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TV Time: Morgana's Really Turned Evil! Blair's Found Her Prince; Naomi's Freaking Out (With Reason)

So the Gossip Girl and 90210 season premieres weren't so up to par with the rest of TV but I won't be too picky. Merlin, Mad Men and Vampire Diaries were all guns a blazing this week so I won't gripe too much. Last week's Merlin was pretty intense, I didn't know what to do with myself; though we don't get Katherine this time, it was still pretty amazing. Hello awesome TV.

Merlin 03x01: The Tears of Uther Pendragon

Welcome back to my favorite magician-in-training/in-hiding and his future king and the crazy adventures they get in to. its_elaine knows how excited I was and it feels good to have Merlin back especially since I've enjoyed it so much the past year. And this year, we get just as much bromancing from Merlin and Arthur as they tease each other using buckets of dirty water and defending themselves in battle (with or without magic).

But really, just seeing their chemistry and rapport back makes me happy. Colin and Bradley really do have great timing with each other and they just bounce off the other. Of course, seeing Arthur sans top is always a bonus in these episodes. I can't wait to see how many misadventures they get in to.

Also, it was a nice change of pace to have Morgana so up front and center in the season opener. Look at her all evil with her sister Morgause and totally double crossing Uther and fooling everyone (well almost everyone) at Camelot. It's amazing to see Katie switch back and forth between evil!Morgana and goodie!Morgana for the court.

I can tolerate Morgana being really two faced to Uther, but to Arthur too? He looked so broken there worrying about his dad and all Morgana's doing is plotting! Now that Merlin's found out the truth though, it'll be interesting to see how Arthur will take all of this Morgana-bashing considering all of it is essentially true. And Morgause, what the hell do you have planned?! I see the preview has a battle so I hope we don't have any losses so soon in the season.

Mad Men 04x08: The Summer Man

I know there's so much to say about this episode but the biggest thing that stood out for me? DON DRAPER WRITES IN A DIARY! If he were here now, he'd probably be blogging too! This is brilliant. I love Don writing at his desk, all philosophical and stuff. Still, I'm glad he's trying to cut down on the alcohol. Now if he only gave up on the smoking too, he'd be able to swim way better.

it's interesting to see how he's trying his hardest to really give up the drink but everyone seems to be drinking in his face. From Peggy (now taking it like the boys) and his secretary restocking his stash of booze, Don cannot get away.

Another thing he can't stay away from? His women. And with that comes the men in their lives. Going out with Bethany and her increasing expectations from him could lead to their demise. I really don't know if things will be working out for the two of them. The look on Bethany's face when she realizes THAT was the former Mrs. Draper is priceless. yes honey, you will NEVER measure up.

And then there's Dr. Faye. I like where this is going. I like how Don can talk to her. Really talk to her and she gives pretty valuable tips. Especially about him attending Gene's birthday party. But really, Don getting action in the backseat of a cab seems to be a recurring theme. Getting oral from Bethany and macking it with Dr. Faye, Don is not short on the action. Though I'm glad he didn't go all the way with Dr. Faye yet. I want this to be something serious. I hope it is.

Betty Draper Francis Has Everything~
I also hope that Betty really is over Don. Because it seems like things aren't so well for the former Mrs. Draper. Getting all unhinged at the important dinner of her now husband is not a good sign.

Unlike varjaks, I really am liking Henry Francis and I think he makes a lot of sense when he talks. I feel his frustration though. he's trying so hard to be the bigger guy for Betty but there are just times he can't. And when he ran over Don's stuff (just a little bit), I felt a load off for him.

Joan and Peggy Still Struggle With Respect
Meanwhile, the other women of Mad Men seem to be going through pretty heavy shit too. Other than the fact that Joan's husband is off to war, she's totally getting harassed in the office by annoying Joey of all people. I feel for Joan. She's so straightforward with the way she deals with things and is trying her best to keep things together but sometimes it's just too much.

