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TV Time: Roger Doesn't Want Your Jap!Crap; Sherlock Sure Knows How To Third Wheel

Mad Men just keeps getting better and better each week and this time we get some Sally Draper-loving and a whole lot of Roger-love. I don't know how Matthew Weiner outdoes himself but he does. Meanwhile in my belated Sherlock review, we get some Watson unintentional double dating and lots of Sherlock cuteness. Why are there just three episodes again? Got to love downtime TV

Mad Men 04x05: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Let's start of by saying that though I miss Allison, I like Don's new secretary. She's totally not his type and totally doesn't follow what he says. I don't think he could fire her either so it looks like we'll be getting a lot of comic relief from this woman.

But I feel like this episode showed that no matter how shit-tastic Don's home life is, he still has the goods to prove why his name is in that wall in the office. From the way he counter-schemes against the competition to how he rallies up the troops to the way he totally undermines his clients with their own rule of conduct, Don wins at (office) life. See, people, this is how you do business!

Meanwhile, he doesn't seem to lack in the women department. I love how flirty he was with Bethany at Benihana with the chopsticks routine and how he can easily snap back to charming!Don after being flustered by competition. I do however love Dr. Faye more. Look at them opening up to each other. See Don, you want to talk to! I'm surprised he even started talking to her. But see, there's something with the forbidden. I see a beautiful future for these two. Plus she's like the thinking-woman!Betty! Not that Betty isn't thinking. Just the more modern version, I suppose.

Brilliant Don is Brilliant

Roger's Feeling A Little Patriotic
It's a good thing Don was there to salvage the day, because it seems like Roger's out to make sure this Honda-deal doesn't push through. And I feel for him. Despite having the most hilarious lines this episode, there is a point to all that Roger was saying. Though the war is long over, it remains with these men and it's hard to let it go. Yes, he may have overreacted a bit, but he did apologize and backtrack and all.

The best part of it all? Joanie put him in his place. I love how she has the power over him to tell him straight how he's behaving and he actually listens. I know they aren't going to get together now, but the thought of it makes me happy.

You know who else makes me happy? An overeager Pete Campbell. I know you're having a kid but I was shocked to see him yell at Roger. I get it. I really do, he is justified, it just feels weird seeing underdog Pete Campbell totally lay it on Roger Sterling.

Leave It To Joan To Put Him In His Place

Sally, Playtime's Over
Hello Sally Draper. I see you're growing up real fast. I feel bad for her really. She's so conflicted and has so much pent up emotion and she just doesn't know how to let it all out. Favorite question comes from Don though: asking whether she was masturbating in front of a boy or a girl. I get how it shouldn't matter to Betty but it totally does matter. Good question, Don.

On a lighter side, I like her new haircut and I really hope Dr. Edna helps Sally out. She really needs to talk things out and I hope that this is the road to that. I wonder why it was Carla that took her though. Was Betty too busy?

Don't worry, I see where Betty is coming from, completely. And don't kill me, varjaks or delarges, but I have to give
it to Mr. Francis, he actually made a lot of sense in this episode and you could see why Betty would fall for him. Sure, I still believe Don > Henry just because, but Betty's really lucky to have Henry Francis.

And just like her daughter, I hope Betty gets to talk to Dr. Edna as well (this time without Don finding out everything). She's also such a repressed person and it would totally help her if she talked a bit more. besides, Don's talking to Dr. Faye already, so it would help if Betty had someone too.

How Dare You Betty?!

Sherlock 01x02: The Blind Banker

Second episode love. From the awesome case to the clues, to how everything was set up, I like how we're getting progressively more complicated with the cases. What I really liked about this episode though were the ships. No, not just Sherlock/Watson, but Sherlock totally playing Molly's attraction to him and Watson's date with the pretty doctor.

Sure, Watson's date didn't quite turn out how we wanted it to, but I'm glad he's at least on the road to getting some action. If only the circus wasn't some deadly front for a smuggling group, it would have been a pretty cute date. I would so date Watson.

And really, this episode just shows how brilliant Sherlock is (despite his never getting help from anyone). yes, he needs Watson to save his ass sometimes, but the way he thinks just makes my jaw drop. Awesome show is awesome.

Chuck Promo

Though it's just a tiny clip, I love this show way too much and miss it all the time. I feel bad it has to keep holding on to get a season pick-up but I'm crossing my fingers that this year, it gets better ratings. NBC, don't let me down and cancel this.

Vampire Diaries Promo

Despite the cheesiness of their tag line, I can't deny how excited I am for the return to the Vampire Diaries. In just two weeks, we finally get more Katherine and hopefully with this, more Damon. Though I'm still not Bonnie's biggest fan, it looks like we'll be seeing more of her. The person I want more of though is Caroline. I hope I get some Caroline love next season.
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