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One Order of Mutual Frisson for Me and a Smile on the Side

Funny how from no crushes at all, I've got two. I'm seeing one tomorrow. I'm trying to be all cool about it, but I guess I can't be. How can I? He called me this morning. Yes, he called again. But not to say hello. He called to ask about the refresher course. So, I guess I'm his secretary too.

I don't know what's wrong with me. Can't I just experience a little frisson now and then? No, apparently not. Defined as an emotional thrill, frisson can be experienced around someone you fancy. It's of French descent. Only fictional characters get to fall in love with the gorgeous artists like the son of the president of the United States and have them reciprocate their feelings too.

Everything with me is so one-sided. My other crush doesn't even know me. At all. I'm actually content with the situation, because I just like looking from a far with this one. I'm actually happy with the way things are. My stupid smiles when I see him is enough for me. It's funny how okay I am with it. I usually want to get to know the person and all, but with this one, anonymity is just what I want.

A little frisson never hurt. I think I deserve it. Even just a little before I graduate from high school. One moment. Just once. I know they say that good things come to those who wait, but I just think that it will do me good if I had it now. I mean how bad is it to want a little extra inspiration right? Young love was always a fantasy of mine. Now frisson is all I want. And it shouldn't just be coming from me. Hopefully one day, it will be two-sided instead of just one. Mutual frisson.
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