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Probably Do the Same[32 Down/20 To Go!]
[+] For some reason, the week at work was pretty damn long despite not having a lot going on. It's been really great with my team though -- coffee in the morning, lunch time and just about any time in between. I feel so lucky that the team keeps me sane.

[+] I've been on a Hunger Games re-read just so that I'll be in the Katniss/Peeta frame of mind when the third book comes out on the 24th and I'm loving it all over again. I'm really excited to see how they do the third one, but re-reading the first makes me all nostalgic.

[+] I just have to say that noted is the best. cutest video ever to start my day with and I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for making me smile. Too much sweetness.

[+] So over-all, not a bad week at all for me (considering I had a mid-week sick leave break). More of this next week? Yeah, why not?

For some reason, this day just went by really really slowly. Not that I should be surprised as it was a Monday but it just felt exceptionally long. I ended up going home later than usual but dropped by the mall to reserve my copy of Mockingjay which I hope will come out on the 24th here. Unfortunately, this detour gave me the hottest jeepney ride of my life. Usually the commute home is comfortable and windy at best, but this time it felt like a sauna. I just kept thinking of the money I saved if I took a cab.
I've been waking up quite early and still I end up at work at the same time. I blame the laziness. I also started re-reading Hunger Games in hopes that I'd finish the two books just in time for Mockingjay. In weird health news, I don't understand how I can feel sick when I've been sleeping early, eating more than usual (and healthy stuff) and I've been drinking loads of water. Why body? Why are you making me feel bad TWO months in a row. I am not used to being this ~vulnerable to sickness.
I woke up feeling a bit better than yesterday but my dad told me to just stay home and rest to be safe. I can't believe how traitorous my body is being. Plus my supervisor text me with great news concerning one of our projects, so the day was off to a good start. I also ended up watching Into the Wild and In the Land of Women, and spent the afternoon napping and reading The Hunger Games. I definitely no longer regret taking my sick leave today. I don't know why I was even guilty to begin with.
I felt so good waking up from a 12 hour sleep that it makes my sick leave totally worth it. Funny thing though, I take my time fixing my lunch this morning -- putting my medicines in and packing the milk tea my mom found for me -- then when I get to work, I realize I forget to put the actual lunch in my bag! So I am lunch-less and medicine-less and seriously contemplating going home to pick it up. Forgetful patty is very forgetful.
We've been having Friday lunch out with my team on Fridays and this time we went to the Asian Development Bank's cafeteria (thanks to my teammate's friend who works there). The food is so damn good and really cheap (cause it's subsidized and tax-free!) I had the most amazing mango cheesecake and we were seriously in a food coma the entire afternoon. Good times.
I ended up at the mall with my parents (while waiting for my little sister who was out with friends) and I told myself I wouldn't spend my salary since it was payday, but of course that didn't happen. There was a sale and I ended up buying work clothes and underwear. I know I need these things but I just wish I didn't have to spend. I hate seeing the money dwindle. Let's be mega rich please?
Because my aunt's still in Manila, she's been helping my brother learn to drive. She helped me when I was first learning as well so it's almost like tradition for her to help out the new kid. We end up watching Sherlock (again) marathon style and this show just doesn't get old. It's still so brilliant the third time around and I need more. Next year can't come fast enough. Funny cause I don't want Monday to get here yet.
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