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The Only Exception[39 Down/13 To Go!]
[+]Started my week with my last two-ish days in Singapore and I did nothing but walk Orchard Road (meaning ka-ching is gone) and spend hours in Kinokuniya. My wallet is not very happy with me right now but I'm ecstatic.

[+] Ended my last free work-week (sort-of) with some John Mayer. Oh man, what an experience. From the five month delay (it was postponed from the original May 16 date) to the 4 hours in traffic (two hours each going and coming) and the hour in the rain while John riffed on his guitar. All freaking worth it. 'Edge of Desire' for an encore? My life is made.

[-] I have some sort of technology bad luck. After my laptop died, my mobile phone has decided to die on me. It's lived a long life and I'm not as devastated as my laptop loss, but still.

[+] Here's to a great week ahead for everyone! It's OCTOBER already. This is not possible.

Day 3 of the Great Singapore adventure and I'm less exhausted than the first two days but I'm also less rich. I guess no matter how many times you tell yourself NOT to spend, your hand holding the wallet just won't listen. From the six floors of the Funan Digitalife Mall, to the long road of Orchard to the Singapore Flyer at night, this day was made of pure awesome especially since I got to spend half of it with my sister and my evenings with my brother and cousin. Day 3 was a success except for that fact that my hand carry is quite possibly TOO heavy now.
Last day in Singapore was pretty chill compared to the days before. From my search for the Orchard Post office (that doesn't open till 11am) to walking back and forth down Orchard to hunt down where the books I want are the cheapest, to spending four hours in Kinokuniya, to enduring Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps with my sister to dinner with the most awesome ramen in the world with my siblings, to managing to pack ALL OF MY STUFF into my backpack and then wondering if I'm overweight and just collapsing from the exhaustion of it all.
Thanks to my trusty packing the night before, I was pretty calm leaving for the airport and made it in time WITHOUT HAVING TO CHECK IN ANYTHING!!!! I love how efficient Changi airport is. True enough, I get home to Manila, sweet Manila complete with traffic and pollution and more traffic. Oh I miss Singapore already. Still, it's awesome to be back and to catch up on ALL THE TV I missed and all the FLIST reading I should do. Until my next vacation, like very far from now. It feels great to be back in my house though.
Lazy days are awesome especially since I won't be having much of these in the next few weeks with the new job and all. I woke up late and tried getting caught up with all the tv shows I missed. The day literally passed me by as I tried to do some reading and ended up napping instead. I love napping. I think it's what I miss most when I'm working -- not being able to nap during the day. I know I should be spending my free days much more wisely but I'll take lethargy and zero things accomplished any day. Here's to more sloth-y days.
Busy day is busy. Despite not getting up early, I had to fix my papers for my new work and drop them off at my future office before being interviewed one last time by HR. It was all really for formality but I was running late and traffic was horrible. Then it started to rain and I was on my way to the John Mayer concert WITHOUT an umbrella. It rained for half the concert but it was all worth it because John did a really awesome set and we had pretty good seats considering we were in silver. Best part? His 'Edge of Desire' encore performance. I can die now.
It's awesome how my Sagittarian siblings are so into music and active in it (I can't play or sing to save my life). I didn't even know my little sister was part of her school's chorale or glee club or whatever it is. But they competed in some interschool contest and though they didn't win, it was so wonderful to see my little sister (who won't sing in front of us) sing and 'dance' in front of an entire crowd of folks. I felt like such a proud sister taking pictures and video of her performance. And she looked so grown up on stage. So weird.
Last day of freedom and I spend it quite possibly wrecking my dad's laptop. I swear I have bad luck with technology. It's still functional but it did some disk checks etc. I don't want to touch it anymore. Then my grandma came over and after she left she calls back up to ask if we want to go visit my aunt and cousins. I don't mind visiting them, it's just the way my grandma makes it seem like we have to do this with her. Oh well. It was fun to hang out there as always. And now I'm both nervous and excited for my first day of work tomorrow. Here goes nothing.
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