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12 of 12: July 2010

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

01:00 am // kitchen

The last normal thing I ate before shit hit the fan. Pamy's boyfriend, Jody bought my family a really good red velvet cake for dessert after Sunday night's dinner for my sister. It was good. So good. And it's partially why I upchucked everything I ate this morning. Still, it was great while it lasted.

01:11 am // kitchen

Also inside our new refrigerator are the many things I cannot eat while being sick. It sucks that when I get sick, it's my stomach that really acts up so all the good things inside the fridge are currently off-limits to me. Boo.

01:23 am // kitchen

Hello to something I can eat though. I'll feel like a monkey before all of this is over. My mom bought bananas and bread and lots of other non-oily things for me to much on. Yay? At least I'll feel better by the end of this banana-fest.

02:30 am // mamita's bedroom

I've somehow relegated myself to sleep in my grandma's room just because it's the 'sick' room of the house. Though I don't have fever, just neck allergies, a headache, coughing and puking, I consider myself sick enough to stay in this room. Plus it's the coldest room in the house.

08:27 am // mamita's room

Some sick-time reading material perhaps? Jody (my sister's boyfriend) got me the magazine from the US. He's so funny and my sister bought me the "On The Road: The Original Scroll" book from Singapore -- because it's all out here. Seriously.

08:35 am // family room

Oh look, it's my new mouse and flash drive. Both ultra useful considering I spend most of my life with the laptop. Then again, these past few days, I've barely touched this thing just because I've been feeling awful/busy with work.

08:42 am // family room

Speaking of things I haven't caught up on, I can't believe I've had so much fan fiction waiting for me to read it. I actually thought I'd be able to read while being 'sick' but no, instead I've slept all day and so I still have a shitload of fic to read. Not that I'm complaining. At all.

09:16 am // dining room

Other stuff I can eat? Crackers. Though I'm not even a fan of tikoy (also from my sister's boyfriend -- notice how he's in such a giving mood?), it's still annoying to know I cannot eat just whatever it is I choose to. I hate being sick.

10:20 am // kitchen

However, I'm free to consume my medicines. I have the Loratidine for my allergies, the paracetamol for my headaches and the Guaifenesin for my cough. Lovely array of pills I need to pop.

10:33 am // mamita's room

And since I'm stuck in my grandma's room I might as well show a bit of the inside. That's the wall I see, next to the door. It houses my dad's family. My dad has two other brothers, both of whom no longer live in the Philippines. So there's always people to visit abroad -- not that we do that a lot. Cause it's expensive.

04:22 pm // mamita's room

Waking up from one of my many 'power' naps, I see that the blinds are closed and it's apparently raining like crazy. Crazy crazy that the winds are blowing quite hard and there's thunder and lightning. Thank goodness I'm sleeping through it all.

04:30 pm // mamita's room

And for the last photo of the day, I ended it early -- I literally wake up at 1:30 am on Tuesday after taking this shot -- is a sneak peek of the rain outside. It doesn't look as nuts in the photo, but it was pretty crazy weather.
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