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TV Time: Don's Imminent Doom is Upon Us; Silver's Woken Up To Reality; Brittany Is Fierce

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There cannot be just 3 episodes left to Mad Men. For the first time this season, I watched the episode with my siblings (also avid Mad Men fans) and it definitely made me enjoy this explosive episode more. But really, how the hell is Matthew Weiner going to make it all okay in the end? Oh right, he won't. Meanwhile Merlin brings the lulz and Glee has a sex riot. Just another week on tv

Merlin 03x03: Goblin's Gold

Leave it to Merlin to still bring the funny. This episode didn't really move anything along plot-wise but it gave us some comic-relief especially after the draining times with Morgana/Morgause serious drama. Instead we've got Gauis inhabited by a goblin and poisoning everyone around him in his quest for gold. And I loved that Goblin!Gauis put Morgana in her place.

The thing I loved most about the episode? All the Arthur/Gwen interaction. Sure it was just a few scenes together but beggars really can't be choosers. Let's have more of this? Y/Y. I vote yes. But like starryeyedmagic said, perhaps we can get a bit more serious with the plot? We get it's a family show, but hey, a little more substance never hurt. I still would want half-naked!arthur though. That's still essential

Mad Men 04x10: Hands and Knees

It feels like everyone's been brought back to earth on their hands and knees at that. Thanks to this FBI clearance, Don's world seems to be unraveling and well, he confides in... Doctor Faye. I get that Don's breaking down and needs someone to trust and talk to. And though Dr. Faye looks like a really nice person, I'm getting this really eerie feeling that Don trusted her too fast and this could all blow up in his face.

Still, it's nice to see him all tender with the lady. She really does seem genuinely awesome and cares for him so it's nice to see someone looking out for Don. It's funny cause with everything happening this week, we couldn't imagine how Don could get out of this unscathed. Until we realized, he could literally join Faye's family ~the mob and next season will be called Mob Men.

Pete really is the last loyal one
It's crazy how of all the people in the office, it's Pete Campbell who knows Don best. It seems to be proven that Pete can be trusted. He has been keeping Don's secret for quite a bit and didn't do anything evil to use this information to blackmail Don, so it's natural Don would go to him and try to see how he could help. I feel bad for Pete that he had to let go of the account and take the fall. he doesn't need all this drama now, not when Trudy's about to give birth (looking fabulous in her nightie, seriously) and he needs to step up as a partner. Don totally owes Petey Campbell now more than ever.

And in a strange turn of events, we see Don totally being a horndog for Megan -- his secretary. This is after he's all tender with Faye. DON! SERIOUSLY!? Can you not keep it in your pants for ONE relationship?! Do you really have to cheat on EVERYONE?! He's cheating on Bethany with Faye. He'll cheat on Faye with Megan?! Is this real life?!

Sally's a Fangirl and I love it
So in order to redeem himself in the audience's eyes, they decide to make Don the good dad by getting Sally tickets to the Beatles. I get that there was so much shit going on in this episode that people weren't really paying attention to Sally, but I have to admit, I was worried THE ENTIRE TIME that the tickets would get lost or cancelled or just NOT ARRIVE and would make poor Sally cry. I don't like a sad Sally so seeing those tickets in the end made my day... despite the fact that the entire show is going down in flames.

Kudos to Betty for keeping her cool with the feds as well. Look at her staying her loyalty to Don. Sure, it's selfish and she did it for her children but she could still have done Don harm and she didn't. I hope she doesn't confide Don's secrets in Henry Francis because as nice as this guy is, I'm afraid there'll come a point when he'll just be pushed to the ledge and sell Don out. We don't want this.

Lane Pryce Loves Him Some Chocolate Bunnies
And because my sister is sort of addicted to Lane Pryce, I always pay closer attention to him. And now we see he's got a little lover girl running along and works at the Playboy Club no less. I have to say, Lane/Bunny are a cute couple, but how real is this thing? I don't want to doubt the validity of their relationship but it just seems a little off for Lane to be gallivanting with her -- she does seem really young.

Still, you see why Lane would rebel. His dad's a badass mofo looking sharp in a suit at that age and still having enough power in his arm to swing a cane and have Lane fall down and bleed because of it. Look at him having his word be the final say, it's like Lane never grew up and his dad was still there to fix all his problems. I hope Lane sorts things out with his family though. I need to see him back before the finale.

Joan Fixes It All For Roger
And finally, we see that Joan is indeed the pregnant lady. I'm still thinking she didn't give up the baby and just didn't tell Roger about it, but I guess only time will tell. I do wish that Greg and Jane both die from something so that Roger can take care of Joan (and the baby) out in the open without fear for propriety (as was the case in the doctor's office). But I doubt the demise of their spouses is upon us so we'll just have to suffer and see Joan not be happy. Perhaps this baby is that step to her happiness.

