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TV Time: Chuck Is A Master Spy, Y'all; Charice Doesn't Telephone In Her Glee Debut; Need More Bones

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And this week, I get all of my shows back. With the Chuck, Glee and Bones premiere, I don't know how I'll manage to recap everything, but I'll try. I was pretty psyched for Chuck's return and though it wasn't an in your face awesome start, it wasn't bad at all. We all need more Chuck/Sarah (and Casey!) in our lives after all. I'll just add the VD, Bones & Nikita recaps when I've seen them

Merlin 03x02: The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 2

I feel so bad for Merlin. Because of the way Morgana's got Uther wrapped around her finger, she'll never be exposed or at least not yet now and Merlin will be relegated to fearing for what Morgana may hatch next. I'm really glad that Merlin stepped up to the plate and totally confronted Morgana at the catacombs. It's just too bad that she got the recognition for something she didn't do. When really, she was the one who caused all this trouble to begin with.

It's okay Merlin. You'll get your heyday too. Just wait. I'm sure you'll have your time to shine. I'm glad Gaius knows though about Morgana's evil and all. And I'm so happy that Morgause's plan was thwarted. As beautiful as these evil sisters are, I still want good to triumph and all that jazz. Perhaps some day, they'll finally be exposed. I don't think it's happening soon though.

I did perk up with all this Arthur-half naked moments (you know they know their audiences well when they always have Arthur waking up from a night's slumber in nothing but bottoms). Still, it was so funny to see Merlin/Arthur banter as always. Poor Merlin, always getting the bad end of the stick with Arthur thinking he's useless and a coward when this is the opposite. These two will never get the proper romance they deserve. It's nice to see their friendship still intact though

It's also great to see Arthur step up and really take responsibility. Sure, we see him carry out Uther's orders and acting as prince, but with Uther indisposed, we're getting a sneak peek into how Camelot will be under his reign. I get he's still trying to rule Camelot how he thinks Uther would want him to, but I feel in time, when he really is the rightful ruler, we'll finally get to see the Arthur we've read about. I'm excited.

I also got giddy with the Arthur/Gwen scenes. I see we're back to hinting towards their love? When she went to him and held onto that bicep (I AM SO JEALOUS) and he held on to her hand and told her she didn't have to call him Sir? I DIED. I will ship anything this show churns and Arthur/Gwen are growing on me, I have to say. Really excited to see where they take this.

Mad Men 04x09: The Beautiful Girls

This week, the women of Mad Men get their time to shine (though not necessarily in the best light). Of course, a lot of them are connected to the Don, so it's not like we're given a chance to miss him at all. Because really, Don Draper is pretty much the cure all right?

Dr. Faye Miller Isn't Great With Kids
I'm really liking Dr. Faye and there's a certain tenderness to Don Draper when he's dealing with her. it's funny though how she's trying to defend her non-greatness with kids with the fact that she chose to work. I like that she's an independent girl, but when it comes down to it, you know she still wants to play house with Don. She looked so helpless and scared of how things turned out with Sally. Oh Faye. It's not your fault. It's Don's.

It wasn't fair of Don to go throw her at Sally though just because she's a woman (with some psych degree). Don, you go deal with your daughter. This is not how you're supposed to treat your girlfriend. Then again, I feel like Don only uses women to his advantage. This one happens to have a psych degree? His daughter happens to be seeing a shrink. I see how he'd confuse Faye's roles right now. If they were to work out, Don needs to set boundaries.

Peggy Olson Is Questioning The System
I don't know if they'll be making Peggy either a) a lesbian; b) an activist. I'm not too happy with either result but I see they'll need to take her character somewhere, and I'm guessing it's not the Trudy Campbell route of wife and kids. I like that she's being opened up to more opinions about what's happening in the world but at the same time, i don't want her to stray too far from SDCP. We'll see.

Joyce and Abe seem to be the gateways to this whole new world Peggy will be discovering and it's interesting to see her question authority now. Sure, Don can totally put her down with just a stare now, but I feel in time, Peggy will be able to stand up for her beliefs already (whatever they'll be).

