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TV Time: Peggy Doesn't Quite Have a Happy Birthday; Katherine Wants To Play Some Games

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I don't quite know where to begin but this week signals the beginning of the fall TV season and The Vampire Diaries sure knows how to make a season 2 comeback. I'm really excited for this season and I hope it keeps bringing the awesome. And it's not like Mad Men was lacking in anything either last Monday. In fact, it's been packing too much punch, I don't know what to do with myself.

Mad Men 04x07: The Suitcase

As the season progresses (we're already HALFWAY through folks), the episodes keep becoming more awesome and at the same time, Don is slowly coming down to earth from his god status of seasons past. Not only are we getting a more humanized Don, but he's slowly opening up to the people around him. THIS IS WEIRD. but totally welcome. Before we know it, Don will be full out doing confessionals to the entire SCDP. Yeah right.

I do feel for him though. Anna's death really hit him hard this episode and it's evident in his drowning his sorrows away with booze. We all know Don drinks no matter what. But seeing him drink and really let go of his walls around others (beating Duck up, admitting to 'needing' his secretary etc) shows that perhaps Don could be a whole new person by the end of the season. I don't know if this is a good thing though.

Do I Sense a New Ship? Hello Don/Peggy
The beauty of this show? Everyone is so damn ship-able. Don's an asshole and a half to the birthday girl, Miss Peggy Olson, but at the same time, you can totally tell where they're both coming from. Don, not knowing it's her birthday, totally works her over their Samsonite pitch until he feels they get it right.

But really, I don't think Peggy would have minded staying (even if it was her birthday) if Don at least acknowledged her work. Their little showdown right before Peggy breaks down does make sense. We all have to pay our dues before getting recognition according to Don, but Peggy's right too. A little thank you never hurt anyone. And no, the salary isn't the thank you, Don. But see, we're learning.

I'm glad Roger's recordings for his book broke the ice between the two of them. Don taking Peggy to dinner at a diner and then the bar to listen to the game and get more smashed had them opening up to each other. I thought this was already pretty spectacular.

But it wasn't all. After Duck and Don scuffle in the office, it looked like Don was ready to open up some more. Complete with a full break down in front of Peggy and 'sleeping' with her in his office. I swear, this is the most human and broken we've ever seen Don and it's amazing how it's all done in front of Peggy (who secretly idolizes and puts Don on a pedestal).

Peggy's Moving On Up
But really, I feel bad for the birthday girl. I remember crying on my birthday in gradeschool (because my PE shoes had a blue stripe in them (when they were supposed to be all white, but I digress) and it was not a good feeling. Seriously. So Peggy, who really really really wants to do well in her work, getting yelled at by her idol on her birthday? THAT'S HORRIBLE.

Then there's Duck drunkenly inviting her back into his bed new company and Mark being a suck up boyfriend to her family and this pesky Samsonite pitch, things just can't go right for her. But it's okay. I hope things look up for her in the next few episodes. And really, she gets some hand holding with don in the end You know that fixes everything.

Just Because We Need More Roger/Joan
This has absolutely no point. I just included it because it had some drunk! and desperate!Roger and some HBIC!Joan. Seriously, these two just need to get back together again. That is all.

Peggy's Got Some Pep!

Vampire Diaries 02x01: The Return

As silly as the tagline of the CW was for this season of Vampire Diaries, it really is the year of the Kat(herine). Girl was not joking when she returned. From cutting of Jon's finger's to stabbing him. To trying to fool Stefan (who can obviously tell the difference between Katherine and Elena), to putting Bonnie in her place and just totally slipping into Elena-mode when Matt is around ("his eyes are so blue!"), she means business. And I LOVE IT.

But really, I AM LOVING how she plays the Salvatore brothers. Until now, I'm confused with her intentions and who she really loved. Her chemistry with both brothers is crazy. The was she flirted (then stabbed) Stefan made me wish they'd get together. I have to give it Nina Dobrev for switching seamlessly between both characters. Flawless.

Katherine and Damon have fireworks and rockets and red glare
So what happens when two of my favorite characters get together? The scene explodes!!! Finally, after avoiding each other throughout the episode, they meet and well, their banter is as hilarious as always. :Don't pout, it doesn't suit a woman your age" really made me laugh. The more you hate, the more you love.

HELLO THERE SEXY TIMES. In my head, I will pretend this is Elena getting it on with Damon, but like any self-respecting vampire, I'm sure he'd at least do Elena on a bed or something. Still, two vampires who've missed each other for years getting it on? Yes please.

I love how Damon stops her though to ask her if she ever loved him. Oh Damon, you are a softie after all. The thing is, I can't tell whether she's just lying to him or if it really is Stefan all along for her. Because if it is, then great! She can have Stefan and Damon can have Elena. but really, look at how hurt he is. How he'll forget everything for this defining moment that she won't even give him. How desperate is he to hear he loves her. And she couldn't tell him that. Is she just protecting herself? Or is this for real?!

