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I always, always take[29 Down/23 To Go!]
[+] Having my aunt and uncle back in Manila means lots of photos. I spent almost everyday with them (save for Wednesday cause that was my date with aauthentique) and it's been a blast. This week was tiring because of work but equally fun cause of family and friends.

[+] After days of not having time, I finally got around to catching Inception and boy was it worth the stress of rounding up my cousins and siblings and driving to Rockwell in the traffic and lining up for the last 5 tickets (in the freaking 2nd row). Seriously. This movie is owning me.

[+] Thank you so much to seriouslywir () fare_lady () and jo_herself () for the awesome VGIFTS!!! you girls are the sweetest, seriously!

[+] I'm taking a leave tomorrow so let's hope this is the sign of a good week! Hope you all have a great week too

Work isn't so bad when you're looking forward to the end of the day. I always head to my grandma's house after work when my aunt and uncle are here and it was such a laugh trip to just listen to his stories and craziness. Plus I have ten thousand new scarves from my uncle that I won't know what to do with again. God I love it when he comes home.
I don't wear heels often but when I do it really does make me feel different. Just a thought. Despite waking up extra late, I managed to get to work at a fairly decent hour. The best part, my dad told me he could pick me up (and I didn't have to ask!). We had dinner out with my relatives and had more laughter. I swear my relatives are crazy. In a fun good way.
Despite the traffic back and forth, it felt so good to meet up with aauthentique. I met her briefly for like five minutes back in march but this time we were able to have dinner together and do a bit of shopping and it was such a great way to end my day at work. It's too bad she's already leaving on Monday cause I would have loved to hang out more. Come back soon!
It's rare that I'm home early this week especially since my aunt and uncle are around. I was the only one with them at dinner but it was still hella fun. I got home at around 10pm and after watching Pretty Little Liars, I ended up chatting with my siblings in Singapore till 2am! It was crazy! I barely ever chat with them so it was great to catch up. I'll try to stay awake so we can do this more often
I know work can be silly and annoying at times but I have to say, I love my teammates. There used to be seven of us, but now we're five and though they're all older than me, they've all been very welcoming and awesome to me. We had a lunch out at Teriyaki Boy and it just made realize how much I'm gonna miss them if I ever decide to switch jobs one day.
MOVIE SATURDAY. Other than waking up at the crack of dawn to have breakfast at Flapjacks, it was my aunt's birthday and she said she wanted to watch movies all day because she doesn't have time when she's working in the US. FOUR MOVIES IN A ROW!!! Afterwards though, I decide to go crazy and catch Inception. My dad was too tired to drive us and Trinoma was sold out so I drove all the way to Rockwell and purchased five of the last 20 tickets. Second row? So what. the moveie was so worth it.
My family has a ton of July celebrants so they ended up celebrating all together for lunch (til god knows when) at our house. There was SO MUCH FOOD and lots of mah-jong playing, Scrabble on the side, some karaoke and lots of laughter. I swear my relatives do not get tired of laughing. The best part? It was raining all afternoon, so the weather was really cool.
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