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TV Time: Pete Is A New Daddy; GG Continues to Destroy Blair; Booth,Stop This Moving In Business

[You Know You Love Me]
I wasn't able to watch any of my shows on time this week (I'll blame the longer commute from work and the new work in general making me quite tired) but I guess having watched them later, I was able to appreciate them more for their plot and not for the immediacy of having them. I don't know if you get me, but there. Mad Men, you're still awesome. I can't believe we have two episodes left.

Merlin 03x04: Gwaine

Three words: GWAINE IS HOT. I get that all this honor-noble system and how Uther is one for tradition, but how could someone honestly banish this hot piece of man?! You could tell he would have worked so well with Arthur and he was a nice friend for Merlin. AND NOT TO MENTION HE WAS CHECKING OUT GWEN. Imagine all the possibilities of plot advancement if he hung around?! Uther, you shall pay for this.

At the same time, it's really nice to see how Arthur's getting to be the nice king he'll be in the future -- though still very naive. Talking to Uther to pardon Gwaine and really trying his best to be fair to everyone, always with the help of Merlin his pseudo-conscience of course. These kids just always make me smile with the cuteness on this show.

Mad Men 04x11: Chinese Wall

So we see the SCDP firm lose everything. Like right now. It's scary how everything can go to hell so fast with Ken Cosgrove finding out about American Tobacco while having dinner with his fiance, Alex Mack Larissa Oleynik with short hair. It's a great catalyst though to the rest of the show's tone and how crazy things seem to be now with Don scrambling to keep clients in and well failing at times.

I don't know how the hell SCDP will survive this but it looks like they'll be having more announcements from Bert in the near future. Hopefully they'll be about more positive news. Can a big client please come in stat? They need to get their money back.

Roger's Mess Catches Up With Him
I kind of feel bad that Roger had all of this on his shoulder's and because of his inability to admit that he made a mistake, he had no one to turn to. Even Joan, whom he usually trusts, he couldn't admit this to. But how could he? This is the one thing he brought to the company (something he inherited at that) and he couldn't hold on to it. So really he is screwed.

And not even Jane. He can't even tell his own wife who's asking if everything is alright. Instead they pretend to celebrate his memoirs that have come out. I wonder how much of a joke his memoirs will be if SCDP is on their way out. Please let a miracle happen and let them all survive this?

Pete Can't Celebrate His Baby Now
I feel bad for Pete Campbell after getting yelled at last week, he loses GloCoat this week on top of everything else. And Trudy's in a prolonged labor and he can't stay with her in peace without being courted by other agencies.

I have to say, I hope he doesn't jump the SCDP ship just yet. I know he could be more financially stable elsewhere and he needs it a lot right now, but it wouldn't be the same without Petey boy. In fact, I have to give him props for totally staying as focused as he could (despite what Don says) on this. Going to the wake and keeping things under control. I love you Pete and your baby! And Trudy!

Peggy's Got A New Man
Meanwhile, Peggy seems to be on a high from her multiple encounters with this guy I just don't like for her. Still, it's fun to see Peggy all blissed out with post-coital glow so I won't complain.

I don't appreciate Stan harassing her or not telling her she has lipstick on her teeth. So I'm glad she was able to still wow the client despite the lipstick and all. I wonder how long this relationship she's got going on with the journalist will last though. I hope not too long. She can do better. for me at least.

Don Continues His Descent To Hell
And finally, because this wouldn't be the show if Don didn't whip his dick out and stick it into something who ISN'T HIS GIRLFRIEND, we finally see the fruition of all those WTF-ARE-THEY-MAKING-MEGAN-SO-PROMINENT-FOR?! We see her ease her way into a circle of comfort for Don and offer her body up on a platter with a no-strings-attached clause at that.

AND HOW COULD DON RESIST?! She just wanted to learn about advertising. I'm sure. She just wanted to get into your pants Don and this is all because he and Faye had a falling out over ethics. Come on, Don, you're better than this. Or wait, scratch that. I was hoping you were better. But now that he and Faye are okay, I wonder how this Megan relapse will bite him in the ass. He's got so much going against him already, I don't know how this could possibly get better.


