the Science Dude helping the team out to everything, I pretty much remembered why I fell in love with this show to begin with.

And really. Brennan, your outfit in the end? So adorable. I really really really love the progression of her character. Yes, still as stubborn as ever but you can tell small changes to her and I hope these all pile up in the end to make her finally just say yes to falling for Booth and really acknowledging the feeling as valid and something to risk things for.

Yeah, that'll happen in season 1231023170312. I know you're style Hart Hanson. I won't hold my breath. Still, Cam was really cute being all Science-dude-y. And Hodgins being a fan of Science dude was really cute. I love how Angela was the one who was able to really convince Brennan to go on the show. And I can't wait to see Baby ________ Temperance Montenegro-Hodgins. If it's a she, she's going to be fab.

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