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Emma is Nylon's It Girl; Jon is Obviously the Man of the Year; Zac is in Wonderland

Easy A! [Nylon Magazine]
Just in time for Easy A's release, Emma Stone graces the cover of Nylon Magazine for their it girl issue, how appropriate, no? Girl can rock the cover any time for me. Here's to more magazine covers for her.

I also just realized, she's almost worked with all the boys from The Social Network. Emma was with Jesse Eisenberg in "Zombieland," with Justin Timberlake in "Friends with Benefits" and if word is true and she's cast in the new "Spiderman," she'd have worked with Andrew Garfield too. How awesome is that.

Emma; Nylon

“I think my ultimate goal at the end of the day is to make my parents laugh. Maybe that is what this is all about: a roundabout way of trying of trying to entertain my parents, just like I did in the living room when I was a kid.” -- why she likes being funny

Girl just keeps on bringing the awesome. I love how she's really just herself and doesn't try to be anyone else. She's really grown on me and I can't wait to see her in more movies.

Emma; In Style

They shot this one for In Style in a hangar of sorts and she looks so good in fall/winter clothes, perhaps because of the colors and her really warm hair color. I want it.

Pretty Young Things; Elle

Elle celebrated their 25th anniversary with FOUR covers -- one of which featured Amanda Seyfried on it. Plus it was such a treat to see some of my favorite girls make it to the list too! Anna Kendrick and Camilla Belle showed up as well. Cute photoshoot and really long, but pretty good behind the scenes video too!

Jon; Details

"I never minded standing up and looking like an idiot, which is tremendously helpful in this industry and not so much in others." -- on how he kept going back to acting

Do I really have to explain why I am featuring this hot man? No I don't. It took a lot for me not to put him on the cover, but I just had him a few weeks back, so let's give chance to others? Yes.

"I don't know. When you try to learn how to act, you approach it with respect. But if you just want to be famous... that's not that much different than porn. 'I'm a movie star!' Well, no, you're not. You're a porn star, and that's completely different. And you know, hey, mazel tov—porn probably built half the houses out here, but you're selling your dignity in a way that I feel I'm not. And once you sell it, it's gone. You ain't getting it back."

Jon; GQ UK

"What every actor learns is that you should never tell intimate stories in front of a writer, because eventually you'll see them pop up on a script"

Jon ALSO covered the UK version of GQ and won their Man of the Year award. Seriously, WELL DESERVED JON HAMM. He should be Man of the year every damn year.

"Even when you are working, you tend to find you have a lot of free time, so that can be kind of overwhelming, with the days blending in to one another. You don't really know what you're doing and you can lose a lot of time. All the rejections, the castings, the waiting -- it can be very demoralizing"

Ryan; GQ

"I was a really nervous kid. I was extremely sensitive. Incredibly perceptive. I think I was very keen to preempt anything that didn't feel good. I hope this doesn't come off as corny, but it really helped me be an actor. I mean, when I was a kid, I felt like I was this skin-covered antenna. And I could never get this antenna down. I was so aware of everything around me. I would watch people—looking for signs of danger all the time. It was so acute that I really was able to jump into other people's skin."

And not only he is so humble, but he's so damn cute. Peggy Sirota shot the photos for this article (she also did my favorite Twilight 2008 Vanity Fair shoot) and I'm just in love. Boy next door. Where do you find boys like this?

"I called them [my parents] from a pay phone. I remember it very distinctly. And I told them I was in Los Angeles. I told my father I'd been there for two months. He hung up on me."

Zac; Wonderland

There's this entire James Dean thing he's channeling here and I get a very 21 Jump Street vibe for some reason. Let's just say I won't complain whenever Zac comes out in something and hey, it's pornstach free too!

Andrew; Interview

"Gosh, I’ve never really thought about it like that. I think I could debate either side. I suppose acting was probably what I was always going to do, and I just wasn’t aware of it until I watched Teen Wolf [1985] and Teen Wolf Too [1987], and then I got inspired to do something with meaning . . . (laughs) I wonder if irony will come across in print? Maybe not . . ." -- on whether he was an actor by nature or through nurture

I love how Andrew's getting mucho more attention now with The Social Network coming out and Never Let Me Go. Of course let's not mention the Spiderman movie so that will catapult him to more covers perhaps? I like it. A lot.

"But, seriously, I don’t know. It’s difficult because you don’t want to reduce yourself to such an archetypal personality that was born to act. I just think I’ve always been sensitive and had difficulty containing my feelings, and I’ve always searched for outlets for that, because otherwise those feelings come out in chaotic ways that aren’t always great. So I think I was searching from the start of my conscious life for some kind of constructive way to work through my feelings, and I found acting."

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