Joan Harris Isn't Sorry At All
Raise your hand if you want to rub Joan the right way as well. I thought it was really sweet of Roger to send Madame Inga's staff for a home spa for Joan. She deserves it with the hubby going to Vietnam and all the craziness she's feeling right now. Roger always knew how to take care of her, and it feels really nice to see him still care.

And though I'm totally squeeing over the fact that Joan doesn't regret their little back-alley hook-up, I'm wondering what the repercussions of their little rendezvous are. I don't think her husband is dying and neither is Jane. And how will they be with each other now? I know Joan put down the law about how they're both married but that can be fixed right?


Sally Draper Loves Her Dad So Much
I really love Sally Draper and it's so nice to see her again, despite the circumstances. I feel bad that she had to run away from home (a home she hates so much) but it looks like she really does miss her dad. It doesn't help that she caught Don at the wrong time and she doesn't realize this will make Don look bad/have a hard time, but sometimes a kid just needs her daddy.

When she said goodnight to him and that she loved him very much, it felt so damn sincere and true, I just wanted to cry. She also looked so cute in her dad's undershirt, wearing the necklace he gave her for Christmas, I see. Sally Draper, please be normal. I know it's hard, but please do.

Also, how adorable is she making breakfast for her dad (using the stove and RUM! which Don of course enjoyed). I get that she's trying to show him she can take care of him/herself but she's just too young to live in the big city, with Don of all people. It's just gonna be bad. I get she could be responsible, and I'd love to see it happen, but I don't think Don wants the stress of kids. He never knew how it was. It's not easy.

Her little tantrum in the end and falling splat on her face must be horrific for her and I feel so bad. Somehow her goodbye to Don felt so ominous. It was like she was saying goodbye to the good Sally, this is the last you'll see of her or something. It just felt strange to me. I hope nothing bad happens.

Receptionist Megan Is Getting Lots of Screen Time
On a side note, I don't understand all this fuss with Megan. I get they're probably gonna use her in future storylines but as what? And in connection to whom? Please don't let her be another of Don's girls. Or Roger's girls. Oh dear, I'm already getting scared with the possibilities.

RIP Ida Blankenship
But really, Rest in Peace Don's secretary. There seems to be a curse with these ladies and though Ken Cosgrove's joke wasn't funny, it's one of the three choices for his secretaries indeed. I felt bad for Bert Cooper making an obituary and how it really affected everyone in the office. I just hope Ida was happy during her last days. She was always fun to have around.

Chuck 04x01: Chuck Versus the Anniversary

I missed you show and I'm so glad you're back. Back with the entire gang of folks I missed. Back with some Sarah/Chuck loving. Back with Casey-missing-Chuck. Back with Morgan and the new Buy More and back with just more awesome (and Ellie!)

But really, I'm glad we get Chuck back doing spy missions not just for the CIA/NSA but on a side trip as well. It's scary how he went out looking for his mom with just Morgan. I get that Morgan's a great friend, but I don't see how that's much protection. Thank goodness they've got Sarah and Casey on their team now.

And thank god we get some Sarah/Chuck cuteness along the way. This sexting was much better handled (than when it was on 90210 -- remember that episode?) and Sarah was so cute posing on the plane and trying to tell Chuck they were in trouble, when all Morgan was thinking about was sexting.

I really like the dynamic of this couple and I'm hoping we see them handle more couple-y stuff together -- with some Casey rolling his eyes on the side of course. I liked that Sarah told Chuck he didn't have to be a spy (even if the General had already told him he had to -- hooray, they have a source of income!). It's good to know they've got each other this way. The smile on their faces? Priceless.

ANd on a side note, I hate how Chuck is lying to pregnant!Ellie again, when we all know he meant to tell her. I feel this is gonna go bite him in the ass one day. But raise your hand if you aren't happy that Ellie's preggers. She deserves some happiness in her life.

