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TV Time: Don Hooks a Brother Up; Spencer Figures Out the (W)right Place

As if this show can't get any better, it features two of my favorite people this week: Joanie and Lane Pryce. Gotta love them redheads and Brits. and this week on Mad Men, we get a taste of both. Meanwhile on the cliffhanger episode of Pretty Little Liars (before the long wait to its return in January 2011), we get even more mystery and zero closure. I need to be spoiled. Who is A?!

Mad Men 04x03: The Good News

Of course, we're not gonna forget dear Don Draper. Before jetting off to Acapulco, he has some non-awkward interaction with secetary, Alison and then an overnight at Anna Whitman's house. The moment I see Anna's niece, i'm praying so hard that Don doesn't sleep with her. I mean, yes it would be hot, but I don' think Anna would be cool with that and I'd hate for Don to lose a friend like her.

But it seems like he doesn't have to worry about losing Anna if he sleeps with hot!niece because Anna's dying. I love the struggle Don's going through. When Patty (hello evil!sisters -- I swear evil sisters really are named Patty... right jamypye) puts Don in his place telling him he's just the guy with the checkbook, it brings Don a few pegs down again. Wow. How low can Don go? And that moment on the couch with Anna, when he's about to tell her and he doesn't, I silently applaud him.

Yes, if I were there, I would be on Don's side and would want to tell Anna. He does have a point. She does have a right to know. But I suppose Anna's family's opinion bears more weight than the guy who stole Anna's husband's identity. So sorry Don, you got out-voted. Though in my fantasy, he would tell Anna and then he'd drop everything and take care of her for a bit and be with her till she died. I mean come on, that couldn't be their last time together right? It's so sad. Also, kudos Don. You actually did keep it in your pants

The only person who knows Don completely
and still loves him

Don Hooks Lane Pryce Up With A New Years Surprise
As much as I adore the Roger/Don bromance, I really really really love how 'welcoming' and friendly Don's being to Lane Pryce -- whom I understand is separated or divorced? So it's the lonely hearts club for the two single men whose initials are part of SCDP. And what do they do? Get drunk, holler at movies, put steaks to their crotches, get mocked at comedy bars and OF COURSE, hire some prostitutes lady friends to greet the New Year.

Look at Don hooking a brother up. This feels like such a Don gesture. And I'm just glad we got more Lane Pryce this time. I hope he and Don continue this friendship they have (even without the hookers) because Lane is a hilarious drunk and obviously when around Don, you'll be drinking. A lot.

Lane: You've got a fine piece of American Meat right here

Joanie Really Is The Head Bitch In Charge And I Love It
And as much as I'm gunning for a Roger/Joanie reunion, I don't think it's happening especially when we see Joanie trying to get pregnant and getting off the pill. So she's had abortions and is scared she won't be able to carry a child to term and for Joanie's sake, I hope she does get pregnant. Cause the marriage doesn't seem to be the happiest thing right now and though a baby won't exactly make it better, I feel like Joan either wants one because she really does or she feels it'll salvage things and make her husband stay or want to come home from the war.

I feel like Joan's really trying hard to keep the appearance that her marriage is hunky dory when it's not, so I hope that things just go better for her. I feel for her so much. And when she cut herself? I could not look. I just couldn't. The way she looked at her husband when he was patching her up was really heartfelt and you could feel that she'd really grown to love this guy (who as we remember, raped her). I'm really really hopeful that their marriage doesn't fall into shambles. Like Peggy said, 'it's refreshing to see a marriage so strong' or something like that. I hope Peggy didn't speak too soon.

Why is she stuck with him?

Pretty Little Liars 01x10:

So I thought we'd get some closure on A before the season break but I guess they had time to re-write and make us wonder some more. I'm okay with this, really but I'd really just love to be spoiled. So thanks famouslyso for helping me out with the itching department. I always had a low EQ.

Meanwhile, Aria's trying to put her foot down with the whole Ezra-not-being-over-me business. How can you say no to pretty!Ezra really?! Oh that's right, she's thoroughly distracted by perfect!Noel. All this, I'm-moving-on business feels very false to me, so when she gave in and kissed her teacher in the car, I knew shit was going to hit the fan. Of course, it doesn't help that A saw everything. Oh well, we'll have to wait and see what happens with Ezra/Aria/Noel in January.

In Spencer (please-give-me-a-better-storyline) land, we see the return of nanny!carrie, who is surprisingly, not too evil. Spencer's been keeping mum thanks to the cold front between the sisters and not even the return of Ian (I hooked up with BOTH Hastings girls) isn't thawing the ice. Still, it's good to see Spencer reaching out to her sister.

I'm scared though, because when Melissa finds out that Spencer ALSO hooked up with Ian, I don't know how much more forgiving Nanny!carrie can be. She might go crazy on Spencer, One Tree Hill style. Watch out Spencer. You may know how to plagiarize, but Nanny!Carrie's got more evil in her.

When I first started watching this show, I thought I would like Hanna the least but she's grown on me so much, I like her best right now. I'm really liking the mom-has-no-money-but-we're-cool things she's got going and I'm glad she's not giving her mom a hard time about it. It's good to see her be supportive. So I'm scared that mom went and stole money from the old lady. Something tells me this is going to bite her in the ass come January.

Also, this little hit and run Hanna's suffered feels like a soap plot where she'll have some sort of amnesia. And if it is the case, then I'll be laughing my ass off, because it's the oldest trick in the book. Still, now that Hanna knows (but can't/won't say), at least A will be a bit more wary. Or will this make her bolder? Knowing she can run folks down when they get in her way?

Finally, we see the return of Emily's dad (the military man). I'm glad Maya got to meet him, but by the blade in Emily's mom's voice, it looks like she doesn't approve. At all. And thanks to A, mommy now knows about her daughter's batting for the other team. I hope we see more Maya in January though because I actually like Maya and hope she sticks around.

Over all, not a bad summer show, considering there's nothing else to watch. I hope it continues being succint and non-dragging with the storylines come January because that's a long wait and they better keep us interested until then.
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