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TV Time: Emily Finally Comes Clean With Herself; Mad Men is Missing January; Gossip Girl Gets Glam

[Pretty Little Liars Fan]
And so we get another week of guilty pleasure thanks to Pretty Little Liars and I've grown to enjoy the craziness this show provides. I like how they're staying true to the core friendship (I'm looking at you Gossip Girl) and how it's not too ridiculous just yet. Then again, we're on our 7th episode so I guess it's too early to judge. Plus it got picked up for an entire season. Damn, I thought I was nearly finished.

Pretty Little Liars 01x07: Homecoming Hangover

So Toby isn't quite as creepy as we originally thought and in fact, he took her to the emergency room. I doubt he's dead and I have a feeling he'll be showing up badly scarred next time. Especially now that Emily's going to be with Maya for real. I sense a triangle among them and it'll be interesting to see who wins Emily's heart in the end. All I can say is, I'm kind of annoyed with her mom. But that was obvious. I also like how Hanna just confronted her about Maya and was so supportive. That's a sweet friend.

So Aria's still having family problems (obviously they're not going anywhere) and Hanna's ex is sort of making the moves on her. The real question is, WHERE THE HELL IS EZRA. heuerviolet and I were talking and though I see him as the younger, non-bloated Rufus Humphrey; she sees him as a Hugh Dancy look alike which is a much better comparison, for his sake. But I digress. The point is, I don't want him resigning. I want Aria to get caught and get expelled though. Now that would turn things around for her.

I'm STILL not feeling Alex. And this episode did nothing to assuage my fears. Remember how in 90210, he sang as Javier? Well now he seems to be salsaing as Alex and I still do not like it. It totally came out of nowhere and I was cringing. BRING BACK WREN! BRING BACK WREN! And it's sad cause I really do like Spencer (I find her pretty) but her storylines just bore the hell out of me. I wanted her to get expelled for her plagiarism thing. Then again, it's not too late, right? MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING FOR SPENCER WRITERS.

Finally, Hanna and yearbook boy seem to be hitting it off only to get sort of cockblocked by ex-boyfriend who does not appreciate online videos. I like how Hanna's getting an unlikely match and they actually sort of look cute together. Perhaps they'll let this geeky boy bloom but he's already grown on me. I approve. Perhaps this is a ship I could get on.

Mad Men Premiere Party

We have FOUR MORE DAYS PEOPLE!!! Four more excruciatingly long days till we finally get our much beloved Mad Men back and I am so freaking excited. At the premiere party, Don Jon Hamm looked impeccable as always in his suit (and with his girlfriend, but let's ignore her) all-smiles and all that.

Noticeably missing was January Jones though. WHERE ARE YOU WOMAN?! your husband is here with your kids (who both looked so adorable). I know you're shacking up with Henry Francis now, but come back Betty! We need you with Don even if he was horrible to you and you technically should deserve better. BUT YOU GUYS LOOK REALLY GOOD TOGETHER SO MAKE IT WORK.

Thank goodness Elizabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks were still on hand to bring some pretty to the premiere -- other than Jon. Elizabeth looked great in her emerald taffeta one shoulder dress with a cascading ruffle from the shoulder down the front of the dress while Christina looked so pretty in her black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress with a high neckline and long sleeves with the girls all covered up.

Gossip Girls Get Glam

Finally we have the Gossip kids looking all prettied up (back in New York). I see them all in gowns. So there'll probably a party with a fancy theme at the end of one of the first few episodes. DO NOT FAIL ME GOSSIP GIRL. I'm giving you a chance because I cannot flounce you. And you've got Clemence Posey. So be great.
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