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Trailer Tuesdays: Because There Are Apparently a Shitload of Movies Outside The Twilight Saga

So it seems like EVERYONE and their mother has watched Inception and though I'm hoping I'm sort of awake enough to watch it with aauthentique when I see her, I realized there are so many other movies I want to see and never got to write about because of that other movie that's been occupying my thoughts. Now let's hope I have enough money/time, cause it's quite the list I ended up making.


So obviously, this one, I really have to have to see. Unfortunately, I don't know if I'll have the time or the energy. I don't know If I could stay awake for 2 and a half hours right now and really be paying attention. But I'll try, because I'm dying to see this. paintedinflames, I shall report back to you afterwards!

Toy Story 3

Yes, there are actually movies that have come out that I still haven't seen and this is one of them. Though I'll admit to not being the biggest fan of animation, I do have a soft spot for Toy Story

Knight and Day

Yes, I actually do but only because I'm a sucker for these big, blow-em-up kind of movies. I guess I am my dad's kid. And though Tom Cruise isn't exactly Mr. Popular right now, I'm glad he's sort of toned down a tad. Plus, I think he and Cameron have pretty good chemistry (hello Vanilla Sky).

The Last Air Bender

I've been warned it's the worst movie ever. And I'm aware of this. But I loved the cartoon and sort of want to torture myself with the fact that it's apparently really really bad. Also, it's got Jackson Rathbone. And though I thought this would be his 'break' outside Twilight, it's funny how now I'm glad he was in Twilight. Because this is apparently just a waste of time. And yet, I still want to. Masochist, I am.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I'm not sure what it's about exactly but it's Disney and it's got Nicholas Cage and so far that combination of things hasn't let me down (I do love me some National Treasure), plus Jay Baruchel looks really adorable in this one.

Ramona and Beezus

I'm not sure WHICH book they based it on but if it's based after Beezus and Ramona then this movie looks nothing like it. And though Selena Gomez is a cutie, I never thought Beezus would be THIS good looking. And I don't know what the hell is going on in this trailer but I want to watch it mostly to see how royally far it is from the books (WHICH I ADORE and are one of the few books I chose to read when I was a kid -- because I wasn't a reader back then). Don't be too horrible please.

Charlie St. Cloud

I haven't read the book (though I probably should) and don't know what it's about exactly but it's got Zac Efron and I sort of miss him on the big screen (he sure left us hanging after 17 Again -- and no, I haven't seen Me and Orson Welles either but that's cause it's not showing here). I feel like I'll be blubbering a bit with this one.

Eat Pray love

I loved the book, kinda love Julia Roberts and her movies so this one has to be good. Plus it's got avier Bardem which always always is a PLUS in my book and it's got Richard Jenkins and three awesome countries. So if they stick to the book, and bring it to life somehow really well (I'm looking at you Ryan Murphy), then I've got high hopes for this one.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Though I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Michael Cera movies, (they all sort of blend in with each other for me), this one looks mightily interesting and a visual treat with all the kitschy, pop things going on. But also it's got ANNA-FREAKING-KENDRICK and I can't NOT watch a movie AK is in. I don't know how big her role is, but it looks pretty substantial and the plot looks all kinds of cute.

Going the Distance

If only to torture myself, I want to see this with my sister (cause lord knows she can relate), but also because Drew is really adorable and though I'm not a big Justin Long fan, they do look some kind of adorable together. Plus it's got Christina Applegate who's always fun to watch.

Easy A

I've been sort of crushing on Emma Stone ever since I saw her in Superbad, but after seeing this trailer (thanks to searchtheskies for the heads up), I'm kinda falling hard. How adorable can this girl get?! Plus the plot has a very Mean Girls-esque feel to it and I just love High School movies (mostly because my high school was nothing like this and it's always been a fantasy of mine to go to an American High School complete with lockers and going from class to class. But I digress, I'm just excited for this. Plus Emma Stone's parents in the movie are Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tuci. Com on! How's that for pedigree?

The Town

For a bit more serious fare, I cannot wait to see this with either my dad or my sister or a BIG JON HAMM FANGIRL (I'm LOOKING AT YOU varjaks!!!) because this one has awesome written all over it. Directed by Ben Affleck (I love you Mr. Garner) and starring the incomparable Mr. Jon-I'll-Take-Your-Eggs-Too-Hamm, I'm just psyched to see them all kick some ass and take some names.


Two things: James Franco and AGAIN, Jon Hamm. I've been reading On The Road and it's got some Ginsberg in it, which makes me more curious to see this. But seeing the trailer of this one and seeing Jon-PLEASE-TAKE-ME-Hamm in it, I'm sort of sold. Plus James Franco seems to be on a roll with this quirky picks so this should be something

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Shia LeBeouf, I know you can be a dirty boy sometimes, but seeing you with Carey Mulligan always makes me smile so an entire movie with you guys in it must be really cute. And it's in New York, which by default makes me want to watch you already. Plus, I know say_i_am_you is excited for this one and I do want to see a movie with her (since we rainchecked on Eclipse). So September 24, come already please? I miss Kim already.

The Social Network

I'm really really excited to se this just because a) Jesse Eisenberg is just adorable (I blame make_me_irish) b) Justin Timberlake is always fun to see on the big screen though it's not always the best results c) ANDREW-FREAKING-GARFIELD is ona roll. I saw him in Boy A and kind of fell in love with his performance so now that he's gonna be Spiderman, I'm excited to see what else he's got in store and just in case that wasn't enough reason, d) it's got some Joe Mazello and e) David Fincher in it and as a bonus f) the trailer has Radiohead's Creep playing and some creepily apt visuals of Facebook.

Morning Glory

I NEED TO SEE SOME MCADAMS alright?! I miss this girl so bad and this has cuteness written all over it, especially with some Patrick Wilson (who looked really good in Passengers with Annie Hathaway -- though the movie was kinda crazy). Plus it's a news program (though in the morning) so it reminds me of Breaking News (a fic, I know!). But in more legit reasons, it's got Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford. So yeah, I'm sold. Did I Mnention McAdams? Yeah, I love her.

Welcome to the Rileys

Yes, it's got Kristen in it and by default I have to watch this. But I'm also really interested because it's got Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini and they look like some serious actors so this is bound to be heavy stuff. The problem? I DONT THINK IT'LL EVER GET HERE. Just like The Runaways still hasn't shown here. So I'm not holding my breath. Though I'm secretly crossing my fingers.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Though I don't talk about it as often, I do love the Harry Potter series (it feels like a very integral part of my childhood) and seeing it come to a conclusion in a DESERVING two part movie, I'm really excited. Plus seeing the beautiful Emma Watson look all grown up as Hermione and getting some Ron/Hermione loving and really just seeing this visual representation of the books I've loved, it's gonna be awesome to see this on the big screen and at the same time, a little sad. I can't believe it's ending.
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