Chuck 04x03: Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

As much as I'm glad that Chuck and Sarah were able to sort out the whole having kids and a family thing in the future, it all felt very fast. I get that Chuck just wants to be normal and Sarah is just having a first time feel of all of this relationship business so I'm glad they were at least able to talk it out.

So having that scene in the end with the very conveniently placed air duct and the falling of the ring was cutesy on the eyes but I hope it doesn't turn into anything too serious. Especially after they had this talk. It's just nice to see Chuck on his knees with a ring. But it's all in good fun right?

Also, having Nicole Richie come back and have her trigger feelings inside of Sarah and at the same time have connections to Frost seemed all too convenient. Still, it's good to know that Chuck is making a little more progress in the search for his mom. Lord knows he won't stop till he finds her and something tells me someone is going to get hurt in this process.

As for the Buymore craziness, it's always hilarious to see Morgan deal with Big Mike as his father-in-law to be. I just doubt Big Mike's capabilities and calming a riot of zealous fanboys who want their video game. But hey, at least least he helped Morgan out in a way Lester and Jeff obviously couldn't.

Gossip Girl 04x04: Touch of Eva

I'm with jo_herself on this: WHY MUST THE WRITERS CONTINUE TO RUIN BLAIR?! She comes off as psycho crazy in the guise of protecting Chuck. Why can't they just make her as happy as Chuck seemed to be with Eva? No. Instead they have her crafting scheme after scheme to obviously open Chuck's eyes to Eva's non-compatibility with him and it all blows up in her face. Then she goes running to Serena. Ugh. Every episode, it's the same. Give Blair a break.

Meanwhile, Chuck's trust issues aren't getting any better. Yes, he could blame this one on Blair but in the end, it was still him who chose to believe her. If he really was changed as Eva had done for him, no matter how many times Blair schemed against them, he wouldn't mind them because he's got a solid one with Eva. But no writers can't make ANYTHING last on this show. Just like their college charade. No one went to class this week, writers.

90210 02x04: The Bachelors

So Mrs. Wilson is broke but hey, look at the bright side Annie. You have that offer for $20,000 for your eggs, your kinda hot friend Liam is not living with you to stalk you and you've got that other guy you seem to like but I just don't get. At least things aren't too too bad in Annie's world right now. Then again, she did have a horrible season 2. She deserves a break.

Poor Silver. She thinks her problems consist of having a homophobic boyfriend when really she could have bigger problems when she finds out her boyfriend is quite possibly gay. I'm glad she was able to pull off this entire cancer benefit though even with Adrianna flaking on her. I'm also happy we didn't have to see Adrianna perform. but that's just me.

Though I'm glad everyone's cool with Naomi now, it wasn't cool of Silver to go spilling the beans like that. I get she did it for Naomi but it isn't a very great testament to her trustworthiness. Still, I'm just happy we didn't get too much Naomi-drama. Like Naomi, I want this all past her. I just want her to be happy already please.

And really I don't want to see any more of this Adrianna stealing songs business and her evil manager. I did feel bad that no one wanted to bid on Navid so I'm glad Adrianna came back with her 'earnings' and gave it to Silver. It's but right. Also, poor Dixon. And Ivy. SO much for wanting to do it. You're HIV positive now dude. I guess Ivy's gonna be a virgin for longer.

Glee 02x03: Grilled Cheesus

Perhaps I'm just a cynical bitch but when Glee does these heart warming episodes, I sort of stray away from them. Yes, I feel bad for Kurt and his dad, for sure. And I get all this talk about belief systems, but really I just want Glee to be funny and happy and snarky all the time. I guess my request is kind of silly, but I wouldn't mind more Sue barbs or more Finn being silly over his Grilled Cheesus

And though both sides of the belief system angle were pretty much covered by Sue and Will, I think they did represent a good balance of opinion on it. I won't even go into it because it's all very serious business and you know I'm not very good at that. Still, it's always nice to see Sue with her sister. She's a person too.

Having said that, the performances this episode were pretty solid. From Kurt's I Wanna Hold Your Hand (I don't think I've ever heard it sung in this context) to Mercedes's Bridge of Over Troubled Water, they were pretty good stuff. Of course Puck's streak of doing only songs by Jewish artists always entertains with Only the Good Die Young.

