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Run run run away[35 Down/17 To Go!]
[+] IT CANNOT BE SEPTEMBER ALREADY. We've entered the BER months and this only means one thing: 2010 is coming to a close. We're in the last third of the year and it's crazy how August just flew by.

[+] I'm sort of used to NOT having a laptop right now, and though I miss having my own thing, it's not so bad sharing with my brother. He's been very generous with lending me his and I've been working around his computer usage. I will survive this

[-] I've been eating way too much this week.I literally need to wear dresses so the waistbands of my pants aren't uncomfortably digging into my tummy. So much for being healthy this year guys. I need to stop this. For real.

[+] Here's to a healthier (eating wise for me) and happy week up next guys. We're almost done with 2010. Don't blink!!!

Holiday Monday which just makes the week all the more bearable thanks to the now shortened work-week. It was awesome too because I got to catch the Emmy Awards and squee with delarges and company. And though I'm slowly getting re-used to sharing a computer with my brother, I hope in time, it won't be such a feat for me to wait my turn. I feel like I'm in kindergarten, waiting for my turn at the swings. My dad was also craving burgers so we had a nice afternoon snack of McDonalds. Good day is good.
My dad was able to pick me up from work today and though it wasn't raining, I always appreciate a free ride and that even if my office is sort of on the way home from the hospital, my dad still makes the effort to go pass by for me. That evening, I ask my dad if he wants to watch Death Sentence with me (the only reason behind this is Garrett Hedlund is in this) and since my dad loves bad action movies, he was game. And it was good to just enjoy the movie and it felt nice to watch with my dad. I'm trying to be a nice kid, really.
There are days (like this one) when I really wonder whether I'm in the right job or not. It's not that I totally fail at it, it's just that half the time, I'm second guessing myself and thinking am I doing this right? Could I do this better? I always thought I'd end up in a job very related to my course, instead I ended up in a job that was sort of off-tangent to my course. Oh well, I'll have to learn as I go. After work, my dad picked me up and we ended up having dinner out. It's a good thing too cause it rained so hard. The weather is so weird now.
And it gets weirder. I used to be okay with all this rain as long as it rained in the afternoon when I'm going home from work. I hate when it rains in the morning. When I'm going TO work. I don't appreciate being drenched despite the umbrella and raincoat. Rain, you're supposed to fall down vertically not horizontally. After work, I headed to my grandma's house and ended up starting a pig-out fest. It wasn't like I was famished but the food was so good and I just couldn't stop myself. Ended the night with some dessert at Mary Grace. Yummy.
I told myself I wouldn't eat a lot today but I ended up doing so. I had my lunch with me at work and after finishing that, my team mates decide to have a lunch out to which I could have said no but I didn't so I went along and ATE SO MUCH. I fail at regulation really. Then I get home and just collapse. It wasn't the most hectic day even but I guess the rest of the week had taken its toll on me. I'm barely awake through Bottle Rocket (which I thought was Rocket Science) and then I'm dead to the world all before 7pm.
Lazy Saturday is lazy and I totally get nothing done. Other than read more of Never Let Me Go, and re-watch The Millennium Trilogy with my aunt, I sleep and eat and sleep some more. Which I totally love. I love sleeping in. You couldn't pay me enough to go out to the mall every weekend. Seriously. I feel like such a grandma, always staying at home -- in fact, I think both my grandma's have much more busy social calendars. I don't mind though. As long as you put me in a room with a soft, flat surface, I'll be asleep.
I wish I were more the hands-on in the kitchen kind of daughter. My family does a lot of get-togethers (with the cousins and all) we love to eat. Unfortunately, I could set our kitchen on fire if you leave me there. Which pretty much makes me feel useless when it comes to helping my mom out (who does all of the slaving away). I should really make a more conscious effort next time to not sleep while my mom is preparing stuff. Then again, I have to be less lazy too. Also, where the hell did this weekend go?
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