Meanwhile Roger not only lost Lucky Strike, but he didn't tell the rest about it and they have 30 days left. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN SHOW?! With Pete letting go of his account on Don's insistence and Lucky Strike gone, it seems like Lane is in the wrong and the company is NOT financially viable. Perhaps Honda can save them? I don't know anymore. THREE EPISODES LEFT. SHIT'S GONNA GO DOWN. I Can feel it.

Chuck 04x02: Chuck Versus the Suitcase

Just how adorable are Chuck and Sarah as a couple? From doing normal couple-y stuff at home with Awesome and Ellie to actually working together and of course to living together, these two have the lines a little blurred (and this could be bad for them) but all in all, they're working their way through these uncharted waters and it's so fun to see them navigate.

I have to say, they make a good spy team. Not the most covert of missions and not very smooth with executions but they get the job done and the General seems to like them so that's all that matters. Plus now they're a little bit closer to finding Chuck's mom thanks to the baddies they sort of apprehended this time around. I just like them being cute.

Speaking of being cute, these kids pulled out all the stops with the men's shirt-wearing, bed-throwing, unpacking business in the end there. Sure, Chuck got a little too ahead of himself with the whole baby line, so I hope Sarah doesn't take it against him too much. Chuck, let's not get all srs bsnss just yet okay? We don't want to scare Sarah away too much.

Gossip Girl 04x03: The Undergraduates

Oh Gossip Girl, at least we're back to our old (but not necessarily awesome) ways. Last season, it was almost predictable how the ENTIRE CAST would end up at the same party by the end of the episode and this week, we're back to that with Fashion's Night Out (complete with cameos from Diane Von Furstenberg and Charlotte Ronson). Serena showed off her boobs and legs and Blair actually looked tame in comparison.

But wait, these kids go to college and though we don't get to see them in any actual classes, we do see Blair and Serena TRY to get into this exclusive club/house where membership is oh-so-exclusive. . Except that the Keymaster is Juliet who we all know is sort of skeevy. Still, it all works out in the end thanks to Lily's connections and Serena and Blair's apparent stronger bond. Boy are we glad they aren't fighting too much this season. It feels great to have them both on the same side. Side note: we know you girls are rich, but wow, check out those back to school outfits

And that side happens to be the single side. With Chuck still into Eva (who really is adorable in her naive way) and Nate still into Juliet and Dan well, I don't really care about Dan, it looks like the girls are free of the usual boys. Does this mean we'll be seeing more new guys of the Prince-ly variety. All I hope is they both choose well and don't just jump on the next free guy. It's such a breather to see them both single and enjoying their friendship rather than plotting against men or each other.

90210 02x03: 2021 Vision

In a slightly less lulzy episode of 90210, we get the after-effects of Naomi's haunting dreams of Professor Mc-Rape-y. I feel bad that Naomi's insomnia has gotten so bad that she's resorted to self-prescribing pills (well technically someone else gave them but still) to help her get to bed. And good job on taking multiple pills with wine, Naomi. Though I highly doubt she meant to overdose, I guess the sleep deprived really do crazy things. Here's to hoping she gets better in all senses of the word next week.

Meanwhile, Annie has a lulzier dilemma. Her boss is hitting on her! or her boss wants to swing with her! NO ANNIE. your boss just wants to buy your eggs for $20,000. Not a bad deal no? Especially since Annie's in need of money right? With Mr. Wilson gone and all. It's just funny how Annie immediately thinks her boss likes her that~ way. Also funny? How the editors led us to believe her boss had an evil plot for her the first time we met her.

But really, thank freaking god Silver's come to her senses with the wonderful teacher. Creepy teacher is creepy and she actually went to his house after he stalked her (of course she didn't know that). I guess she'll need some sort of support system when all this shit goes down because it looks like Teddy's playing for the other team now. Oh Silver, things will never go right for you no?

I still have zero feelings for Dixon/Ivy/Oscar or Laurel/Adrianna and her plagiarizing. I'm just wondering though where Mr. Wilson has gone to. We've seen the mom, could Rob Estes really be gone? Say it isn't so 90210!

Glee 02x02: Brittany/Britney

Show, you really do bring the entertainment but sometimes we need a bit of plot. Though I do love Uncle Jesse Carl being really handsome and charming the pants off Emma, it's funny how they use his dental practice as the gateway to all the Britney hallucinations (those were awesome,though the transition felt really odd). And I'm not too fond of all this Rachel scheming to figure out whether Finn is to be trusted complete with getting Quinn to help, because I just want her to not be too controlling of Finn. Alas, that'll be hard.