Even Finn's Losing My Religion was somehow suited to him. And though Rachel's performances are trademarked over the top, her Papa Can You Hear Me was of course brilliant. Surprisingly, if I close my eyes not really pay attention to the pained faces of the group, I really liked their One Of Us as well. Basically for an episode wherein I wasn't really laughing, the songs still had me hooked and really this is why I watch Glee.

Bones 06x03: The Maggots in the Meathead

Can Booth's girlfriend get any more perfect for him? Seriously. It's not fair how cutesy these two are while Brennan silently suffers in the side. I get that she brought this upon herself and she totally could have avoided this if she only toughened up but still, it hurts to see Booth so damn happy and Brennan pining silently in the side.

Plus Booth's girlfriend is likable. I don't hate her. She's got her person insecurities too and is a normal girl in a sense so I don't know how they're going to get her out of the picture especially since Booth just invited her to move in! THIS IS SERIOUS FOLKS. THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS. Booth wouldn't just do this to any girl especially with Parker around. He means business and it's not with Bones. I'm hurting so bad. I just want to see them together.

In other less B/B news, it's always cute to see Bones talk about Jersey shore like it's a documentary and everything is anthropology related to her. Such a cute girl, I swear.

Nikita 01x05: The Guardian

Oh Nikita. There is a naked guy covered in wounds and a black brief on your bed and you're chatting with Alex? Of course granted the guy is passed out and just lost the love of his life, but still, we all need a little action right?

Then again, Nikita seems to have gotten enough action what with chasing Percy and his black box around and pretending to be the wife of a cheating bastard and all and still has the time to sip coffee and wear pretty lingerie. Also, what Alex did with the breaking in? SO SCARY. I was hoping she wouldn't get the entire time. And well, Tom. Sorry bud, better luck next time.

Vampire Diaries 02x05: Kill or Be Killed

This show just continues to blow my mind week after week. They sure don't leave anything to not be used. Because of the Mason/Damon show down last week it looks like Mason's out for blood and what does he do? Go straight to the sheriff of course. And sheriff with the right amount of proof, goes for it, obviously.

I just feel so horrible because none of this would have happened if Damon just didn't confront Mason last week. Then again, Damon is for anything inciting drama and violence so I can't blame him either. He was on strat. Still, I wanted a little foursome bromance between Damon/Alaric/Mason/Stefan. How hot would their boys night out be right?

The ending reveal though with Katherine and the moonstone and Mason knowing Katherine from back in the day really leaves me with my jaw wide open. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? How is this going to work out now?! Looks like we'll be seeing more of Miss Katherine next week. I approve.

It still amazes me how much Caroline has grown as a character. Sure, she's being controlled by Katherine at the moment but you can tell she's trying so hard to fight it and just be a good friend to Elena. At the same time, you can see the fear in her with her mom finding out who she is.

Still in the end, she chooses being a good friend over keeping her own secret and the broken look on Sheriff's face says it all. I don't know how the she'll be treating this knowledge of THREE vampires that she knows, one being her daughter, the other being i the council and she can't really do anything about it for the moment.

I'm so glad Caroline was able to put Mason in his place though. I guess her being a sort of newborn and Mason's being sort of weak both worked to their advantage but now that Mason knows of THREE vampires and having nothing to lose PLUS having Katherine on his side, the odds don't look too good for the brothers and Caroline.

Then of course there's Damon and his friendship with the sheriff. I feel for Damon having his entire cover blown thanks to this new kid on the block. It's a good thing they have the Caroline bargaining chip or else the brothers would be dead by now.

I wonder though whether his friendship with the sheriff was one of convenience of if he really did find a friend in her. Either way, it's just good to know he's sort of safe from death thanks to Caroline. However, I don't know how safe anyone is from Mason Lockwood. After this episode, I don't know what havoc he'll wreak.

And yet it all comes down to Damon and Elena to me. Sure Stefan has definitely upped his likability in my eyes but I'm liking him more with Katherine. And despite this stand-off with Damon and Elena, I'm glad they're still being quasi-civil to each other. I can't wait till they're more than civil. Come on guys, be friends again please?
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