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I survived! Yes, I am a survivor and I am proud to say that I am officially a junior. My first of week of class was basically just orientations and all that jazz, but I'm very proud to say I've made it. I wasn't able to update at all during the week because I was just too damn lazy and tired and... hooked on Meteor Garden!

Oh my goodness that show is just getting me so zombified. When five-thirty comes around, I am glued to the television set just like my sister. Who would have thought that some Taiwanese show on F4, they're boyband sort of thing, would get me sitting through it every single day.

I must say that it is quite addictive. I like the characters a lot and they really do look good anyway, but the problem is, when the real school week comes around, I get dismissed at four thirty-five and it takes me an hour to get home, so that would mean I would be missing out on some vital stuff on the show.

Oh well, that's what I get for studying so far away. Anyway, this week wasn't too bad. I met my new classmates and so far, they aren't too bad. I mean I can still talk to them, and I even got elected vice president. I can't believe it! The last time I was an officer was back in grade five and I wasn't exactly at my best academically, so I promised myself that I wouldn't be one again, but now, I guess the time is right?

Goodness, I'm sounding like a politician already.

Back to Meteor Garden! I can't believe I'm that hooked. This is crazy. I don't even know why I'm suddenly going on line to look for pictures of the beloved members of F4, right? I wasn't like this! Well, I was for a period in my life, when I was so hooked on *N Sync. Yes, I was such a fan that I even ventured into fan fiction. Now let me rant here.

I have scoured the World Wide Web for suitable fiction to read and I can say that I've come across very few. Now, I'm not insulting anyone, because that's just their taste or their opinion, but I can say that Ficitonlyn is the only author I read. Well, I've read a bunch of other people's stories too, but she's the only one who keeps me coming back for more.

That makes me think. Does Meteor Garden have their very own fan fiction? I'm sure they do, so now, I must get out of here and search.
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