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Give A Little More[40 Down/12 To Go!]
[+] First week of work at my new work was pretty good, I suppose. I don't want to jinx anything, but I have a good feeling about things. Now if I can multiply this feeling by the my future time in the office, things will be good. Thanks for all the well-wishes!

[-] I was informed that my favorite guard at my old office died yesterday morning of a cardiac arrest. I was really close to this guard and he'd always greet me in the morning and count down to the weekend with me. It's hard to believe when I said goodbye to him on my last day, it was for real. RIP Kuya Dario.

[+] Thanks to mellowdee for the awesome surprise. You definitely cheered me up with your sweetness. Also thanks to petitecherie, hauntes & round for the VGifts of cuteness! It's awesome. I feel so loved. Thank you so much ♥ Here's to spreading more love around this week!

My first day at work wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I tried to keep positive thoughts and they seemed to come back to me. The commute wasn't as horrific as I thought it'd be on the MRT and a couple of the girls from the next row invited me to lunch. But really, I'm just sort of nervous/excited about the new job and not messing up. Here's to hoping this is all good things up ahead. And even when there are bad stuff, that they won't be too bad.
Day of forgetting things much? I was on my way to work, walking out of my village when I realize I forgot my mobile phone at home. I had to walk back and get it, cause I don't know if my boss would text me or anything. better to be safe than sorry. It's funny though cause I'd forgotten my phone a lot in my old work but I didn't care. Then I'm walking to go home and I realize I haven't logged out. So I walk back to the office again to finger scan out. Extra workout!
The commute to work is double the time now because it's father and the MRT (our train) is just packed with folks to the brim. Shockingly there was a cute guy on the train on the way home. I wish this was the moment where I was pressed up against another passenger, but no. We were a person apart and he was so tall he was a head above everyone else. I have to say I was probably more jealous he could breathe normal air. But yes, this is a shocker. There are never cute guys on the MRT.
I went home later than usual and though it's only my first week, I don't feel bad that I did. Perhaps it's the novelty of the job, but so far, I'm good with how things are. Then again, four days in, i better be okay with things or I'll be screwed. Still, I've been getting home later and this means less time to bum online which is probably the most upsetting thing about all this. Still, no complaints really on the work end. I hope this continues for the next few weeks years.
Hectic day is hectic. After a cancelled lunch with old officemates, I end up having lunch with my old boss who gave me the cutest Jane Austen Calendar for 2011. Really sweet of her and totally unexpected. It's too bad I had to rush back to work and then I realize I have to go pick up our race kits for Sunday's run. My old office was really easy to get around when I had an ID but now that I no longer work there they made me do a roundabout to four different places. Hassle. I finally got them though.
For some reason I woke up late today. I didn't think I was that exhausted sleeping on a Friday night. Still, it felt nice to wake up late for a change. I spent the afternoon catching up on the TV shows I missed this week. Then it was early to bed for me because of the fun run tomorrow. I haven't exercised in a really long time so I hope I survive the measly 3K that I have signed up my mom and I for. I love these marathon types though so it should be fun to do it again after a year.
So much for leaving my house at 430 in the morning. Traffic on a Sunday morning going to the race venue was so bad, it took us TWO HOURS to get to the race. By then, I was just exhausted and I had to park so far. By the time I make it to the race starting line, it's been 1 hour since the race started and there are still a shitload of people coming. There are so many people, you can barely run or walk without hitting someone. Well I just hope they reached their 120,000 goal for the world record. But otherwise. what a mess.
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