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You are the best thing[36 Down/16 To Go!]
[+] My weekender also happened to fall on the day of my 12 of 12 so I backdated the other one just so I don't become too spammy (as if I'm not already). So you can check out my day HERE because clearly, there aren't enough photos in this one.

[+] I just wanted to give a HUGE HUG to beeeeej, dorkfish04 and famouslyso for making my Monday morning so much better. I didn't think tweets could make my day so much better but they did

[+] This week marked my one year anniversary working and though it's only been a year, it feels like so much has happened in this short amount of time. Here's to learning to love work more and getting better at knowing what I want in life and just enjoying every day.

[+] Here's to a better week up ahead! Fall TV Season is upon us! Brace yourselves!!!

It's funny because I just detailed my day out to lusimeles and now I don't know what to say about my day. It wasn't bad considering it was a Monday. I did forget my mobile phone and external hard drive at home so it was a good thing my aunt slept over and was able to bring my stuff to work for me. i'm so spoiled that way. I ended up getting stuck in back to back meetings. And for the first time in a few days, it didn't rain going or coming from work. Small victory.
I finished 'Never let Me Go' last night and now every time I see the trailer (I've watched it over and over), I'm getting all teary-eyed. I didn't think I'd finish it last night but I couldn't put it down and I just got really really sad. When i got home, I watched some Rushmore (as I'm on a Wes Anderson marathon) and thought I would get to bed early when my little sister asked for help with her Geometry. I used to love this shit. But for some reason, I couldn't solve it. Fail, really.
I'm not sure if I ever ranted about a project we had to work on back in March but it's been a long time since that was over so I wasn't really thinking about it. today, we get an email saying that the campaign helped bring a 207% increase in their sales. IT'S CRAZY! We had a really hard time with that project (understatement of the year) so seeing the email feels good. I guess the hard work paid off. It feels really good to hear this especially on my first year anniversary with the company.
I love how this was the last day of the work week -- it totally felt like Friday. And because it was my aunt' last night in Manila, my family trooped to my grandma's house to spend time with her before leaving. Exhausting evening is exhausting considering we stayed up till 4am (right before she left for the airport). It was eerie because my hands, legs and face were tingling from exhaustion and apparently a lack of Vitamin B. I actually have to take vitamins now. body fail.
Because of late night/early morning out, I ended up sleeping in till 11am today. This is all good though because it really is how we're supposed to spend long weekends anyway, sleeping in and not caring about anything else. I ended up watching the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries (SO FREAKING GOOD) and the series pilot of Nikita. The best part of the day though? Being able to chat with _lexizzle and jamypye even for just a bit.
If I didn't have to bring my little sister to school this morning or if my parents didn't drag me out to have dinner at Omakase (yay Japanese food!) I would not have gotten up from bed at all today. The reason behind this? I finally read Dead On My Feet thanks to famouslyso and dorkfish04's recs and loved it. I literally stayed in bed all day with my dad's notebook and read all 16 chapters in a row. Awesome way to spend my Saturday, I tell you.
I don't think my family ever gets sick of seeing each other because for the nth time this week, I saw my cousins. Not that I'm complaining. It was my cousin's birthday and the food was awesome. What made the day even better was that my university won the UAAP cheer dance competition (after placing third last year) and though I have zero school spirit, it's always nice to see our team win, considering we suck at basketball (hello 0-14 streak). I have to say, this was a really good long weekend. I sort of felt it.
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