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Shia Continues Fighting Imaginary Robots; Rooney Debuts Her New Look; Emma Needs Help

Hello There[Shia LaBeouf Daily]
Looks like folks are still busy shooting movies and this just means more good times for all of us: more movies coming out, more press to look forward to and basically more prettiness all around.

This movie may be taking forever, or I'm just impatient but Shia LaBeouf is still on the set of Transformers 3 sans Megan Fox. I'm really hoping this new girl steps up. And we finally see Rooney Mara get her Lisbeth Salander-transformation. I have to say, I'm even more excited. And finally, Emma Stone blondes it up on the set of The Help -- a book I still need to read.

Shia; Transformers 3

Either Shia's running or dirty or suave and hugging the girls. Or put in a little bit of both. I hope this one is still pretty entertaining considering it's already their third movie.

Joseph; Premium Rush

Things I noticed about this movie: Joseph is always wearing this one outfit and they've been shooting forever. Something tells me this movie is going to be one long day for him.

Christoph; Three Musketeers

Well look at that, Christoph looks great as a priest of sorts too. Period pieces do this man justice, even if he seems to be of the evil sort. Or it's just the hair doing that.

Chris; This Means War

I haven't seen Chris on a movie set in a while so it's nice to see him shoot something again, and with Reese and Tom Hardy at that. Two hot boys? Yes please. I don't even know what the movies about.

Ashley; The Apparition

Ashley's actually doing reshoots of this movie that I'm not quite sure what it's about but it sounds like a horror to me from the title. Either way, I like her long hair here.

Carey; Drive

Carey isn't looking her best here so the character must be pretty sad and all, but it's got Ryan Gosling and CHRISTINA FREAKING HENDRICKS so this is definitely going to be a must-see for me. Why so adorable Carey?

Emma; The Help

There aren't many photos of this set so I took what I could get and Emma as a blonde? I'm still getting used to it. I should really get my hands on the book first.

Leighton; Gossip Girl

Though they've totally annihilated her character, I still somehow hold on in hopes the writers will redeem her. Leighton, leave this show please? So I can stop watching already?

Rooney; Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

And she surfaces with her new look. I have to say, despite the quality of the photos, we get a pretty good look at how she's going to be and I'm really excited. In Fincher, I trust. Let's make this happen Rooney.

Rachel; The Vow

Finally, Rachel is donning a brunette wig (or so I think) while chomping away in between takes. I won't bother with the rumors just yet but she looks really cute all bundled up like this. I wanna see more from this movie.
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