Damon's still keeping his guard way up
As always though, Damon is a total revelation in this thing. From the way he totally manipulates the council members (both the Sheriff and Mayor's wife eating out of his hand) to the way he's always trying to put Bonnie down a peg (though failing at times). For a vampire who claims he doesn't care, he sure does put out a lot of effort for not caring.

It's nice to see Stefan tell him what he's vehemently denying though -- that he's starting to feel and that Stefan likes this. You can tell Damon does not want to be vulnerable at all and yet, he probably realizes in the end, that it's too late, he's already felt too much. He can't do anything to turn back time anymore because he feels too much. Let's all give Damon a hug okay? Poor guy.

I guess we won't be getting my Damon and Elena HEA just yet
Still, nothing beats my favorite ship in this show. Damon-Elena probably won't happen anytime this season, but last season's groundwork to make this one happen is pretty good for me. Look at Damon willing to feed Caroline blood to save her (only cause she's Elena's friend of course!). He would not have done this before. But now he cares too much.

Then he's back to his cocky self telling Elena and Stefan about his kiss with Katherine (when he thought it was Elena). I love how snarky he can get to prove a point and get under people's skins and obviously it works. Stefan is furious and Elena's appalled but that's the effect Damon wants and he gets it. Oh Damon, you know you can't scare me off.

Then at Mayor Lockwood's wake, it was so nice to see Elena really try to fix things with Damon. I mean sure he kissed Katherine (thinking it was her), but she really does want to be a good friend to him and help him through it. Unfortunately, I don't think Damon sees it this way and of course acts on the offensive. I hate it how he does finally admit to getting hurt by her at the end of their conversation. These kids kill me.

So in the end, when drunk!Damon gets rebuffed by Elena and he hears the words he really doesn't want to hear again (it'll always be Stefan), I can't blame him for snapping. Sure, perhaps 'killing' Jeremy is a little overreaction but hey, like we find out, it's not like he did this knowing Jeremy WOULD die, considering he had his ring on.

I just don't know how long it'll take for Elena to forgive him considering what he'd done. Elena loves Jeremy so much and would be crushed if he did die, so this action or the intention, even if Damon knew Jeremy would live is gonna be hard to get past. Still, let's all collectively cross our fingers that this forgiveness happens soon. Okay?!

Elena's got way too much to handle
I kind of feel bad for this girl. Not only does she witness her brother's head get snapped, she also walks in on her real dad/uncle bleeding on the floor and one of her friends in critical condition in the hospital while also knowing her boyfriend's psycho ex is back in town. There's only so much a girl can handle, y'all. Elena, you will get through this.

Oh wait, there are other folks in Mystic Falls
And though I never really used to care about Tyler Lockwood, his uncle is too hot to ignore. I suppose this curse they're all talking about is the werewolf business? And if so, does uncle turn into one too? He looks so chill and laid back though (just like Haley, Kiki Cohen's sister on the OC) that I feel he's got some secrets lurking. I'm excited to see him guide his nephew though through these difficult phases in his life (no pun intended).

KATHERINE KILLED CAROLINE. Seriously. I'm still not over it. Just when I thought it was all good with Damon donating blood (more like force feeding) and Caroline getting better and some Matt/Caroline loving, we get this crazy ending. After much thought though, I don't really mind vampire!Caroline (she does have vampire blood in her system) as long as she doesn't kill Matt or anything.

OVER-ALL, an amazing return of the series and really a great way to start the new season. I don't know if they'll be able to be continue this awesome-ness but let's all hope for consistency, right?

Nikita 01x01: Pilot

So I'm probably the CW's biggest whore and since I think Maggie Q is incredibly hot (and the show had an Alias vibe to it), I decided to give Nikita a try. Based on the first episode, I'm hoping it gets a bit better. It wasn't bad at all. There was lots of Nikita being hot, Shane West having a really deep voice I didn't remember was that deep, and more spy!trainees (Alex and company) being all spy-ish but nothing jumped out at me.

Still, I'll try to give the next few episodes a go and read around what others are thinking because I really don't need a new show right now, so I'm not going to commit to this. And though I haven't seen Hellcats, I'm not Aly Michaka's (or whatever her family name is) fan so I don't know if I'll even bother. We'll see.

90210 Season 3

And next week we finally get 90210 back and though I know of very little folks that watch this, I really loved last season (well more than Gossip Girl's last season) so I have high hopes this season is even better.

Things I want to happen for the girls: I wish Annie doesn't get another psycho boyfriend. I really liked this girl in the first season, then sort of fell out of love but I feel her again and I just want her to be happy considering her parents' marriage is in shambles. Positivity for Annie. For Silver, I just want a solid relationship with whomever it is. Will it still be Teddy? Will she get someone new? Either way, I want to see her in a real relationship.

I want Adrianna to be less on the singer-plot and more on the Navid-business. I think it's time we all got back together with Navid and stayed with him because they really are cute together. I hope we don't get mommy/drugs drama or baby mama drama either.

And finally for Naomi, I wish she could get with Liam and stay with Liam this time without Jen being a bitch about everything. i'm scared that Jen will be out to ruin her life again though, so more than anything, I wish for no Jen at all. yeah right. Can't wait to see my kids from my favorite zip.
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