Still, it had it's good moments. Anything with Ms. Brittany S. Pierce was pretty fierce. yes Brittany, you deserve more solos -- all the solos! I was so glad to see her speak more than two lines this episode. Please say there's more where that came from. Also still awesome? Sue and her sex riot. It's notable that Sue idolizes Madonna but loathes Britney -- who was pretty influenced by Madonna, though of course there are differences. That sweat stain will forever be ingrained in my head. Thanks.

Despite the lulzy plot, the numbers this episode were pretty fantastic. I kept thinking of jessieka the entire time. I wish they'd done "Sometimes" -- one of my most favorite Britney songs ever but they didn't. I think Quinn would have done that well. Still, from the Rachel's Paramore cover of "The Only Exception" (which I kind of love now) to Artie's manly take on Britney's "Stronger" to the group performance of "Toxic" (I still cringed whenever Mr. Schu tried to gyrate to Ms. Spears), they gave pretty solid numbers this time around. The notable three for me though are below.

Brittany is primarily a dancer, we know this and her music-video mash-up for "I'm a Slave 4 U" was pretty damn fantastic. Taking elements from 'Toxic', 'Ooops... I did it again' and of course 'Slave 4 U,' Brittany totally rocked all that dancing in the green bikini plus snake, the red catsuit and of course the sparkly nude sock. God this girl needs to keep making videos with dancing. So hot.

Of course if you throw Santana in, it doubles the hotness and this is exactly what happened with 'Me Against the Music.' I was under the impression that Brittany would be dueting with Britney (we got her in cameos only, I guess her talent fee wasn't that big) but Santana wasn't bad partner at all. Seriously. They got the steps down. The costumes down. They just nailed it.

And though we get a higher version of "... Baby One More Time," I thought Lea did an amazing job with the video. I loved how they really copied it down to the camera angles. They need to do this more. Their versions of the videos are pretty darn fantastic and it was so cute to see Lea give it her Britney-best. I'm getting all nostalgic.

Bones 06x02: The Couple in the Cave

First of all, I donot approve of this new girl Booth is deating. yes, we all know she's hot. But come on, I'm sure they don't have the same chemistry or history with Bones? of course not. I know they're going to make her perfect for Booth and just totally awesome for him, but I'm all for Booth/Brennan. I'll wait my time. I'll totally be patient. But Hanson, you better give us something this season. I refuse to wait another season without progress.

It's funny though how Hannah doesn't back down from how blunt Brennan is. i was laughing when she totally had a comeback to Brenna's sexual return of the favor with her story about the fig trees. Awkward in any other circumstance but with them, it fits. Look at brennan get totally jealous when they kiss though. SEE YOU ARE JEALOUS BRENNAN!!! And I'm glad that Hannah is jealous as well -- in her own way. Hope we get more B/B and less Booth/Hannah

Nikita 01x04: Rough Trade

The first thing that I wanted to say was: OMG! it's the guy from Joy Luck Club! I liked how we got a glimpse into Nikita's first mission and how she really was a different recruit from the others. You could tell she got attached to that kid and really has a pretty good sense of right and wrong.

That scene with her and Michael though when they met up again in Hongkong was pretty cool. Imagine what would have happened if there wasn't bulletproof glass between them. You know they wouldn't kill each other. So perhaps a make out? I doubt, but you can see the tension (sexual and otherwise) between them.

Vampire Diaries 02x04: Memory Lane

Oh why can't we just have more Damon/Elena all the time? I know we didn't get much this time around but everytime I see them together I just get all happy and giddy on the inside. Seriously. It's not a joke how giddy these two make me feel even when they're fighting. Damon, don't stop being awesome.

it's amazing how Katherine is just sooooo good with manipulating everyone. From totally convincing Stefan of how staying with Elena was no good to knowing how to play Damon, there is a reason why they both fell in love with her to begin with. Woman knows her way with these men. All those flashbacks makes me sort of believe that Katherine was still really in love with Stefan especially that last part, but it is katherine, so you just can't tell. It would be awesome if they did get back together though.

I'm sad that Caroline is under Katherine's clutches though. I hate seeing Caroline in cahoots with her but I guess it was needed to let Katherine's plan fall into place. I hope Caroline doesn't agree to harming Elena though if ever that time comes. Please don't do it, Caroline.

And though I don't usually care for side stories, this Alaric/Jenna/Mason thing really is working for me just because they're all so freaking pretty. The boys that is. Lucky Jenna getting to hang out with two really hot guys. That lucky aunt. And throwing Damon into the mix (even if he was trying to out Mason) was pretty funny. Dances with wolves, and all that? Oh damon, you're so corny.

I'm scared now though cause Mason did seem like a pretty calm guy until Damon provoked him so I'm scared with how this will all turn out. hopefully, Tyler doesn't kill anyone so the werewolf gene doesn't manifest, but we all know that's not happening. Uncle Mason is still hot. Just saying.
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