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Jen & Anne Show Some Variety; Andrew and Jon Still Keep Making Me Swoon

Always so cheery[Jen Fans]
My favorite pretty people were out and about these past few weeks with movie premieres and promotions so there's quite a bit to catch up on. I get why Andrew is making the rounds for The Social Network but I was pretty surprised to see Jon Hamm make the rounds with Elisabeth Moss.

I guess even TV shows have their promotional duties. It's just weird seeing him not in Don Draper attire doing something for Mad Men. All I can say for Jon and Elisabeth? See, he could go for that. PS. She's divorced now, Jon!


Jen was out with her cheery self helping give awareness to the Save The Children Foundation and she just looks really adorable all smiley.

Then she showed up at the Sixth Annual Pink Party also to raise awareness this time for brast cancer research. I guess that's why she's wearing a Stella McCartney fuschia satin tunic with a tail paired with a white paillette silk-organza skirt. I'm still not used to her so glammed

Finally she appeared at Variety's 2nd Annual Power Of Women Luncheon where Jen was acknowledge for the work she does with Save the Children. Looks like Jen's on a do-gooder spree this week.


But guess who was also at the Variety event? Annie Hathaway looking amazing in her Erdem shift dress in turquoise. I'm just happy to see Anne back out again. hopefully while promoting Love and Other Drugs we'll see even more.


Oh Jake, my mountain man. He was at the New York Film Festival talking about Love and Other Drugs and scruff or no scruff, I heart him so.


Andrew was also at the NYFF promoting the biggest movie today, The Social Network. I just love how he can dress down and yet not look sloppy. I love it.

Then of course he can look sharp too, at the premiere and the cast presentation at the NYFF. Get this boy more suits. He looks real good in them.

The boys then headed to Europe to promote the heck out of this movie and here they are looking adorable in Paris for a screening and photo call. Boys, stop being too pretty.

They then headed to Berlin where there wasn't a screening (perhaps no subtitles yet?) but they did come for a photocall. WHEN WILL THEY EVER COME TO MANILA FOR ANYTHING?! Never of course

And finally their last stop was Madrid for another screening and photocall. I really love the rapport between the boys. I get they're actors, but it feels genuine... Or I'm just gullible.

Though I'm not sure what is happening in this Spanish TV Show, all I can say is Andrew keeps being pretty while totally bromancing it up with Jesse. You know we approve.


I know I should be focusing on the foundation instead of Jon Hamm's attending their event, but I can't help it. He's too good looking. Let's hope the folks at the benefit were so inspired by Jon's presence, they donated so much. Yes please.

Jon and Elisabeth started their promotion in Cologne, Germany where they promoted Mad Men. I don't know how big the market is for Mad Men in Germany, but if he went to Manila, you KNOW, varjaks and I are so there. Still, sexy!peggy and no-gel!don are pretty cute to see.

So I'm not sure what MIPCOM is, but it brought Jon and Elisabeth to Cannes so you don't see me complaining. Props to the wardrobe department of Mad Men for making Elisabeth look so freaking frumpy when you can see right here, she is ANYTHING BUT frumpy.

My sister is probably fainting from the cuteness of this photo. I know she's still holding out for Don/Peggy so this is probably the nearest we'll get. Cutesy photos of them in Cannes? We'll take it.

Not sure why the Sundance Channel is at Cannes but hey, I won't complain because having Jon Hamm in the photo is awesome. Throwing in some Redford? The photo might explode -- thus I had to crop him out. I still say he aged pretty well. Robert, not Jon. Though I'm sure Jon will too. Also, Elisabeth, you're still so hot.


I know not everyone likes him, but Shia really just gets to me. He was pretty good in Wallstreet and he's always adorable with Carey, so it's a shame we never get red carpet photos of them together

Even at the premiere, they were always a person away and I just gave up trying to crop things. He looked dapper though in his suit looking all sharp. Stay like this, Shia. It works for you.


I know I'm late to the Carey bandwagon but after Wallstreet 2, I fell harder. She looked so cute in her pantsuit at the NASDAQ. Of course they drop by. It's freaking Wallstreet.

Then for the NY premiere, she dons a Nina Ricci Fall 2010 ensemble. Flawless, I tell you. I love that smile. And her hair!


Remember that party where Jon Hamm was looking hot despite being disheveled. Well, Anna was at the benefit gala for the LIVESTRONG Foundation looking her usual cute self. I love how this girl can be so normal despite her celebrity.

Eun Hye

Eun Hye always shows up at Chanel events so it wasn't surprising to see her at the “Chanel in the Winter party in Korea. Girl is just adorable.


In between taping, it seems like Leighotn has no time to rest. With her ambassador duties to Herbal Essences and the Gossip Girl set visit, girl is looking tired. I hope she doesn't get too sick from all this.


No, one fashion week wasn't enough for Rachel, she showed up at the other leg as well. First she was in Milan for Robert Cavali in a black Willow blazer over her printed Cavalli print mini dress and then to the 40th anniversary party in a Roberto Cavali leopard print gown. Then to the Paris leg at Christian Dior. And finally (or so I hope) at the Chanel show in a colourful Chanel print dress . What a life.
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