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TV Time: Don Brings in the Yuletide Cheer With a Menage-a-Trois; Aria's Trying To Move On

[Pretty Little Liars Fan]
Christmas comes early this week on Mad Men and boy does it feel like we got presents early because it was fantastic. Keep being awesome, Weiner & Co. Meanwhile, Pretty Little Liars tries to confuse use with who A really is. I hope it's not a lame reveal next week. And as much as I want to do my Sherlock recap now, it's too awesome to rush so I'll wait for the last episode to share my thoughts.

Mad Men 04x02: Christmas Comes But Once A Year

It's Christmas time and Don hates it. So what does he do to cope? Sleep with women of course. Lord knows he would have slept with all three girls he interacted with in this episode if he had the chance but so far, only one -- and his secretary at that. I really feel bad for her just because she seemed to really do a good job. Yeah, she'd flirt a bit, but I didn't think Don would go there. Apparently, there aren't many lines Don won't cross now that he's a single man.

The killer part? The morning after at work, when he hands his secretary her 'bonus' (which now feels like hush money/payment for her services which really makes her a whore) and totally brushes things off like nothing happened. Don! This is the woman that buys your kid's gifts and gives you aspiring and delays her plans so you can get into your house. I'm not telling you to marry her. Just be nice.

Can A Nurse Cure Don's Heartache?
Then we have girl # 2 for Don and it's the cute nurse/neighbor Phoebe. I actually like this girl. She's like Midge, a brunette who'll flirt with him but won't give in to his advances right away. I'm glad she didn't jump into bed when he had his arm around her waist. A weaker woman (ME) would have given in. It's also nice how unavailable she is when he thinks he needs her (getting locked out of his house only to find she isn't home either). I hope we see more of her.

Don Does Not Want You Digging In His Past
Something tells me this Dr. Faye Miller could be the next Rachel Menken. A hardworking girl who can sort of equal Don in intelligence and accomplishment. I really liked how she cornered Don not to flirt but to fight after the Christmas party. I love how she spoke her mind and sort of took Don by surprise by her analysis of him. Could their pillow talk be a psychoanalysis? I know I won't mind, but I'm sure Don would. If he gagged her, he probably would go with it. You know Don likes it kinky. And boy would Faye Miller find a whole lot more about him that way.

Secretary: Well I'll see you in the morning...
Don: leans in for the kill
Secretary: Don't
Don: Don't what?

Roger's Chain Gets Yanked By Lucky Strike
Raise your hand if you feel bad for Roger? I get that Lee Garner is their HUGEST client at the moment but I totally feel for him. From getting the party made into a huge event, to Lee totally just pissing on him and then flirting with Jane and coercing him into wearing the Santa outfit, it makes me sad to see how desperate Roger is to keep their biggest client. It's funny cause while in the office telling Joan that if Lee wanted the Three Magi flown in, they would make it happen; and yet it all came down to him all but groveling to keep their biggest fish. I really hope they get back up on their feet so that Roger can be bad ass again.

Roger: You're off limits
Joan: I don't think he's the one who needs to be reminded
Roger: Oh come on, he was all over you in that red dress
with that bow in the back that makes you look like a present
Joan: you have an incredible memory
Roger: Nah, I think about it a lot. That dress, I mean.
Joan: Stop it

Joan's Just A Present Waiting to Be Opened
Despite my sadness with how Roger had to be in this episode, I seriously enjoyed all the Joanie we got. From her flirty banter with Roger (though she did caution him), to her preparing for the party without batting an eyelash, to wearing the red dress Roger loves on her, to entertaining Lee Garner and of course that wonderful conga line. JOAN IS FIERCE and though her husband is away saving lives, I wish they weren't married just so she could be with Roger... not that that's happening, but a girl can dream right?

Now that's a conga line

Peggy Wants To Wait... Or Not
I'll start off with the silliest note to say that I loved it when Don greeted her a "Merry Christmas swetheart." I know he didn't mean anything by it, but I got all giddy. You know when I didn't get giddy? With Peggy's fiance. I know he wants some action and Peggy's sort of on the fence on it. But it made me feel bad for him in a way, when she did sleep with him, knowing what Freddy had told her about 'waiting' (if she was sure to marry him) or going for it (if she didn't think it was gonna last). Poor guy. But look at that, Peggy's really playing with the big boys now. Non-virgin and all.

The Ex-Boyfriend To Be: hey, you alright
Peggy: Huh? Of course
The Ex-Boyfriend To Be: But you feel different

Freddy's Back... But Where's Sal?!
While I'm glad that Freddy's sober and all, he isn't exactly the guy I would have wanted them to bring back. What about Sal? I don't mind seeing him at all. Still, it's a challenge for him to stay sober in this happy hour-every hour office. I know that he's back with SCDP, but he's gotta get with the system and not overpower Peggy, cause girl is good.

Sally's Letter to Santa Kills Me
Three things: Sally Draper's self aware letter to Santa Claus in behalf of her siblings. I got to say, I also got all choked up. I'm a sap like that okay?! Second: I do not like Glenn. I did not like him when he was interacting with Betty. I do not like him now. So please Sally, you can befriend this house-trasher (I know he only did it so they would move house) but please do not like him. Third: I hope she gets her Christmas wish. I wish Don could be with them this Christmas.

Carla: Who's Stanley?
Sally: A boy

All in all another fabulous episode of Mad Men. So far, so good and they're really packing the punch. I wonder what the New Year will bring the Mad Men and their families. I can't wait till next week.

Pretty Little Liars 01x09: The Perfect Storm

Though the Aria/Ezra flame has sort of fizzled in my head, I'm looking forward to what kind of 'date' Noel and Aria will go to when YOU CAN TOTALLY TELL that there won't be 'chemistry' between them cause Ezra is ~the one. Still, I'm glad that Aria is trying to move on, not just from Ezra but from the bitterness over her parents separation. I love Hanna's mom so I hope Aria's dad STAYS THE HELL AWAY. We don't need Hanna and Aria to be stepsisters now.

Emily's muddy tracks was such a faux-clue to who A is. And I don't think it's Lucas either (but more on that later). I do believe Emily and where she's coming from with her letter and saying sorry to Allison and keeping the figurines. I just wish things would be clearer for this girl. Also, policeman is scary and I'm glad that Spencer's mom intervened. The real question for me though is: WHERE IS MAYA?! And will she not take the SATs?

I was scared that Spencer's mom slept with Alex but I've watched too many soap operas. I also thought her mom was dying but it looks like she was just afraid to break the perfect exterior to the family. The mom sort of redeems herself for being a bitch to Spencer via Nanny!carrie by defending the girls from crummy!police.

Still, I don't like Alex too much for Spencer so it's not like I'm all happy the mom approves. On a side note: It doesn't matter how high Spencer's SAT scores are, if when the college she applies to discovers her plagiarism case (which SHOULD haunt her), she sure won't be going to college in the fall. But then again, this isn't real life.

And finally we see Hanna get a full-on heart as she defends Lucas against Mona (who kind of looks like Miranda Cosgrove). I really like Lucas and this kid has grown on me. Also missing in action from all this SAT taking? Sean. And Ben. Convenient how the exes seem to ditch episodes they aren't needed in despite this being a school wide activity. But that's just me.

90210 Season 3

And finally, I get to see some 90210 Behind The Scenes pics for season 3. Last season grew on me a lot. And it didn't hurt that Gossip Girl was getting progressively bad. So I'm actually really looking forward to this season of our favorite zip code and what kind of high school shenanigans they'll be getting into. Fall TV season starts in 5 weeks folks!
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