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The Magazine Industry Cannot Be Dying With This Much Hotness In Its Pages

Hello Don! [Rolling Stone]
Somebody in Rolling Stone magazine had a really good feeling about the Emmy awards because hot on the heels of the awesome win of the best show on TV, they release this extremely hot to the non-photoshop-botching-discerning-eye cover this week.

But because I've been neglectful with my fangirling duties, I also missed a shit ton of magazines where all my favorite people have been coming out. I tried restricting it to the July-September issues since going back back to all that I did miss would assure I would never finish this post. Enjoy the pretty on a Friday!

Mad Men; Rolling Stone

"It's a rare partnership.
I always scribble something down that ends up in Episode 13."
-- Weiner starts each season by having lunch with Hamm

Obviously Don's hotness needs an entire spread unto itself. It amazes me how incredibly good looking Jon Hamm can be. And don't worry, there's more Jon later on.

If Rob Lowe had been cast in the part, it would have been different.
There was no backstory with me."
-- Jon Hamm

"I need not to think about my character.
Betty is so blissfully ignorant in certain ways, so I feel like I should be too"
-- January Jones on her character Betty Draper

And because you cannot ignore the rest of this gorgeous cast, here's some January, Christina, Elisabeth, Vincent, John (and bonus Mad Men boys too) looking so classic in black and white of course

"There are all sorts of challenges thrown at her. Horrific things. And she consistently pulls it together, cleans it up and moves forward. Sometimes she's walking through mud, but she does it."
-- Christina Hendricks on her HBIC alter ego, Joan Holloway

Zac; Details

"Dude, I gotta be honest. I gotta be up-front. This is not how I roll. I really don't get private rooms at the Soho House. I've never heard of anyone doing this before. This is...unusual. I shouldn't be wearing them [black Vans sneakers] to Soho House. They have holes in them." -- apologizing profusely for the VIP room at the Soho House

I love this hair on Zac. This entire shoot feels very The Boys Are Back from High School Musical 3 but really leave it to me to find an HSM connection.

"It's not how I am,. Even in my audition I was smiling and happy. Not cool."
-- on not being cool at all

"I'm so jealous of that. Yeah, that's awesome to not give a shit. And Shia still pulls it off. That's so cool. It's just awesome. It just comes easy to some people."
-- on wanting to not give a shit

Boy can hack it black and white or colored. In the interview, he talks about having poison oak and how gross it looks and it's just adorable reading about how self-effacing he is.

"I don't know. I don't even want to know. It's just so cool that he gave a shit, the fact that he cared at all. No one else did that."
-- on knowing why Tom Cruise reached out to him

"All the things I loved about Footloose I couldn't find in the project. They just weren't there. I couldn't see myself doing it. I love Kenny with all my heart. It was literally the hardest phone call I've ever made"
-- on why he didn't do Footloose.

I was actually really excited to see him do Footloose with Kenny Ortega of all people. The fact that Kenny backed out and Chace did too and the whole thing folded up just tells me it would have been made if Zac had done it.

"Believe me, I rack my brain thinking, 'Why am I not out there playing the field?' One of my buddies was like, 'You have no idea what's going on right now. You're peaking on Ecstasy and you're watching TV.' But it's not in my heart."
-- on why he isn't playing the field

Jon; W

I've mentioned how excited I am for Jon's upcoming movie, The Town and varjaks just so happened to see the trailer at the cinemas the night before. Lucky girl. But really, seeing how pretty Rebecca Hall and Jon look on this cover, I'm pretty excited to see them on screen.

Jamie; Vogue Italia

I don't know about you, but I happen to be really excited for the Tintin movie starring Jamie that was in talks at some point some time last year. I haven't heard much about it, but seeing this photoshoot for Vogue Italia with Jamie posing with the comics is giving me hope that it's still happening. I really loved these comics when I was in grade school and having Jamie star as Tintin is going to blow my mind.

Garrett; Fade In

Holy Photoshop Batman! Talk about airbrushing! And the worst part? Garrett doesn't even need any airbrushing, boy looks so handsome when he's all rugged and not too smoothened out. Ugh, I hate when they get overeager. Still, I'll take a photoshoot over none at all. But really, I Hope the birthday boy had a good day today!

