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Kristen Does The East Coast; Ashley Does Europe

East Side[Kristen Stewart Fan]
I haven't gotten around to squeeing over all of Kristen's post-Eclipse premiere appearances because a) I was lazy; b) and when I did get non-lazy, I felt sick so I actually had to sleep/rest instead of using the computer! What a travesty. Seriously though, I hope things get better soon for me so I can go back to doing nothing but squee over things like Kristen's new hair color.

Anyway, because Rob is otherwise occupied with shooting Water for Elephants, Kristen (and Taylor -- though you won't see much of him here) went to the East Coast to promote Eclipse (which I should make my review about soon).

Talk Show Rounds

It's so nice to see Kristen in something that isn't dark or black. Thus my love for her ash white Helmut Lang Mesh cut-out tank dress. She looks so young and happy with her lighter locks and her Louboutins. Basically, I love it.

Then she went on Regis and Kelly and I'm loving her love for purples and blues. It's a nice alternative to black. She looked really comfortable in her multi-coloured midnight blue, burgundy and forest green Peter Pilotto Spring 2010 dress with plum Louboutin’s. Regis and Kelly are always so chill with her and they're always very nice so it was great to see her comfortable with them.

The best interview would have to be the one on George Lopez just because we got some PapaStew. He was really sweet calling her beautiful and it just changed the dynamic of the interview a lot. Of course it doesn't hurt that she looked GORGEOUS despite it being a black custom made Bally ruched pencil dress with Giuseppe Zanotti platform pumps. I just liked how we got to see her juggle and be cute with her dad. Go Papa Stew.

I saved David Letterman for last just because it was when she debuted her new haircut and I thought she did so really well. I remember being a little shocked to see her hair so light but then thinking, wow she looks really really good. I'm really excited to see her as Mary Lou.

Of course with the new hair was a asymmetrical Herve Leger Fall 2010 dress with black suede Brian Atwood ‘Marlo’ pumps. Girl looks like she was owning the look and I loved it.

Eclipse NY Screening

Yes it's another black dress but I thought she pulled this one off really well. I love the detail of this long sleeved black RM by Roland Mouret Fall 2010 dress with iridescent plum fan sequins. At least it's not strapless.

Added bonus was she was all smiley outside before going into the premiere and she just looked like she was a tad more confident than usual. I'm thinking she's really liking this hair color.

Though I don't have any photos with Taylor, they did look cute and happy and just comfortable. The NY Screenings always seem to have them in a more relaxed mood. Perhaps it's because there are far less fans.

After the initial shock of how gorgeous her new hair color was, it was nice to see Kristen's hair all styled... and different too. I love the braids in the back and just how she looked here in general. Bravo.

Welcome to the Rileys

Before Kristen changed her hair though, she attended the LA Film Festival screening of Welcome to the Rileys and after seeing the trailer, I'm kinda excited to see it already.

It was nice to see Kristen hold her own with the likes of James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo so it would be cool to see the entire film. If it ever reaches here. Probably on DVD for me.

Of course Kristen was wearing a black haltered Preen Fall 2010 dress has lace straps and a gathered detail on the skirt. I didn't realize the back was sort of backless, I can't seem to find another photo of it, but I remember seeing it had a bit of skin showing there.

Love Ranch Premiere

And though I never got to post about it, Kristen showed up at the Love Ranch premiere to support one of her BFFs, Scout Taylor Compton. She looked pretty in yet another black embellished strapless belted Azzaro Fall 2010 dress. All I can say it: whoa legs!

Ashley & Xavier

Meanwhile, Ashley and Xavier were prettying it up all around Europe also promoting Eclipse. First stop was Madrid where Ashley looked a tad more mature than usual in her nude Michael Kors ensemble. You know what I love best? She and Xavier ALWAYS match.

Later that day, Ashley showed up in a black Donna Karan Resort 2011 lace dress with bow accent and spaghetti straps was paired with Bordeaux suede Brian Atwood ‘Cristal’ pumps with a gold ribbon accent. A little on the heavy side for a dress for Ashley but at least it's not her usual.

Then the twosome headed to Antwerp where she was all covered up in her hite long sleeved Azzaro Pre-Fall 2010 dress was embellished with white beads and crystal details. She wore it complete with the satin bow tied to the waist. I like the bow, but I wish she weren't so covered up. Still, pretty is pretty.

Finally though, Ashley just nails it at the London premiere of Eclipse wearing a sparkling L’Wren Scott Fall 2010 mini dress and midnight blue Brian Atwood heels. They sure do love Brian Atwood. I just love this look over-all. Stunning is stunning.
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