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It's all at bats now[27 Down/25 To Go!]
[+] I don't know how I managed to survive this week considering I felt sick for almost half of it. Having the bazaar on the same weekend as Pamy coming home was apparently too much for my body.

[+] Still, it wasn't all bad. The bazaar went by okay, I suppose despite being in conflict with other evens and Pamy's brief visit was pretty good despite the fact that I was at work for most of it. Next time, hopefully I'll be able to spend more time with her.

[+] Thanks so much to hauntes & jo_herself for the awesome vgifts. I wish I could eat hotdogs right now, but my stomach won't let me. So sweet.

[+] Just hoping everyone has a healthy week up ahead. We're already more than halfway through the year. Don't blink. It could be 2011 before we know it.

I have never been so happy to have my supervisor back. Sure, it wasn’t the best of Mondays (work-wise), but knowing I had someone backing me up is always a good thing. And in a surprising turn of events in fic!land, we get The Cannabean Betrothal AND Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind updated one after the other. If that isn’t an omen enough of a good week for fic, I don’t know what is.
Despite the wonderfully stressful work day, it ended really well with Japanese food for dinner with my parents and brother at Teriyaki Boy. Delicious. And since I was in the mall, I caved into spending (though I hate it) and ended up buying really cute underwear ON SALE! Sales make me and my wallet happy. The best part though? Discovering Breaking News thanks to famouslyso & dorkfish04. I’m Hooked. It doesn’t hurt either that I was able to have
Well I got my sign. I was telling myself that I would stick around and wait things out at my job until this project I’m handling and was excited for fell through. Well it’s fallen through and I know I’ll be promised more things in the future, but right now, I got the sign and it’s sort of strengthened my resolve. I’ll definitely be on the look out now for other opportunities. And just let things fall where they may. I’m sort of resigned to all of this already.
I never get sick. EVER. So I’m really scared that my throat has been scratchy the entire day at work and I have that bazaar/event this weekend that we’ve been preparing for for forever. I really don’t get sick and it’s pissing me off that when I need to be in tip top shape, I’m feeling awful. Still, nothing a good night’s rest won’t fix. The only good thing about today was talking to famouslyso for hours too. This girl is love ♥
So much for a good night’s rest. I slept ultra early and drank my medicines and took tea for my throat but I woke up feeling horrendous. I dragged myself to work and tried my best to be my cheery self but my head was pounding the entire time and I just don’t know how I’m going to make it to tomorrow. I’m so pissed off at my body for betraying my non-sick 24/7 lifestyle now. Of all days to feel horrible. Oh well, I’m gonna suck it up tomorrow. We can do this.
Despite the fact that I do not have a boyfriend, I’m quite thankful to the boyfriends of the people I love. I was feeling really sick during the bazaar, so Abbey asked her boyfriend to bring me warm water to drink for my throat. I don’t even know this guy! He’s such a sweetheart. And just when I was losing energy at the end of the day, my sister and her boyfriend show up with an Eclipse magazine for me. Really thoughtful of him to get me one.
Despite sleeping early and taking medicine, I still felt pretty awful today. I think I might actually have to take a sick leave tomorrow. This is so weird, being sick. I never get sick. Still, I dragged myself to mass and apparently it’s our parish’s feast day. Once I got home though, I took a nap (I actually fell asleep reading fic! I’m THAT sick) and woke up in time for dinner since my sister’s here for the weekend. I feel bad I didn’t get to spend so much time with her. Oh well.
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