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It's Anna Vs. The World (Well Not Really, Everyone Loves Her) while Ashley Celebrates the Summer

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World[AKF]
Because I probably won't get to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World unless I find a DVD-rip somewhere, I'm glad I at least get to see the premiere photos and press for it. Anna's been doing the rounds (and will be doing late night TV soon) for the movie and now I'm more excited to see this. Look at that smile? Adorable.

And to catch up on all the other appearances I somehow ignored thanks to that bubble I was in, here's a little round-up (I really made sure there were some boys) of how these pretty people have been pretty-fying it up.


Anna seems to love Marchesa and rightfully so. She looked sooooo fantastic at the LA premiere of the movie wearing a navy strapless leopard print cocktail Marchesa Resort 2011 dress with black embroidered detail on the bodice and a gathered detail on the skirt and paired it with yellow Jimmy Choo Mendez heels. I don't think I would ever have thought of putting the shoes with the dress together, but it really works for her. Stunning

She's also been doing a bunch of interviews like this one at the Today Show with Jason Schwartzman. I have yet to see the video, I'm too lazy to let it load but it looks like they had a ball.

And as of the last time I checked they also dropped by the Apple Store in Soho for a Q&A with the rest of the cast. I remember going to this Apple Store when I went to NY and boy if I knew they'd be doing Q&A's here, I'd probably have taken a photo for posterity.


Ashley showed up at the 13th Annual Super Saturday Event which I'm not really sure what happens in it. But she looked oh so summery in her DKNY white ruffle hem dress with that thin tan belt. I do not have a lot of belts and most of them are hand me downs. But I think I should buy some -- when I'm less broke. But I digress. Ashley looks so pretty. Gotta love her.


Because it's what she does best, Camilla brought the pretty to the Cartier International Polo Day wearing a crisp white sleeveless ruffled top, and a ruffle-hem print skirt with a fuschia pink belt all from the Carolina Herrera Resort 2011. Girl always looks so damn elegant and beautiful, I don't care if she has no reason to be at the event. Keep bringing the pretty.

Eun Hye

Eun Hye dressed it down at the movie premiere for Won Bin's movie, “The Man From Nowhere.” Somehow, her outfit would look slutty on someone else, but she looks perfectly normal in it. Plus there's speculation that Won Bin will be her co-star in her upcoming drama "Love Song" and thus her appearance at this event. I wouldn't mind one but. I kind of miss Won Bin since his "Endless Love: Autumn Love Story" days.


And yes! Boys too!!! I kind of missed the announcement of Andrew Garfield as the new Spiderman so I'll try to make up for it by including him here. He's been looking good doing the rounds for "The Social Network" (look it's Jesse!) and I guess bringing his mug around to show this is how the new Peter Parker is gonna look. But I'm just really excited to see more from this guy. I loved him in Boy A and really really want to see more.


And finally, Ashley's partner in crime also seems to be doing the rounds of events. He showed up at a bunch of poker parties, Louis Vuitton dinners and premieres so I'm hoping Xavier has some actual work after Eclipse (RESURRECT RILEY PLEASE) because it would be a shame if we last see his porcelain head get chopped off on screen. Nevertheless, we need more.
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