The way she snapped at Peggy and then apologized feels validated but you could tell she was at her last straws. And the fact that she's sort of hinted to Don and Lane about her problems just shows how desperate she was to get it fixed. But when she confronted the boys about it and fixed it herself, I gave her a silent clap. Go Joan. Stand up for yourself.

And thus I could see why she'd be so upset with what Peggy did. I have to say that I truly believe that Peggy didn't do this with any malice intended. I really feel she had great intentions. Unfortunately, what Joan said is also true. Nothing they do will matter and they'll only be judged further.

I'm glad Peggy defended Joan in a way, but I guess it just wasn't what Joan had wanted. I felt good for peggy though firing Joey and telling him that Don didn't even know him. Look at Peggy with her claws out. Do not mess with her. She's really all grown up now.

My brother and I were debating whether to watch 90210 first and then do Gossip Girl (from good to bad) or do Gossip Girl then 90210 (from bad to good) considering how last season went. We decided to go with Gossip Girl first. And though we did Gossip Girl first and laughed our way through it, it wasn't THAT bad compared to the CRAZINESS we didn't know 90210 beheld.

Gossip Girl 04x01: Belles Du Jour

I love the Paris bits. Though the chauffeur-prince ruse was soooooo predictable, I totally called it, it was still fun to see Blair be all crazy because she isn't over Chuck. And you could tell she totally brought on the entire Serena-going-to-Columbia thing on herself when she kept interrupting Serena when she tried telling her about the school situation. Blair, why do you make your life so complicated?

I hope we don't get too much Blair fighting Serena drama in Columbia. I mean you guys are best friends. Let's stay this way? Y/Y? I'm hoping they focus more on Blair/Serena being friends rather than being enemies. And yes, I'd love a Blair/Chuck reunion but let's not do this by the way of Blair getting jealous of Parisian girl? Jealousy does not suit Ms. Waldorf.

The only reason I'm featuring Nate is because he's pretty. So Nate, keep being pretty with Juliet -- I guess Melrose Place didn't work out after all. I wonder though why she's stalking them all.
Meanwhile, Chuck's worrying his family sick going MIA on them only to be saved by Clemence Posey! I cannot believe she agreed to do this show but hey, another bright spot to look forward to right?
I could care less about the Dan/Georgina situation only to say that YOU ARE ALL STUPID. THIS IS GEORGINA SPARKS. PEOPLE NEVER LEARN.

90210 02x01: Senior Year

WHERE TO BEGIN WITH THIS MESS?! I feel bad because season 2 was pretty great. I hope this earthquake is a one off nutso job because it seemed waaaaay too convenient for all of them to have problems surrounding this one calamity.

So we get Naomi all poor and living in a motel while being haunted by nightmares of her rape -- only to find that evil teacher is still here. Apparently. Oh dear. I feel bad for her already. And we haven't even seen Jenn but I know she'll make Naomi's life a living hell. I mea she is living in a motel right?

Then we have the Wilson's not so perfect life falling apart. With the divorce and Liam professing his love for Annie and her getting over the probation and getting this new but mysterious and perhaps skeevy internship, it's only one half of the drama. Cause Dixon has his Ivy/Oscar/Laurel (EWWWW) friendship crap to deal with that I could really care less about. Meanwhile,

I'm actually sort of interested in Annie this time around. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm gonna actually pay attention to her now.

Then there's Teddy's torn ACL (his leg just gets smashed by a bookshelf during the earthquake) and his drunken non-debauchery with Naomi that Silver walks in on. Oh drama!!!! I'm scared for this Teddy/Silver relationship if they're already trying to break them up so early in the season. Guys! You just got together!

The biggest laugh probably came from Javier dying in that car collision after pestering Adrianna about it only to end up stealing his songs and getting rave reviews from Navid over STOLEN MATERIAL. You know this is gonna bite Adrianna in the ass right? UGH. I don't want drama for her. There was the drugs in season 1, the baby in season 2 and now plagiarism?! Really? I hope 90210 gets better.

