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And though we tried you can't deny, we're left as shells, we lost the fight

You Lost Me[37 Down/15 To Go!]
[+] Ever since my sister left for Singapore in March, she's been back quite a few times that it feels like she never left. I have to say, I like this. Thank goodness she misses us (and can afford to visit us) as much as we miss her.

[+] Hectic week was hectic. Proof of this? My Google Reader had so many unread posts and my usual daily reads were totally ignored. Still, real life does take over and I hope this doesn't happen too often. I want my online life back. And so a meme, I'm late as always.

[+] Here's to a great week up ahead! Let it be chill yet productive please? Tall order, I know, but one can hope.

I woke up with a stiff neck and sore back and yet I was raring to get to work today. I guess when you're looking forward to doing something, it makes it easier to get up in the morning. But it wasn't such an easy wait in the office. I tried not thinking of anything and just went about my day but it does feel good to get things off your chest. I'm glad I was able to finally talk to my boss. I hope my anxiety attacks go away. I got home and fell asleep right after dinner. I haven't felt so relieved in such a long time.
On my way to work today, the guy across from me in the jeep sort of looks familiar. He reminds me of one of the guys I liked in college. But it's obviously not him. Then he takes papers out of his bag and I see the name of the ad agency I had been interviewed at a few weeks back. Then it comes back that he was one of the folks who helped me out when I was waiting for forever and a day to be interviewed (during an office party!). How odd how I get this sign now. No regrets but it's just weird.
You know how in the movie, "Ground Hog Day," Bill Murray keeps repeating the day. Well today sort of felt like that. With all the errands that I ran and the returning back to work, it felt like I was at the Quezon Avenue overpass over and over again. Still, it feels good to get some stuff out of the way. Now I can sort of take a little breather before the craziness really settles in. I finished my clearance today and just have a few more things to wrap up but I'm almost set. IT feels very odd having this closure of sorts.
My sister is back in Manila for another long weekend and it's nice to have her around (even if it feels like she hasn't really left thanks to her being home so much). It was hard to go to work knowing she'll only be here a few days so it was a good thing I was able to catch up with her and my parents over dinner at Mesa in Greenbelt. I bow down to my sister in terms of going out because I was already so exhausted after an hour or so and she was still raring to go. I am such an oldie/weakling.
I hate medical examinations but they're an occupational hazard so I sat through three hours of waiting and getting pricked and prodded at and standing and sitting because I had to. After though, it felt like old times (complete with bickering) hanging out with jamypye in FOUR different malls. We had lunch at Galleria; she Forever 21-ed and we Payless-ed in Mega Mall, Rustans-ed in Shangri-la and headed back to Trinoma. I was wiped out but she still went on to dinner with friends. Invincible, I tell you.
With my sister in town, it's still hard to schedule time to see her because she's here for so short a time, so she's trying to see as many friends as possible. Thus, we ended up going out without her (she was on a date with her boyfriend) so we could watch Despicable Me and have dinner. The movie was awesome, obviously and the burgers were great. I ended up shopping for even more shoes. I can't believe I've been spending left and right. Not cool, Patty. This needs to stop pronto.
Hot weekends are hot and the heat at home has been pretty excruciating. My little sister and I even tagged along to my mom and older sister to the parlor this afternoon (even if we weren't going anywhere) just to get away from the heat at home and enjoy some cool air conditioning at the salon. I tried watching some Merlin and this week's Nikita but I ended up napping for quite some time. It feels good though to just chillax and sleep on a Sunday afternoon so I won't be complaining.
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