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a battle of luck[34 Down/18 To Go!]
[-] MOCKINGJAY finally came out this week and I couldn't me happier. I thought this week would be really awesome... UNTIL MY LAPTOP DIED ON ME. I never even said a proper goodbye to it.

[+] sTWEETness: famouslyso tweeted the most heart-melting thing ever and disquietus , hauntes and ijkliza RT-ed it and it just made me smile so much. You girls are too sweet. Also mellowdee sent me a fab VGIFT! Perhaps the dice can help me make decisions since I'm bad at them.

[-] Though I don't usually dwell on the news, it saddens me how a hostage situation that happened in Manila last Monday didn't have a better outcome. It makes me sad to think of the tragedy. Way to go, country.

[+] I hope next week is a lot more steady than this one. This week had too many highs and too many lows.

Right before Sunday closed out, my aunt and I watch the Swedish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Needless to say, we got hooked and I couldn't wait to see the next two. Unfortunately, work today gets in the way of fangirling, so there was a momentary lapse in our Stieg Larson marathon. The best part about today though? Knowing tomorrow, I'll have Mockingjay in my hands (if all goes well). I really hope work continues to be this cool this week. I don't want no drama. This week is supposed to be drama-free and Mockingjay-full.
Perfect day couldn't have gotten any more perfect: my parents are finally back from Sinagpore with gifts (a book I wanted and some clothes!); Miss Philippines placed in Miss Universe despite her totally nonsensical answer; I finally finished watching The Millenium Trilogy -- my god, Roomi Napace you are too awesome. And though I have to wait till tomorrow till Mockingjay (I hate you customs), I have to thank seriouslywir for saving my sanity while I wait for my physical copy. The downside of today? Forgetting my umbrella and it rains!
Staying up till 4 in the morning was definitely worth it because I can now rest easy that I've read the conclusion to The Hunger Games Trilogy. Thank goodness work isn't too hectic because running on 2-ish hours of sleep is not doing me any favors. But yesterday was TOO PERFECT a day that today had to be terrible. I get home and my laptop won't open. My laptop is my life and I have so many unbacked-up files and I'm just worried I'll have to spend on stuff when I really don't want to. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm so sad.
It's official. My laptop is dead. After four years of service, it conks out on me. It just sucks because I wasn't able to back up my files. So I took a half day from work to try to get it fixed and it would cost me Php 16,000 for a new motherboard and Php 12,000 for a new LCD screen. WOW. I guess I'll just get a new desktop, but for now, I'll share with my siblings. I'm glad they were able to retrieve my files too. I feel so cursed. My dad's old external hard drive won't turn on now and I don't know what I did. Technology hates me.
I'm still getting used to sharing a computer with my brother and not having my photo editing program (I'm a Photoshop-virgin) so we'll see how this works out. I'm just glad it's a long weekend and I intend on totally relaxing after the super highs and super lows of this week. I end up spending my Friday night at home all alone. Somehow, my entire family has plans and though I could have gone out, I'd rather just stay at home and relax. Plus I got to watch Lions for Lambs (with Andrew!) and Georgia Rule (with Garrett!).
Waking up relatively later than I usually do on a weekend, my sister and i end up watching a re-run of those catch-up episodes of America's Next Top Model. God I used to follow this show religiously. I end up napping in the afternoon and waking up just in time to leave for my niece Julia's birthday party. I barely ever see this little girl and when we do, it's always loads of fun. She's too adorable and so smart and I hope we get to see her more often than we used to. Plus the food was A+ (ribs and pasta? I'm so full)
I love waking up early on a Sunday, especially when I know that Monday will be a holiday. I started reading Never Let Me Go (before I do my Mockingjay re-read; I need a breather) but it seems like this book will be just as depressing. It's all good though. I'm excited to see the movie. And then my dad decided he wanted to go out! I haven't been out in quite a bit and despite my dad coming from back to back duties at the hospitals, he still has the energy to go out. I swear, he really is a kid of the street.
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