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TV Time: Joan Sure Didn't See That Coming; Sherlock Makes My Brain Cells Die From the Awesome

Because Mad Men is clearly too awesome, they won an Emmy for best drama series and showed an amazing episode all in one night. All in a day's work for them really. It's no wonder they win the Emmy's, they just keep churning out amazing after awesome after amazing. Meanwhile in the land of Sherlock and Watson, I totally lost count on all the cases they solved. What I do remember? I need more of this show

Mad Men 04x06: Waldorf Stories

It seems like Don's drinking is going a bit too far. Though he sure as hell didn't embarrass the company when he won his Cleo for the GloCoat campaign, he totally bungled up the Life cereal pitch (with feeding client the tag that his rejected applicant gave), lost a day sleeping in and with random women (EVEN WAITRESSES FROM DINERS!!!), and totally forgot picking up his kids. Now, Don's got to contend with his new pretty incompetent, but highly connected employee, a very angry Betts, and god knows what diseases he's contracting from sleeping with random women.

Will this up his chances with Dr. Faye? I'm still hoping they hook up just to up his classiness again, but then again, I don't know if the good Doctor is into that kind of thing. She looked pretty disgusted with Don at the after party. And how will this affect his chances of showing he's a good dad to Betty? It looks like it's a bad week for Don, but hey, you guys won an Emmy!

Roger just wants a little acknowledgment
I sort of feel bad for Roger feeling neglected and cast aside with all this Don-loving especially since HE found Don Draper. But did he really? This glimpse into how Don was hired is pretty telling of the rise of Don Draper. It's crazy what a little alcohol and a lot of determination can do to people.

It seems like history has repeated itself with Don being the new-Roger, hiring this new guy under the influence of a lot of alcohol and some blacking out. Though we don't know how talented Jane's cousin is, I doubt he's comparable to THE Don Draper. Still, how funny that now that Don's at the top, it's him drunkenly committing mistakes that lead to the hiring of newbies. The look on Don's face in the elevator in the last scene though? Priceless. I doubt he knew he'd come THIS far.

Joan Keeps the Boys In Line
But really, it seems like Joan is the only woman to keep Roger and even Don in check -- though she got a little extra surprise back there. I'm not sure why she was brought along to the Cleo's but it's good she was. If only to hold THEIR collective hands, Joan really is a bastion of moral support in the office. Whether it's holding Roger's AND Don's hands under the table, or giving Pete a pep talk or acting as watch-dog to inebriated Roger, they sure aren't paying Joan enough for all the work she does.

Though perhaps her little smooch with Don is a nice little incentive, I doubt Joan considers it such, especially after having slept with Roger already. All that mink and fur and gifts surely lined her pockets but Joan's such a different person now, it's hard to believe she was once a mistress of Mr. Sterling -- especially with the way she keeps him in line nowadays. I wonder if her lip-smacking with Don will register or resonate in the future episodes and if Roger's jealous streak will come out even more. All I can say is, Christina Hendricks was ROBBED OF HER EMMY but that's just me.

Look at Joan Just Keep Her Cool

Peggy's So Liberated, You Know
It's amazing how Peggy has progressed over four seasons on this show because season1!Peggy would never strip down to her underwear to challenge a superior over ideals/ideas. Nor would she turn down her nose on an up-and-comer and possible future officemate. I would have thought Peggy would welcome this new guy and give him a chance. But it seems like her GloCoat victory has gotten into her head a bit. I can't blame her. It sure got into Don's.

It's actually pretty fun to watch Peggy challenge Small!Peen with his work ethic and his irrational disregard of Don's wrath in the event they produce NOTHING for Vicks. The way she boldly removes all clothing and stares down Small!Peen's crotch and teasing him afterwards too, is so ballsy of her. And though Don still isn't giving her her due, I'm proud of how far Peggy's come.

Pete is Totally Asserting Himself
It seems like Trudy's being with child is the only catalyst Pete needed to totally step up to the MAN PLATE. Because Pete has been asserting himself left and right ever since he learned he was going to be a new daddy. Perhaps he wanted his kid to idolize him and not the wimp he was in season's past because now we see him question Lane's decisions (I'm A PARTNER TOO!), practically pee all over the offices in front of Ken Cosgrove and just be an all around semi-bad ass -- relative to Pete Campbell of course.

I'm pretty scared for Pete though. All this manning up he's been showing in the past few episodes only leads me to believe, he's totally going to get shot down soon. This is Pete Campbell y'all. This guy NEVER WINS at life. I'd hate to see him lose his baby or something bad at work happen now that Kenny's around just because he's been having a good few episodes. Let's cross our fingers it's not all bad coming up for Mr. Campbell.

Sherlock 01x03: The Great Game

And in the finale to the WAY TOO SHORT series, Sherlock, we get the most confusing, convoluted series of cases ever that had me ultra confused from start to end. I had to watch it quite a few times to let it all sink in, but one thing's for sure, when this show comes back next year, I'll be watching because that cliff hanger they gave was pretty evil.

But let's backtrack a few. So Moriarty's sending Sherlock all these games to be solved while Sherlock's brother also has his own mystery he wants our duo to work on. But of course, because Sherlock just won't give in to his brother, it's up to Watson to sort of get the ball rolling on the latter case. And I love how earnest Watson is in trying to help solve the case and also help Sherlock with his multi-mystery extravaganza.

I love that we have Lestrade once again on the cases. It's always fun to see him. And really, Moriarty looks like crazy and a half so it's no wonder he was able to fool Sherlock in the beginning. It seems like only a mad man can con another mad man (Sherlock, though this madness is really genius).

Despite the craziness and the confusing cases, the show still brought the pretty camera-shots wise and the use of location and their editing. I know it's an hour and a half show so we technically got six episodes, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of this next time around. So get to work Moffatt! I know you have Doctor Who too, but this one, you can't ignore either.
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