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Comic Con 2010: Enjoying The Craziness of Hall H From the Comforts of My Bedroom

It's That Time Of Year Again[Comic Con]
I'm actually sort of glad there is not Twilight in this year's Comic Con just so that I can focus on the many other things that had happened there. Plus I'm sure they'll be back next year anyway.

And so much happened indeed. From Avengers cast unveiling to Tron to The Green Lantern and the eyecandy that is Suckerpunch; there's so much to look forward to and I'm excited. Then there's the tv panels (hello Chuck, Bones & Vampire Diaries) which make me psyched for the fall tv season. But really, let's not forget the pretty.

The Avengers

I'm such a sucker for franchise films, I would have probably jizzed in my pants if I was there live. Seeing the entire Avengers cast and imagining all the possibilities with Whedon at the helm? Expectations are pretty high. I hope they live up to it


Seriously. These girls could not get any cuter. Though the trailer didn't show me much Jon Hamm, I'm kind of psyched to see how Zack Snyder's latest eyegasm lives up to its hype. Plus the posters are just too teasing. I love it.


I need to see this 'one year later' business stat. I know they've both moved on and Bones and Booth are probably going to have special someones who aren't each other, but I'm just really excited to see them banter and Hart Hanson to torture us again. I'm a masochist. Also, David and Emily were so cute.


It's the little show that could. Really. Always on the brink of cancellation and this year they take it to Comic Con, so hopefully it drums up a lot of interest which translate to viewers because I'm sick of being worried whether our adorable gang is gonna be back.

The Vampire Diaries

These kids are too pretty and Nina Dobrev struts her stuff around the conference looking oh so adorable. I love how practically the entire cast troops to San Diego to sign autographs for fans. Also, I need September to roll around.


I was honestly shocked to see Mr. Waltz grace event but I am so not complaining. This sexy older man rolled with the punches alongside Green Hornet co-star Seth Rogen and though this doesn't come out till next year, Christoph just gave me more reason to watch


So I don't think I've gushed too much about him but after seeing the Tron trailer multiple times, I realize, boy this guy is kinda cute (it doesn't hurt he'll be in On The Road with Kristen). I'm really excited to see how this movie fares (not just in 3D) cause it's one of those cult classics. Let's hope they do it justice.


And of course how can I not swoon over Mr. Johannsson Ryan Reynolds. I know I wasn't able to react right away thanks to Blake's party in the USA (aka the girls) but now that I've focused on the important, Ryan still holds the crowd (complete with reciting the Green Lantern oath for a young fan). Yes, ScarJo taps that.


The soundtrack sounds rad. The trailer looks awesome and of course the cast is just hilarious. I can't wait to see Anna do another comedy just because girl and comedic timing go together. Plus she just looked her bubbly self all throughout the conference. Gotta love her.


And because Inception has sort of revived my love for Ellen, it was good to see her at Comic Con for Super, the indie hero film that I have to say sounds really interesting. She looked so cute with Liv at the panel but I'm just really psyched to see more from her. And I think I've accepted that she's my age and yet faaaaar more accomplished. Oh life.


Finally we end with Miss Portman promoting Thor, which apparently stars Chris Hemsworth (the brother of Liam -- miley's boyfriend). Natalie looked so beautiful as always and just so unfazed by it all. I love how she handles herself in interviews and this was no different. And for the record, Chris >>> Liam
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