Leo; Rolling Stones

This is old but Leo on a magazine never gets old, especially when he's half naked and sprawled on a couch. Oh the mental images 'incepted' in my mind. Hello Rolling Stone, you've successfully accomplished Inception with this image on me

Xavier; Unknown

I have no idea what this photoshoot was for but Xavier looked real pretty in it so I might as well share. With some Breaking Dawn casting news coming out, it reminds me how much I want Riley to get resurrected. Just saying

Dakota; Dazed & Confused

"It’s amazing what a pro Dakota is at just 16, yet she is also such a grounded, friendly girl. I think this shoot captures where she's at right now – a beautiful young starlet!"
-- Dazed senior fashion editor Katie Shillingford

I love this magazine just because it's the photoshoot that keeps on giving (case in point: Kristen Stewart). Whereas Kristen had a really colorful shoot though, Dakota gets the black and white treatment and it's every bit as dramatic.

Dakota; Flare

On her down-to-earth daily life:
"I have such a normal life when I’m not working . . . It’s just nice to be around people you care about and who know you best."

We don't get Flare magazine over here but I love Dakota with the red lips in this shoot. And this girl does black and white really well.

On acting alongside Kristen in Eclipse:
“Kristen is one of my best friends, so it was really funny playing her enemy in Eclipse . . . But that’s what acting is and when they yell ‘cut,’ you can go back to your normal self.”

On her favorite wardrobe staple:
“In Push, I wear these Doc Martens. They’re worn-in and they’re so soft, and they’re one of the only ones that were made with a zipper. That has affected my style in a completely new way. Now I wear them every day.”

I love this set of 'contact prints' -- it makes me wish I could just get in front of a camera and pose away. Yes folks, I actually get sort of shy

On the career legacy she hopes she’ll leave:
“I hope people will have been moved by something that I’ve done or [that I've] helped somebody through a hard time . . . and that I’ve stayed true to who I am and have been a nice person.”

Dakota; Marie Claire

"Dakota is so unfaultingly steady. In most cases, I feel like she's older than me. It's only when she starts talking about boys that I remember how young she is." -- Kristen Stewart

I love how Dakota looks like a doll here but not a baby at all. This is probably my favorite shoot out of the three but that's cause I always like the safer~ choices. Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind wearing the stuff she wore on this shoot

"Ms. Fanning, who has shown herself a remarkably disciplined and self-aware actress almost since toddlerhood, displays heartbreaking vulnerability as well as frightening poise." -- A.O. Scott

"As you get older, there's so much more that you can do in films. I've never wanted to rush that; I've always wanted to do what's right for my age, but as you approach 18, a whole new world opens up to you as an actor, and I really look forward to that." -- on staying age appropriate

And of course, girl looks divine in black and white. I love this little wide eyed look she's got going and yet you can tell she's definitely already grown up from the first time we saw her. I'm really excited to see what else Dakota has up her sleeve in the future.

"When you start out young, people get really attached to who you are at 6 years old. I hope that The Runaways was kind of a moment to be like, 'You know, I'm not that young little girl anymore, but I'm still not all grown up, either."
-- on finally growing up

Rachel; In Style UK

Seeing R-Bils on the cover of anything makes me happy so seeing her in the UK version of In Style made me squee a little on the inside. I really hope she has some projects coming up because I really miss seeing her on my screen (be it my tv or the cinemas)

Eun Hye;

If I were rich, I'd totally snag the entire wardrobe Eun Hye wore in this catalog shoot for Chinese brand, Basic House. That's a style I would love to have and if only I were a bit taller and slimmer, and looked like Eun Hye, it would be fab. But seriously, flawless, this girl is

Ashley; Elle

Ashley really is meant to model and I'm excited for her to land a cover (that isn't Seventeen!). In fact, I think she'd be a really great Teen Vogue cover girl. But for now, she's look oh so fashionable on the pages of Elle. Superb.

Emma; GQ

Despite this being older than old, it's such a treat to see Emma Stone in the pages of GQ looking positively sexy without being slutty. I can't wait to see her in Easy A and in The Help -- I totally need to read that book soon.
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