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Trailer Thursday: Garrett Can Do Country; Even More Excited For the Social Network; So Long Potter

Movies are much more expensive in Singapore than Manila, but I had to see Wallstreet 2: Money Never Sleeps with my sister, so we did that on my last day and well, it wasn't anything Oscar worthy, but seeing Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan look adorable together was worth it. Still, there are more movies I can't wait to see this October and I doubt ANY of them are actually showing here on time. Boo.

The Social Network

I was really excited about it before and I'm still excited now, especially now that Andrew and company have been promoting the hell out of this movie. From their adorable Unscripted appearance to them just being such a cute trio in general, I can't wait to see the film. Especially since the reviews seem to be so good. Who knew a movie about Facebook would be this awesome? I can't wait.

Let Me In

I'm not a horror kind of girl. At all, but this remake of the Swedish "Let the Right One In" Has Chloe Moretz who is sort of adorable, so it'll be fun to see her pull off this evil/scary thing. So I might not see this in the cinemas just because I'd be too scared, but I wouldn't mind seeing it with my little sister who just loves to spook herself.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

Zach Galifankis always makes hilarious things and though he's not with his usual crew on this one, it did look interesting. Something like a lighter 'Girl, Interrupted' in a sense that they're in a mental facility. It's got that guy from Lost too -- I only know him thanks to everyone else's picspams during the last season but I thought he was cute AND LORELEI GILMORE.

Life as We Know It

Let me preface this by saying I'm no Heigl fan, but Josh Duhamel is pretty cute and I did watch When In Rome solely for his cuteness. hopefully, throwing in a baby and having him hold it ups the cuteness factor of this movie. I don't know if this is a cinema-watch for me, unless of course, it's free. PLUS IT HAS CHRISTINA HENDRICKS -- even if she only appears for a bit.


There are always those movies I feel like I could see with my dad and this is one of them. It's got DeNiro and Norton and has them in a jail. That's enough for my dad. Now if they blew more things up, he'd be happier. Still, this action-thriller looks pretty interesting so I hope my dad gets enough interest to take me to the movies with this one.

Tamara Drewe

Gemma Aterton really grew on me after Prince of Persia and Lost in Austen so it'll be fun to see her in this movie. The premise is pretty funny and Gemma's hotness is enough to draw me in, but they added in Dominic Cooper and it's always fun to watch him as well so here's to hoping this one comes around to Manila some time.


The plot is already crazy but it's based on a DC comic and has old people doing awesome things, so that's enough to sell it to me. I can't imagine The Queen, Helen Mirren kicking ass or Morgan Freeman NOT being the old guy supplying guns so it'll be fun to see this one. Plus it's got John Malkovich who's always an A+ addition to a cast, so this should be fun over-all


Clint Eastwood was mentioned in an article that listed seven actors who were better off as directors. And I guess you'd have to agree. His directorial work has gotten him Oscar nods and all that so I guess they're sort of right. Having said that, his latest work with Matt Damon is pretty interesting to watch. Plus Matt Damon plays a psychic, that's as un-Matt Damon as I can think, and it's got Bryce Dallas Howard too.

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 1.0

Practically EVERYONE on my flist posted this trailer when it first came out, and it's obvious why. I got shivers/goosebumps/palpitations just watching it. I can't believe it's happening, the end really is here and this trailer for Part 1 just got me really really really excited. It looks epic and I feel like I'm going to cry. But it's going to be so much fun. I'm too excited.

Country Strong

This one comes out pretty far from now, but I was just excited to see Garrett singing and Leighton go country. Sure, I'm not the biggest fan of country and I'll probably cringe when Gwyneth starts being all country star (I still can't imagine it), but Garrett AND Leighton in one film? You know I'm there.
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