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When you went down, the men came callin'; Faded in stone as you wept from fallin

I got all the skill[33 Down/19 To Go!]
[+] There can't be just 19 weeks to go in 2010. We're down to the line of 1s now?! Where the hell did the year go?!

[+] I finished my re-read of Catching Fire faster than expected and I'm totally psyched for the release of Mockingjay next week. I can't believe this is the last book but I'm really excited to see where they take Katniss and Peeta. I hope we get it on the 24th as well!

[+] I haven't been in the mood to read much fic for some reason, but this week, we got the epilogue for For the Summer and it makes me so happy how that ended. I wish we had more. I also got to read another chapter of Hydraulic Level 5 and this story still hooks me. I need an HEA for them please.

[+] Not a bad week at all. Let's hope we get more steady weeks up ahead. Sending good vibes to everyone!

The day is surprisingly long with a meeting that lasts forever. but the rest of the day wasn't bad! We had Italian for lunch since it was my teammate's birthday. I felt so stuffed the entire day after the pizza and buffalo chicken. Though I get home later than usual, I just have enough energy to watch some Mad Men and end up sleeping before I even get to touch the computer. I really wish I had my own laptop. Sharing with my little sister is fine but she needs it for school and I just want to use it. Boo. Must, save, money. And actually spend it when I need to!
You know it's going to be a long week when you're counting down the days to Friday at the start of it. Highlights of the day are getting hilarious stories about the love lives of my relatives. It amazes me how detached I am to the real world and growing up (getting into relationships). While purchasing indoor plants with officemates, I had a strong a strong (negative) reaction to their 'love plant' suggestion. Instead, I got a relaxation plant. What does this say about me? I guess I'm just not ready. I hope this relaxation plant does its job.
My parents are off to Singapore to visit my siblings (it sucks cause if I had money, I would have gone!) and thus leaving me and my younger siblings orphans. They won't be gone long, but I just hope things go smoothly without them. On the work front, I'm almost a year at work and still feel like i haven't really done anything of consequence. And it's probably obvious to others too. I know I'm new but I wish I were just one of those brilliant kids who you can make your jaw drop at meetings instead of the newbie who doesn't quite know what she's doing.
It's a holiday in Quezon City so I don't have work but I don't spend it the usual way I spend my non-working holidays. Usually, I'm at home reading fic and watching movies, but today I was actually productive. Travelling via the MRT to two different destinations, and getting home late is tiring and I don't know how I have the energy to eat dinner but I feel accomplished in a sense. There's still so much to do but I'm glad I actually went out of the house and got off my ass. Now if only things would fall into place and everything works out for the best, I can breathe easier.
Chill work days are the best. A lot of people were out of town or were at a conference so it was a drama-free day which is rare in the office. It got even better when my aunt told me she could pick me up from work and I ended up having dinner at my grandma's house. A little preview of the feast I was about to have on Saturday (shrimps and marlin and just awesome goodness). And because my parents are out of town, I have to act like a pseudo-adult and ask about my siblings' whearabouts on a Friday night. I hate being the adult at home. Boo.
We spend the whole day in my grandma's house because it's my grandpa's 20th death anniversary. I wish I knew him better and had a chance to get to know him because with all the stories about him, he seems like a pretty cool guy. Doing what our family does best, we spend the entire day chowing on awesome seafood (more shrimp, squid and crabs!). I hadn't seem my cousin either cause he's been in the US, so it was good to catch up with him and squee over Sherlock! I swear, it feels good to squee about it.
Internet problems wake me up in the morning as always but it's a good thing I got to the customer service faster than usual. I really hope they send someone to fix it stat. I ended up watching Rendition (which is really sad) and some Kick Ass (which did kick some ass) so over-all we're on the lazy but productive (movie-wise) Sunday. My parents need to come home stat. I don't want to be the adult anymore. I hate worrying about siblings and home stuff. So very adult of me, I know.
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