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Teen Choice Awards Lacked Kristen, Totally Overcompensated with Awards Categories

No shit[Robert Pattinson Source]
I can't believe it's already been a year since this crazy haul of surfboards at the Teen Choice Awards. In what is possibly the least credible awards show (or just at part with MTV's counterpart), my favorite people bring the pretty to the blue carpet as they thank the teens for being rabid in their love.

And so it's no shock that New Moon sweeps the show (CHRIS WEITZ, I WISH YOU HAD APPEARED! Hardwicke did last year remember?), the TCAs included more categories just so Eclipse could win something. And I'm thinking, folks, there's still next year.


Looking good Rob. I won't even bother to watch the show just because I'm sure if I were desperate I would see clips of Rob online. Nevertheless, plaid blue shirt? I like. Smiley!Rob with Ashley? I like even more.

I'm sure he was equally adorable and awkward and just plain good looking with those surfboards (look at him handling them like a pro already) so I'm glad I didn't have to sit through the entire thing

And no, we don't get any RoGan this year (we did get TayGan), I'll settle for anything as long as Rob is being all smiley. Seriously, his face must hurt from all this grinning.


Not my most favorite Ashley outfit, but she looked beautiful still in her pink and nude strapless Valentino mini dress with black floral detailing at the bust. I see this more at a premiere, but hey, Ashley still rocks it, so I'm not complaining.


Though I'm not the biggest fan of the pornstache, it was just great to see Zac out. I wish Vanessa had showed up too -- they usually look adorable on the red carpet so it's too bad we didn't get some of that. Still, let's be thankful!


I loved loved loved Leighton's outfit last year, but this year wasn't so bad either. She looked pretty and comfy in her white long sleeved Emilio Pucci Resort 2011 mini embroidered dress which had a fringed detail on the front. I wonder why only she and Chace showed up. Perhaps the others were too busy? Or did they draw the short straw?


How can these two be on a show that's always on the brink of cancellation? I DO NOT GET IT. Zac and Yvonne showed up at the blue carpet looking adorable as always. I'm not sure who made her dress, but wow, look at that body.


What a difference a year makes. Last year, these folks were virtually unknown, now they're wearing show-stopping numbers (Lea in her nude Naeem Khan Resort 2011 mini with a tropical jungle-inspired green beaded detailing and Jayma in her fitted yellow pleated dress with bronzed Raven Kauffman Couture clutch and matching belt) and also hosting the show. Sure their show is on Fox but still, a hit's a hit.

Pretty Little Liars

I'm not sure who everyone else wore, but it was great to see the Pretty Little Liars cast come to the show. I'm really psyched to see what kind of evil cliffhanger they'll leave us with for January 2011, but for now, Lucy Hale looked real cute in her Paule Ka little black dress with a chiffon skirt, sequin embellished bodice and belt detailing at the shoulder and the waist and her extra Rihanna-esque shoes. You wouldn't see Aria wearing those.

The Vampire Diaries

And finally, we end with the Vampire Diaries kids who always just bring a smile to my face. I was late to this bandwagon last year but I'm glad I'm on it now. Ian and Nina (and Paul too!) were just so cute and seeing Nina sandwiched between these two always shows how tiny she is. Still, girl is so pretty. I can't wait for season 2
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