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[+] Thanks to my absence for work for 2 days, I didn't really have to trudge through this week of employment. My three-day office attendance kept me sane till the weekend. Plus knowing my aunt and uncle would be coming home was enough to keep me happy.

[+] Also, despite getting sick, I think I really enjoyed my two-day absence. It got me recharged after the last few exhausting weeks. Here's to more days off.

[+] It was love secrets time at lion_lamb and it was really sweet to get included despite my non-activity in general. Thanks to the sweet petitecherie (girl I miss you) and to everyone else who sent me love

[+] Despite my general laziness to go to work, there are still things to look forward to this week and I hope all of my/your plans (and non-plans) fall into place.

My brother said it best. After evading all the sicknesses over the years, they decide to hit me all at once. And so I took a sick day off today because not only was I puking my guts out this morning (right before my sister left) but my neck allergies were in full swing and my headache was pounding and I was coughing like a maniac. I should have called it a sleep day off though cause I literally did nothing but sleep. I woke up, ate crackers, took my meds and slept. Repeat 3x.
I didn't think I'd take another sick day from work, but I feel like it's a good thing I did because I did nothing but sleep some more. I think my body needed the two days off to recuperate and just get back into business (I'm finally going to work tomorrow and I'm dreading the emails). Still, it was good to just relax and recover (and not eat oily food) and see if I was up to anything other than laying down and not thinking. It's been a good two-day break. I hope things at work are okay.
First day back at work and naturally I'm feeling lazy. Still, it's good to know I didn't miss too much during my two-day break. Also, this coming back to work on a Wednesday business means I've gotten through half the week already. Always always a nice touch. Still, I'm gonna regret this next week when I have to struggle through an entire week of work. Oh well, the two days off were so worth it. I don't want to get sick again soon but I totally wouldn't mind the 2 day break.
An old officemate dropped by the office after work and I was able to hitch a ride going home. We live near each other and getting free rides sort of home is part of what I'll miss. It was good to catch up too over Frozen Yogurt. I haven't had some in a while and it was so good to eat some again. There's something wrong with my sleeping patterns though. I always fall asleep right when I get home only to wake up right before midnight, so I end up eating dinner really late. So very weird.
The weekend could not come any sooner and for some reason, everyone in the office was feeling out of sorts. It was a good thing my dad was able to pick me up from work, cause I don't think I would have made it out alive from the craziness of the week (despite me only being there three days of it). After dinner though, we were surprised by my (mom's sister) aunt's arrival from North Dakota. She'll be here for my grandma's birthday and it was great to see her after so long.
Busy day is busy. I had to run to the mall to get a gift for my supervisor's son's first birthday. But before that, I had to drop my aunt off at my grandma's house. And before I knew it, I was off to the party in the afternoon without having done much at home. I thought I would be late to the party too (I was 45 minutes late) -- only to find out it hadn't started yet. So I arrived just in time. I haven't been to a kid's party in AGES so it was fun to see so many kids just go crazy. I cannot take care of kids.
We picked up my mom's brother (my uncle) from the airport and now that my mom's siblings are complete, the festivities for my grandma's birthday can begin. It's always fun to have my uncle over not just because he gives the best gifts but because he's crazy and it's always a ball when he's around. I hate that I'll be at work for the duration of his stay, so I'll make sure to be at my grandma's house any free time I get. Though it was a crazy short weekend, having my aunt and uncle around made it fun.
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