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Rachel Says Bon Jour In Paris; Jen Traipses in New York; Anne Spends One Day In London

Paris![Rachel McAdams Online]
I haven't seen Rachel McAdams in a while and it could be because she's filming a Woody Allen film in Paris (complete with co-star/first Lady of France, Carla Bruni). It's so good to see blonde!Rachel filming again.

Also shooting are Jen (with Russel Brand -- this must be a comedy) and Anne Hathaway (with the adorable Jim Sturgess!!! Double whammy for me). It seems like everyone else is also filming (though some of these were last month) and this only means so many movies for me to look forward to when they're all wrapped up and done.

Rachel; Midnight in Paris

I'm always excited for Woody Allen movies no matter who's in them so this one should be a double delight for me! I'm curious as to what the story is all about and how Rachel fits in

How adorable can our girl get really? I miss seeing her blonde, so this will be a nice return to her lighter hair. It's not fair how she looks awesome in anything

Jen; Arthur

It's been a while since I've seen Jen filming so seeing her with Russel Brand makes me hope this one is genuinely funny. Jen is always fun to watch in comedies but I don't know how her chemistry (if any) with Russell will be. I see a wedding gown though!!!

Anne/Jim; One Day

Anne just keeps teaming up with all my favorite guys! With Jake (for "Love and Other Drugs") and now with Jim too! I read that this movie has a very "For the Summer" plot in that it takes place a day every year so I'm really looking forward to their physical transformations cause by the looks of it, it's gonna be cute.

Garrett; On the Road

I still need to go on my Garrett movie spree but this one, I'm terribly excited for. The book was awesome. Seeing Sam Riley look awesome. Add Kristen in the mix (she'll have her own behind the scenes spam once it's all over a la Rob's Water For Elephants one, I promise) and for sure, this movie will be the death of me. Please be awesome. Nevertheless, Garrett's looking mighty fine walking the streets of Canada in just a white t-shirt. Oh yeah.

Joseph; Premium Rush

I don't know what Premium Rush is about nor do I really want to know, because I know that Joseph's gonna be in ti and he's gonna look pretty damn cute with his bike and his helmet and his dimples. I'm sold. Really.

Shia; Transformers 3

Though the first two Transformers movies aren't Oscar-pieces, they're always fun watches and I wonder what the third installment will bring us. I'm sad we're not getting Megan Fox in this one. I thought she and Shia were cute together, but hey, at least we get some Shia (in the rubble, in a suit, running around). I'm tired already just looking at the scenes they're shooting.

Amanda; Little Red Riding Hood

I wonder how Hardwicke will do this children's fairytale. What I do know is Amanda will be awesome in it. I don't know if they'll be putting a twist to it or anything, but I'm sure Amanda will pull it off well. Girl can pull off headdresses well too.

Leighton; Gossip Girl

Technically not a movie set, Leighton is still shooting for season 4 of Gossip Girl and though Blair has gone from crazy to annoying to back to crazy-fierce, I'm hoping the writers become nice to her this season. Still, Leighton being adorable is enough to draw me in, so here I am again.

Zooey; My Idiot Brother

The title doesn't sound too promising but it's got Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks in it, so I'm expecting lots of laughs. I wonder how Zooey ends up drenched in a bathrobe, but I'm really excited to see her again on my big screen.
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