Gossip Girl 04x02: Double Identity

Yep, somehow, I'm still watching. And this week, I should just get off my chest, the things I didn't really care much about: a) Dan/Vanessa/Baby/Rufus/Lily. The only thing I have to say is it looks like Lily got rid of all of Rufus's plaid shirts because he now dresses like an UES-r; b) Serena picking between Nate/Dan; c) Nate hanging out with the mysterious Juliet who I'm still not sure what to make of.

Things I did care about were Blair (and Chuck and Eva's non-accent). I'm glad Blair got her second chance with the prince. And though the date didn't quite feel truly Blair, you could see she was trying to reach out. I don't know how much more suffering they're going to make her go through, but it seems like Blair won't be having her happily ever after just yet.

Meanwhile, Chuck seems to be playing all his cards right with this Eva girl. Sure, she questioned his financial resources (snaps for you!) but she is going to New York with him and it looks like it was Blair's tip that sent him back. What sucks is, Blair's going to be single and jealous while Chuck Bass has it all again. Why writers, why?!

Still, just like how we got some Roger/Joan on Mad Men, we also get some Blair/Chuck here though no making-out in alley ways. instead we see Blair tell the love of her life to stop running and face the music. I wish they could face the music together instead of apart, but alas, it seems like we'll have to wait another season for that.

These are scenes that still keep me hanging on to this show. When Leighton and Ed get together, they kill these scenes and it doesn't hurt that the set is so beautiful and the lights and costumes are amazing. Now if we multiply this scene by a million and remove all the other crazy subplots, I might actually get obsessed again.

90210 02x02: Age of Inheritance

Well at least Naomi has money now because she needs to have at least one problem down if she's going to survive this season. Girl caught one break, and then got so many more problems. How the hell is she going to get Silver away from Teacher Rapist?! Especially when it seems like Naomi's the crazy bitch and he's the poor teacher?!

It sucks because her lies caught up with her and you could tell they started out innocently with forgetting she was drunk while with Teddy or talking about being drugged and now Silver isn't going to listen to her.

Speaking of Silver, I really hope she doesn't get raped by this dude just because she's mad at Teddy. I get that Teddy shouldn't have lied but he did, so let's move on. I hate how they've broken Silver/Teddy up so soon and then killed any chance for Naomi/Liam. AND just when I thought I was gonna get used to Liam/Annie, they break that one up too. AND throw Liam's mysterious brother into the mix. Who wants to bet he ain't no playwright either!?

And no, I still don't care about Ivy/Oscar/Dixon/Laurel (how can she be part of this problem?!) Or even Adrianna (sorry, I really don't like storylines with singing!Adrianna stealing songs) and by extension, Navid. Nor do I care about Jen/Ryan/Assistant/Pregnancy right now.

Glee 02x01: Audition

So I have to admit I was sort of dreading this episode just because Charice was going to be in it. I really think she's an amazing vocalist but I wasn't sure how good she was in the acting bit and I didn't want to cringe too much. So it's a good thing we didn't get too many speaking lines from her and yet she still delivered on the performances. I thought her staple song "Listen" was her usual great, but her duet with Rachel, "Telephone" was even better. She just looked like she was having fun

Of course, we leave it to Rachel to feel insecure about the spotlight and sending Sunshine (such a Pinoy name) to a crackhouse (and Mike/Tina finding out about it because the 'asian community' is tight that way) was so funny and yet so real. Poor Rachel couldn't even admit to herself that she was threatened by competition. Well it won't matter because Vocal Adrenaline knows how to whet an appetite: a green card and a condo.

Meanwhile, the other new possible recruit, kid with a big mouth who looks like Justin Bieber was pretty good with his rendition of "Billionaire." I happen to hate this song or at least am quite annoyed with it, so their version was a pretty amazing one considering I didn't cringe or want to fast forward.

I liked how Finn was the only one who was able to tell Rachel off. It's cute how they're both so insecure the other was about to break up with each other. Here's to more Rachel/Finn cuteness. These kids do get each other and feel good together.

Meanwhile, Sue's busy trying to get her budget back from Coach Biest, whom I really do like. She's endeared herself to me when she stood up to Sue. I love Sue, I really do. But it'll be fun to see her go toe-to-toe with someone. And considering she actually teamed up with Will of all people to take this woman down, Sue's not going to back down.

