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Anne and Jim Keep Having That One Fine Day; Rooney Is Now The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

One Fine Day[Anne Hathaway Fan]
A couple of days ago, Anne Hathaway was spotted with short hair and though we were all taken aback, I really loved it. But a few days later, news breaks that it's actually a wig and I love it MORE because, THIS IS HOW YOU DO WIGS!!! I'm looking at you Eclipse!Bella!

Added bonus is the fact that she's been shooting her movie One Day with Jim Sturgess! Favorite people! Together Spoilers in the photos, so proceed with caution. More behind the scenes prettiness after the cuts.

Anne; One Day

This movie is set one day every year after Jim and Anne's characters graduate from college, I think. I'm not really clear on the details, but I hope this scene doesn't mean she dies. Right?!

I'm really really really digging her outfits in the later years (I'm assuming). She looked kinda dorky in the other shoot but at least (I'm hoping) that her style evolved into prettiness

And now we have her cropped hair! I swear, she looks fabulous. With the shades and the ouftit? Very Hepburn. And even when she's off-camera chilling, she looks really awesome with this wig. Anne, chop it off!


I mean really, we know they end up together but it's really adorable to see them get all cutesy on the road complete with Anne and Jim getting all up close and cutesy with each other. GOD kill me. They are so adorable together. I need to see Love and Other Drugs, Anne just keeps picking all my favorit people

Jim; One Day

Jim looks a little more 'aged' here so I guess this is towards the end of the movie and despite that, he's still freaking adorable. It's not fair, really. So excited to see this,

Jen; Arthur

I thought the shooting for Arthur was over but it seems like Jen's still busy at it in New York. I'm still not sure about how she'll be with Russell Brand, but I'll hope for the best.

Rachel; The Vow

Girl does NOT rest at all. Right after shooting Midnight in Paris, we see her shooting The Vow opposite Channing Tatum. I don't know how that'll work out but I hope he's all readied up from his Dear John days. I love how she too is wearing a wig (brunette hair for the shoot). See, wigs aren't so hard to handle.

Amanda; Little Red Riding Hood

Ashley; LOL Laugh Out Loud

Speaking of Dear John, another Nicholas Sparks movie alumna, Amanda is still hard at work on the set of Hardwicke's Little Red Riding Hood. I'm really psyched to see a preview or clip of this just because I'm not sure how they'll bring this one to life and a full length feature at that. I love how Amanda's in costume and yet doing totally modern things. Just saying, I'm easy to please.

Emma; Friends with Benefits

I'm not sure how big a role Emma's gonna have in this one but she looks pretty darn cute shooting scenes with Justin Timberlake on the streets of New York. I've only seen Justin in one other movie so I'm hoping I don't have to cringe through this. Either way, it's got Emma in it, so that's enough to make me want to watch. So pretty

Leighton; Gossip Girl

I'll save my comments for the Gossip Girl premiere last night but let's just say if they ever decide to Kill off Blair Waldorf, this show is over for me. Still, she's been looking so very pretty traipsing around the Upper East Side shooting for this, so I'll just appreciate.

Rooney; Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I'm terribly excited to see Rooney transform herself into Lisbeth Salander for the Millennium Trilogy movies. It's crazy how she went from sweet, long haired girl, to this. Awesome. I hope they won't water down too much of the books/Swedish movie when they do the American version. Fincher, I'm trusting you.

Shia; Transformers 3

Finally, there's Shia with the movie shoot that will never end, Transformers 3. We see him wade through gravel with a hot girl (that isn't Megan Fox) and I'm really wondering how they're gonna bring this franchise back a third time and still make it different. Oh well, let's trust in Bruckheimer, okay?
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