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Andrew & Emma Do the TIFF & VMAs; Rachel & Leighton Rock FNO; Jon Hamm is Still Handsome

Hello Gorgeous[Andrew]
WARNING: Mega picspam ahead. I didn't realize there was THIS MUCH going on these past 2 weeks, but with the Toronto International Film Festival, the MTV Video Music Awards and Fashion's Night Out on top of premieres, my favorite people were EVERYWHERE.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were both everywhere promoting Never Let Me Go and Easy A respectively. Add to that, The Town with Mr. Jon Hamm was premiering too and my head is spinning from the pretty. Sorry dial-up users, it's heavy.


I'm really loving all this Andrew-exposure we're getting while he was at TIFF. And this is a limited release movie. Imagine what happens when Spiderman hits?! I might die from too much love.

I love how smiley he and Carey are at the TIFF premiere of Never Let Me Go. I'm also curious where Keira is the entire time they've been promoting. It would have been nice to see all three of them do the rounds.

And because The Social Network is ALSO coming out, Andrew dropped by the MTV Video Music Awards with co-stars JT and Jesse Eisenberg. God these boys are adorable. I'm really excited to see this movie now.

Still lacking Keira, Carey and Andrew showed up at the LA Screening of their movie and answered some questions with the writers, directors of the film. I've been looking at clips of the movie and I hope they show it here somehow.

Finally, they premiered their movie in New York with a special screening (and still not Keira). I love how Carey and Andrew totally complement each other with their outfits. There were some photos of Andrew's girlfriend Shannon at TIFF, so I'm wondering, where's Shia?


I love how adorable Emma looked at the TIFF premiere of her movie, Easy A. Wearing a blue 3D lace one shoulder Stella McCartney dress and her wonderful up-do? I'm kind of in love

After looking sweet, Emma goes a bit more rocker chic at the MTV Video Music Awards in her black leather mini dress with Giuseppe Zanotti pumps. And yes derschatzi, she does sort of look like Julie Cooper.

For the LA premiere of her movie, she chose an embellished Emilio Pucci Fall 2010 mini dress. I really love the dress and with her smile, she looks fabulous.

Promoting her movie, Emma dropped by the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy is always fun to watch so having Emma on the show is a double yay for me. I'm loving the little black dress she wore too.

And though this is a little old, Emma dropped by The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell VIP Suite. Oh the life of a celebrity, going to these things. Girl looked cute as always.

MTV Video Music Awards

I haven't actually seen the entire thing just because I'm lazy to so if there's anything of note, tell me and I'll look it up. I'm obviously only here for the pretty.


AND LOOK WHO'S FREAKING ALIVE! My god, I haven't seen Chris Pine in ages so it was great to see him come out of the wood work at something. Plus, it seems like he'll be starring with Tom Hardy in a movie so that should be something to look forward to.


So there was no Robert or Kristen or Taylor at this year's VMAs (as there really isn't anything to promote just yet) so they send Ashley to represent instead. She looked really good in her white Giambattista Valli Resort 2011 strapless mini dress with a black lace overlay. The sultry make up makes her look so different from her everyday look. but I love it.

Fashion's Night Out

I'm no fashion critic but it's always fun to watch NY Fashion Week. My uncle works across Bryant Park so I can always rely on him to tell me the fun stuff that happened. And with this year's Fashion's Night Out, there was so much going on apart from the shows.


I didn't know Ashley was at Fashion Week as well, but it seemed like she showed up at both the Donna Karan and L'Wren Scott shows. She looked fabulous in both of them in her turquoise and and light blue dresses (one loose and the other figure forming). Ashley looks right about right in these shows.


MY GOD WAS THIS GIRL AT EVERY SHOW EVER?! Leighton showed up at so many events for Fashion Week, I'm exhausted thinking of it. She started off with Fashion's Night Out - The Show in a Versus Fall 2010 blue bustier dress with cut-out details. Not something we'd see on Ms. Waldorf for sure.

Then she went to the Chanel Soho Boutique Re-Opening in a 'simple' Chanel LBD with statement necklace. When will I ever wear a Chanel?!?

And because Ms. Leighton is so in demand, she showed up at two shows in one night. First stop was the Roger Vivier boutique to test out new fragrances wearing a gorgeous Emilio de la Morena dress. I don't know how long she stayed, but she was off to her next gig that night soon after.

Showing up at the Chloe Store in her head to toe Chloe and just glowing. Girl is really enjoying this Fashion Week journey she's going on.

Girl is apparently not yet tired, she shows up at the Derek Lam fashion show two days later. I guess her two day rest gave her a boost. She looked cute in her all white ensemble. I was a little confused with the shoes/socks combo, but hey, she's wearing it.

And just one day later, Leighton drops by the V Magazine New York Issue Party in the cutest outfit of all -- a Marc Jacobs Resort 2011 two tone dress in yellow and pink. Girl is just churning out so many different looks. It's crazy.

And finally, Leighton sits front row (of course) at the Proenza Schouler show in a Proenza Schouler cropped top and skirt. This is very reminiscent of Britney's Baby One More Time school girl outfit, but I won't complain. Leighton's had too many hits to be judgey. Just to say it wasn't my favorite outfit.


Another Fashion Week veteran, Rachel also did the rounds of some shows. Her first stop was the Chanel Store Re-Opening. And since they're in Chanel, of course she too was in white Chanel Fall 2010 dress that seemed to be made up of fringe. I love how smiley Rachel is in it.

