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TV Time: Spencer Brings the Pool Boy; Mad Men Is Making It's Way Back; Gossip Girl Gets Pretty

So in what is probably the most lulzy episode to date of Pretty Little Liars, we of course get the standard homecoming episode. And don't you love what a little paint can do? It always makes me laugh how despite minor preparation, we get a tv-worth set for the homecoming. But that's just me. Meanwhile, the countdown to Mad Men continues and we've got less then a few weeks. Hello excitement.

Pretty Little Liars 01x06: There's No Place Like Homecoming

So Aria will forever be agonizing over her parents and Mr. Fitz. Forgiveable as Mr. Fitz is the LAST CUTE BOY STANDING on this show. What happened to Wren? He was cute? But really, it's good to see Mr. Fitz pining, though, YOU ARE HER TEACHER. It's cute though, cause in real life, they're only three years apart. Now that's feasible. Still, it's good to see that Aria isn't the only one, pining for the other.

And because I doubt Emily's going to get killed off so soon (I just don't see it), I'm not really nervous for her getting stuck with Toby. In fact, I'm more worried for creepy!Toby just because these girls are capable of getting away with so much on this show. And for some reason, I actually feel bad for Maya. Girl gets her chain yanked too many times on this show. Yes, Maya has graduated from being called Katherine's maid from VD. Times are a-changing.

Geeky boy for Hanna? Still not cute enough but he has more personality than ex-boyfriend that's for sure. In fact, I'm sure if you put Geeky!boy and ex-boy in a dance-off, geeky boy would win for sheer originality. Sure Toby says he can't move, but he hasn't seen Hanna's ex move. Because Hanna's ex CANNOT DANCE TO SAVE HIS LIFE. Also, Aria can't either. Stick to the slow songs, kids.

Finally, Spencer brings the pool kid from the wrong side of the tennis court country club and Nanny!Carrie is of course here to ruin homecoming. I don't care about tennis kis really because I didn't like him in 90210 and lord knows I don't like him here either. And for Spencer at that. I'm surprised she didn't put up more of a fit over the plagiarism. I actually feel like they're letting Spencer off the hook too easily. I remember how BIG A DEAL plagiarism was in my college. Her future should be ruined! But of course this is just a tv show.

Mad Men

So we've got a week or so left to this awesome show and I just can't wait to get it back. The cast has been doing these videos for AMC and lord knows I'm excited to see the entire Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce team back on the road. Wives and ex-wives included of course.

Gossip Girl

And it looks like the Upper East Side kids are back on their home turf. I don't know if I'm going to flounce just yet. I'll probably keep hanging on for a) the lulz; b) Clemence Posey. I don't know how they strung her along, but I'm curious; c) the fashion or lack thereof; d) the rigodon of loveteams/ships on this show. Plus, I can't seem to jump a Josh Schwartz penned-'masterpiece'. And of course, I love the torture. Xoxo.
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