I did feel sorry for Biest when they were being mean to her, but she's a big girl and if kicking Finn out seemed a little out of line, I'm sure we'll see more shenanigans from her and Sue as they try to one up each other this season.

And what's up with the rest of the kids? I like how Brittany is still so Brittany telling everyone what she did last summer and how we should 'stop the violence' or how she totally caved in when Will asked her to tell the truth. I'm psyched to see more of her next week (and Santana too!). I see Quinn's back on the squad baby-less. I wonder if she'll go back to her mean ways and if Puck is really over her.

But I'm really excited about Mike/Tina!!! Yes, let's not be racist dumping the Asian kids together but I find them totally adorable especially when they dance together or just hold hands. And hello there Mike's abs as well. I swear, these two are gonna be the death of me.

Still, everyone raise your hands in the air and say 'yeah' because I loved 'New York State of Mind' and thought it was a great opener. I hope the rest of the season is only goes up from here. Not sure if we'll see more Charice or not, but hey, so far, so good.

Bones 06x01: The Mastodon in the Room

Full thoughts some other time but I'm so so glad to have the entire gang back. Leave it to Caroline to get the job done. I did feel bad that Cam was left alone and with no competent folks to work with. I'm glad things are settled though. I'm glad that Hodgins and Angela are getting a baby! A baby! They're going to be such weird but awesome parents.

Am I glad that Booth has another girl in his pocket? Of course not. I don't like this one bit, especially since it's as 'serious as a heart attack.' You do know that Bones is totally jealous right? Please please please be jealous and tell him so that they can just get together already.

Welcome home, Bones. Welcome home, Booth. Welcome back to my tv!

Nikita 01x03: Kill Jill

So Jill looks really really familiar but I can't tell where I've seen her from. Thing is, I've wiki-ed her and nothing stands out. It's been bothering me how I do not know where I've seen her from. Oh well, I'm digressing. It was another pretty good-ish episode of Nikita complete with Maggie Q being her hot self and Alex being a helpful insider.

I'm really enjoying Aaron Stanford though and I'm wondering what kind of torture tactics Julie Cooper has since they never show it but always allude to her being really good at what she does. I'd love to see her in action. Also, I want some Shane West/Maggie Q loving. I feel some sexual tension with them and it wouldn't hurt to see it brought to life. But that's just me.

Vampire Diaries 02x03: Bad Moon Rising

So hello there Alaric. It feels really really good to have you back. I'm still getting used to the longer hair, but I'm hoping we see more of him. Because really, how can ONE not have enough of him? Speaking of others I can't have enough of, Tyler's uncle is just pure hotness. I appreciate how VD wasn't confident enough in their CG skills to NOT show the transformation but his preparation was pretty great visually. MORE NAKED UNCLE PLEASE

I'm really really liking the Stefan/Caroline training to hunt/bonding moments. These kids are too cute! Stefan is looking really really good in that grey shirt. Biceps much? And Caroline's magnified human personality is just so funny. You can tell she's struggling with being good so I felt so bad that she bit him. She's going to beat herself up over this. Also, I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS BREAK-UP, CAROLINE. FIX IT WITH MATT AND MAKE IT WORK. yes, it had to be in all caps. Because I need them to be together.

FINALLY, STEFAN/CAROLINE ARE OWNING ME SO MUCH. Not neccessarily in a romantic way but in a I-want-them-to-be-BFFs-please way. Especially now that Katherine's back. Please don't turn to the dark side Caroline. Just because you and Matt are through, it's no excuse to be evil. Please?

But really, hello Damon/Elena!!!! Road trip together? Saving her from the arrow? Yeah, you don't care for her at all, Damon. We totally believe you. When he asks her, 'have I lost you forever?' I died. The answer is NO of course. NOT YES. NOT YES. NOT YES. I'm glad he told Elena the truth about not knowing the ring was on Jeremy's finger. I hope his honesty is step one to softening Elena's heart.

ALSO, stop beign too awesome show. My brain can't contain all this awesome
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