Then, as the ambassador of the Sunglass Hut, Rachel showed up at the launch of Sunglass Hut's Full Time Fabulous at the Lincoln Center. If only I could join this contest (they're looking for a blogger to live, breathe and report from the cutting edge of cool in New York City and beyond). HELLO DREAM JOB. Rachel showed up in a Vanessa Bruno outfit and Maison Margiela heels. Of course, she had her shades on too.

My favorite Rachel outfit would have to be this pink and black Suno printed dress that she wore to Fashion's Night Out at the Sunglass Hut. Her hair was perfect, she looked divine in this outfit. I'm in love.

And to wrap up her Fashion Week experience, Rachel went to the Diane Von Furstenberg show in a asymmetrical summer 2011 DVF printed dress. I loe how she can pull off these patterns really well. Girl was gorgeous.


I'm not used to seeing Dakota in black leather but hey, she pulls it off just fine. Showing up at the Prada show, Dakota stunned me in her black leather Prada dress with turquoise embelishments on the neckline. It seems like Dakota really is growing up.

Eun Hye

Fashion's Night Out wasn't just in New York. All the way in Seoul, South Korea, Eun Hye was celebrating as well. Wearing a houdnstooth coat with fur trimming, Eun Hye partied during Fashion's Night Out as well. Please come back to my TV screen okay?

Toronto International Film Festival

I've never really paid close attention to the Toronto International Film Festival but it seems this year so many of my favorite people showed up for their movies so I sat up and listened. How I wish I were in Toronto to see all these films.


I'm sure this dress on the rack wouldn't be too appealing to many, but Natalie pulls off this gray sweater dress just fine and makes it look awesome. I love the detailing on the cuffs, but most of all, I love her smile!

Even at the TIFF press conference for Black Swan, Natalie looked like she was just having a ball all smiley and happy. I'm really excited to see this film and tinyyuan is so lucky to have been at TIFF when this premiered. I'm still jealous.

Finally, Natalie attended the TIFF Premiere wearing a daffodil print chiffon strapless Jason Wu Resort 2011 dress. I love how she just glows in this one and it feels like it has a very 'black-swan' feel to it too. I see what you did there stylist. Good job.


I always tell myself when I see Ryan: "THIS IS WHAT SCARLETT WAKES UP TO" and I cry on the inside. Ryan was at TIFF to promote his movie, "Buried" and the movie is apparently a thriller. There's no need to show a clip of the film though, because just seeing Ryan in the flesh has girls thrilled too, I'm sure.

Leaving the grandpa sweater behind, Ryan looks all suaved up at the premiere for Buried in his suit. Seriously. Men like Ryan were born to wear suits. Again, Scarlett, you are a lucky girl.

Because Ryan's so hot, they've got after parties to celebrate his hotness and he headed to two of them still looking pretty. To be trapped in a room with him? I'd probably die. It's not fair.


You know we rarely see Ellen if she isn't doing press so it's a good thing she's got her movie, Super coming out and they premiered at TIFF as well. Wearing her staple all black outfit, Ellen showed up with co-star Liv Tyler and did her duty to promote the movie. I just saw Hard Candy and it still shocks me how brilliant she is in that.


And because Mr. Affleck is in Toronto, it's but right that Mrs. Affleck would be there too. Supporting her husband, Jen showed up at the TIFF Premiere for The Town in a black shift dress with lace panels and Cartier jewels. I wish we got a photo with her and Ben. But I won't complain.


One can NEVER have too much Jon Hamm. You thought that last post had a lot of Jon Hamm? Well, here's some more. Jon's photocalls at TIFF had him looking handsome and adorable with Rebecca Hall. I don't know what their relationship is in the movie, but during the press, they're being all cutesy. I like it.

At the press conference during TIFF, Jon's been keeping the panties dropping with just facial expressions. It's not fair how handsome he is, really. Even when he's making a funny, he looks hot. There is not justice in this world.

At the TIFF premiere for The Town, Jon STILL KEPT ON WITH HIS HANDSOME self that all the girls were swooning. See bottom right photo for evidence of him being cute with Rebecca Hall. Jon, I think she's single. This would be pretty.

Finally, Jon headed to Boston (Ben's hometown) for another premiere of their movie and it seems like they're in a baseball field. This is what happens when the director is a baseball fan. I don't know how relevant baseball is to the movie, but they look pretty and Jon wearing a newsboy cap? I APPROVE.


I'm sorry Jim, but not even your cuteness can make me watch The Legend of the Guardians movie. My little sister and I always joke about this film. Still, Jim showed up at the premiere with disheveled hair as always. It makes me wonder if his hair during One Day was a wig too?!


I'm not too sure how great a run Charlie St. Cloud has had but it seems like Zac's been tasked with bringing this around the world. First stop: Deauville, France where he sports his pornstache. Still not a fan.

Then, Zac heads to Madrid where the pornstache feels a bit more bearable but maybe that's because he's smiling a bit more. I like how this is more relaxed sans the suit jacket. I like playful!Zac more than the serious one.

Off to Munich, Zac goes still promoting this movie. My god, they really want him everywhere yes? The pornstache is thicker but he seems to be enjoying this giant cookie his fan has given him. Let's see you eat that, Zac.

Still in Europe, Zac lands in my favorite London for another premiere and the hair is getting flatter and the pornstache, still intact. Guy looks awesome in suits? Y/Y and now I'm really curious how this movie is because he's doing so much press.

Last stop? Sydney. Or so I think it is. Zac brings out the shades again (not my favorite) and the pornstache still makes an appearance. Apparently, Vanessa isn't a fan of the mustache. Neither am I. Zac, please shave it off soon.
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