Nikita 01x02: 2.0

I have to say, I quite enjoyed this episode and I'm really liking seeing Shane West on my screen again. He's got this evil/non-evil glint to him and I like how it's all sort of grey area where he's concerned. Maggie Q was still hot as ever complete with flashbacks to the past of how she came to meet Alex.

Speaking of Alex, girl is growing on me. I'm still not feeling Jaden (isn't she Cam Saroyan's niece on Bones?) but at least Alex is getting activated now. And Aaron Stanford is pretty cute as the hacker and fun to watch so all in all, this show is growing on me.

But you know who just owns me? JULIE FREAKING COOPER. She's the inquisitor eh? I wonder what she did to question their informant in the room because it seems like she was the big guns. Of course she's more than the resident fairy-god-mother/makeover lady. If only to see Julie Cooper (and Shane West and Maggie Q's hotness), I think I'll stick around.

Vampire Diaries 02x02: Brave New World

And Vampire Diaries does not fail to make my heart beat. I love how we got a HUGE Caroline episode and it seems like she isn't doing this vampire business very well. From experimenting with blood packets to attacking nurses and repairmen, to fearing the sun and breaking things easily, it was a rough episode for Caroline.

The upside? She got some making out time with the most supportive but still clueless boyfriend in the world. Matt was so sweet admitting he loved her and all and just being there for her even if he wasn't quite sure what it was she was going through. I'm so happy she learned to 'control' herself from Stefan. maybe was right, it looks like he'll be guiding her through this vampire-thing she's got going on. I wish Matt would find out though. Though I'm not sure how he would take it considering his sister was a vampire at one point too and look how that got her in the end,

I'm glad she got to confront Damon and rough him up a bit. I know he deserves more than a shove, but I'm sure it felt good for Caroline to at least release some pent up aggression within her. Damon looked positively shocked that Caroline was calling the shots, but Katherine's message got to him more. Game on, folks.

I have to say, Damon does have a point in eliminating Caroline but I don't want to listen to rationality right now. I want Caroline to survive and I'm glad Stefan got there in time because Caroline just looked real lost.

See, Damon does sort of have a heart. Though he's totally fooling the council with his anti-vampire agenda, Damon seems to be getting on their good side and a good move for him really. Mrs. Mayor, do not trust him! I want to scream at her, but at the same time, I so want her to just get lured into a false sense of security.

I'm liking that Damon at least was sort of nice to Jeremy in the end there. Sure, Jeremy was there to kill him but it looks like the Damon/Jeremy bonding is about to commence. You know Damon's just protecting himself and making sure he and Stefan aren't exposed so he acts all rash but he's a nice guy too. I'm obviously under his spell.

That's why I internally squee when Elena even agreed to talk to Damon. I really thought they'd drag this on. Sure, she doesn't want to mention the D word or talk about it or think about it, but when it comes down to it (Damon being burned by Bonnie), she still has her wits with her.

And yeah, Elena can totally deny she still cares for him and blame this saving of Damon as a way of saving Bonnie from herself and turning evil, we all know it's because she can't bear to see him die, right? Come on, Elena, there's no use denying. ALSO: still not warming up to Bonnie. Attempting to kill Damon isn't adding to your brownie points miss.

Elena and Stefan were particularly cute though this episode with the ferris wheel (hello The O.C., Ryan called and wants the top car for him and Marissa to make out on) and locker talks. I laughed when they flew to the top though. I thought he was at least going to scale the wheel fast. I wish Katherine were here though to shake them up. But hey, I won't complain, it's a Caroline episode. THIS IS RARE.

Speaking of things I won't complain about either, it's TYLER'S HOT UNCLE. I NEVER paid attention to Tyler before and the fact that they're werewolves isn't really all that compelling for me. What is compelling is UNCLE MCHOTTIE and just HOW HOT HE IS. Yes, I miss Alaric, but hey, I won't complain with this new guy on the block. Hello there.

I haven't seen Nikita's second episode but I'll probably just add my thoughts later on. My head is too tired to digest any newer information tonight.
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