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Tornado Meets a Volcano[31 Down/21 To Go!]
[+] Despite the annoying no-internet drama at home, this week wasn't bad at all. My uncle leaving means a little more peace and stability (though much less fun). Still, I'm just happy to have a bit more time to just space out.

[+] Like everyone else, I'm totally addicted to Love the Way You Lie. Awesome collaboration and Megan Fox was pretty damn hot in that video. Welcome back Eminem. I've listened to it non-stop all weekend.

[+] Also, thanks SO MUCH to hauntes for my cute VGIFT! It always makes me smile when I get one of these so thanks so much for thinking of me. I really appreciate it.

[+] Can we all cross our fingers together so that we can have a good week coming up? Drama free and stress free and just on the up and up for everyone? Okay, good. Hope we all have a great week up ahead!

I got called for an interview last week and though it went really well, I just wasn't feeling the job (plus I had to submit six copy tests which my mind was just blank about). It felt agonizing typing out the email to the company explaining my reasons for not going on with the process. Plus my anxiety attacks were getting bad with me worrying over it. If my heart isn't in it at this point, I doubt it'll be if I even get the job. I just hope they don't take it against me. I wouldn't mind working for the ad agency in another capacity
I wish my siblings would pull more weight. I get that I'm technically the oldest kid in the house, but a little help never hurt? I get home and there's no Internet. No one has called our ISP. I'm trying to get it to work using our usual tactics but it's not helping. So I decide to just sleep it off and hope it comes back. My mom finally gets through customer service and wakes me up because my little sister's studying for an exam and my brothers are asleep. Come on guys, I was asleep too. It just sucks how I'm always doing the dirty work.
It's a good thing we've wicked fast Internet at work because I don't know I survived my few hours without it at home (oh yeah, I totally slept it off). By the time I get home on Wednesday afternoon though (it was raining so hard and my dad was pissed off really bad with the trafic), somehow our Internet was restored. Good times, I tell you. I've never felt so happy to get it back. And yet, I'm not feeling so good so I sleep through our Internet-ful night just because I know it'll be there tomorrow.
I wake up to find out we have no internet again. Seriously. This is getting annoying. But I actually manage to fix it this time, because it was just our landline being wonky with the dial tone. See! Siblings! This is what you should be doing. Check the things you can fix first. But no, last night, everyone just gave up on it. I don't think I've been so awake at 5:30 in the morning trying to figure out why our Internet is gone gain. In other news, I want it to be the weekend so badly. My nose is runny and I have a headache. Boo.
I'm glad the commute cooperated with me today (unlike yesterday) so I didn't have to take a cab going to work or coming home. If I were earning more, I wouldn't mind. It was a pretty chill day at work sans too much drama so that's always a good thing. It was a good thing the day went by really quickly cause I wasn't feeling too well. My runny nose was just being very annoying and it's like it's never running out. Please don't ruin my weekend by being sick again? I'd much rather spend it reading and not blowing my nose.
For some reason, my nose did not want to stop running and so I was relegated to blowing out my nose all day long. And because it's been six months since I last had a haircut, I finally decided to get a trim. I'm not much for trims, I usually only get my hair cut to hack it all off, but I figured, I might as well TRY to grow my hair out for real, so there isn't a noticeable difference but it looks much neater. Plus my mom paid for it, so I guess I didn't have to worry at all. My hair takes so long to grow that it'll probably take another year to get to a good length.
My aunt and grandma came to visit us and I finally got my acupuncture treatment after forever. My voice used to be hoarse and raggedy ever since but after I got acupuncture from my aunt, it totally changed and I don't have a hard time talking. Now, I have a bunch of new things to get treated for (like my shortness of breath etc) so I'm hopeful that it'll work on me again. My brothers have been itching to go out and I feel bad cause I can't take them out because I don't feel very well. It just sucks cause they rarely ask me to take them out and now I can't. Boo.
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