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TV Time: Pete Campbell's Playing With the Big Boys Now; Sherlock and Watson Get Off On Danger

Because it's a given that Mad Men just keeps getting more awesome every week, I shall reserve my squeeing for later and focus on the EPICNESS of Sherlock. Yup, it's over and I watched it from the start (all 3 episodes -- why so short?!) and obviously fell in love. I don't know how I'm going to wait a whole year for this to come back to me, but I seriously hope next season, we get more than 3 episodes.

Mad Men 04x04: The Revenge

Let me preface this by saying there are so many more intelligent reviews/recaps of this show that I won't even bother to compete. Instead, I shall just squee over the pretty and flail over the awesome that this show churns out every damn week.

This week, we see Don get taken down another peg. During a focus group discussion headed by Dr. Faye (who I feel Don will want to sleep with at one point this season), we see the poor Allison totally break into tears over her not-quite affair with the Don. And what does Don do? Totally brush it off like it's nothing (again) and light up another cigarette. I really feel bad for Allison. I know it's her fault she jumped into bed the couch with Don but how can one resist?!? Especially since we find out she thinks this is the way to get promoted (like Peggy -- but more on that later).

And he couldn't even write her a recommendation! I mean I get his point with her writing it and he'll just sign it but Don, this woman thinks you're heartless! No need to drive the point home with this?! I like that he at least tried to apologize. I know it's still not an apology but from the Don, this is a HUGE step. I hope he grows a heart for others around him (other than his kids). Also, I missed the kids!

Don, you heartless drunk asshole!
I still want you though

Pete's Gonna Be A Father!
Meanwhile, it feels weird seeing Pete succeed at something. They usually have him fail and be the underdog but it seems like they're giving him good things in succession! Sure, he almost lost the Clearasil account but it seems like he's learning his way around the devious circles! Blackmailing his father-in-law?! Look at that!

And though there's a tiny bit of me that wants some Pete/Peggy, I'm really happy for Trudy! I hope she doesn't lose the baby because it seems like she really wants this. Also, if she does, I'm scared her dad will pull out all the accounts from Pete (or something silly like that). But really, for now, I'm just happy Pete's going to have his baby and raise it too.

But really, I'm just glad we saw some Ken Cosgrove again! I miss him and some of the old guys. Look at Pete stand up for himself or try at least. I wonder how else we'll see the old Sterling-Cooper employees this season.

Smack That Head Pete

Because Peggy Got High
Oh Peggy. At least we know you're not going to go lesbian on us just yet, but these new friends of hers are surely going to make her more of a woman of the world than she is right now. I'm happy she's getting a bigger picture of the world now, rather than settling down right away. Sure, it also includes some pretty douche-y artists and pretentious folk but hey! At least Peggy's getting the ~best of both worlds.

It's funny to see her so defensive over Allison thinking she slept with Don to get to where she is though. So much for helping Allison out. You could totally tell she meant to comfort her, but I guess her defense mechanism is still pretty alert. I love the visual of Peggy peeking at Don after the showdown in his office. Oh Peggy, I know you're curious what happened in there.

Hit That Head Too Peggy

But really, the look on her face when she's informed that Pete's expecting a child with Trudy. You can see how her expression totally changes and how she's ready to congratulate Pete to get it over with but at the back of her head, she's probably thinking, "what about our baby?" I know it was her decision to not let Pete support the kid, but I'm sure it's brought back memories now.

Wistful glances?
Could there be another chance?

Sherlock 01x01: A Study in Pink

Meanwhile, in the most awesome show that should have lasted more than three episodes, Steven Moffat and BBC strike with another hit, the awesome modern-day re-telling of Sherlock. Three weeks ago, I read about it and was curious since Moffat had done really well with Doctor Who and I saw that Martin Freeman was in it (I find him incredibly adorable) and since it had three episodes, I thought it would be easy to watch.

And I'm so glad I did. From the quirkiness of Sherlock, to how amazing Watson compliments him; to the handsome Lestrade to the mystery and the sights of London, I am hooked. I especially loved scenes with Sherlock/Watson in it, because their banter and chemistry are just spot-on perfect.

I am amazed at Sherlock's ability to deduce things and I find myself saying "that's amazing" just like Watson did. In the cab, and when they're trying to solve the serial suicides. I love all the smaller characters too! Like their landlady (not their housekeeper), Molly and her lipstick and Anderson and even Sherlock's brother.

The camera shots and the production design and how they edit this is so stylized and I love it. It would be so fun to see the behind-the-scenes of how this came to be from the script to pre-production to the shooting and editing! It's such a solid show, it actually makes me go back to my interest in my college course and dissect how they did this.

The plot line for this one was pretty simple but also convoluted (I guess, it got more complicated as the episodes went on). The taxi cab driver was pretty damn scary so I'm glad that Watson got his clean shot. Imagine if Sherlock was wrong. I'd like to think he got it right, cause Sherlock always does, but there's still that what-if.

I don't know how many episodes we'll get for season 2 but I cannot wait. I don't know how I'm going to last an entire year waiting for this again.

Gossip Girl Preview

WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU?! After last season's lack luster episodes, I was so tempted to flounce. Unfortunately, I am a non-flouncer. I barely quit anything so it looks like I'm gonna stick this one till the end. Lucky for me, they have REALLY GOOD promo editors. Somehow, their TV promos are always so catchy and fun. Go promo editors. You save this show.
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