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Scorching Bailarín

Javier Suarez

Diego Luna
so sexy/sweet you'll want to:
uproot your family to Havana so you can learn a little Latin loving from him
Javier is so freaking sexy! He can dance, he's got the accent, and he's got this innocent boy look going on. Not exactly the most thought-provoking film made, but it does have the sexiest dancing character ever! He can move.

When he's shown in the streets of Havana dancing with little kids and his male friends, he still looks totally sexy! Even as he works as a pool boy at the hotel, his sensitive side is really seen. He's so sweet to Katey even if he's the one who gets into trouble for what she did. Usually, I like the lead girls that are paired to the men in my list, but not this movie. I thought Katey was an undeserving girl to Javier. Javier was so sincere and it was obvious they weren't going to end up together.

I love movies with dancing, so this was no excpetion. Except for my distaste for the lead girl, the movie was surely entertaining. Javier made up for most of it. He looked so good dancing. When they practiced in the bar during the day, I was just so jealous of her. Sure, she could have been uncomfortable with some of the steps, but did she have any idea who she was dancing with? He could well be the sexiest dude in the entire Havana! What was she thinking?

Of course, in the end, she had to leave. You notice how Katey sounds absolutely fine when she has to leave. Javier is devastated. Obviously, he was the only one who actually cared. This is their conversation as he leaves.

Katey Miller: I am taking you with me.
Javier Suarez: I am keeping you here [places hand over his heart]

Please Javier, you don't have to suffer anymore. She's gone. I'm here though.
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