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TV Time: Aria's Secrets are Unraveling; Gossip Girls Say Bon Jour to Paris; Mad Men Seduces Me

[Pretty Little Liars Fan]
I don't think I've ever seen such pretty girls all waking up in the morning but these Pretty Little Liar sure live up to their name. These kids are growing on me and I find them prettier (and lying more and more) with each episode. In other TV land news, I'm more excited for Mad Men than ever. And though i'm on the brink of giving up Gossip Girl, their photos in Paris are making me smile.

Pretty Little Liars 01x05: Reality Bites Me

As hot as Ezra/Aria are, I'm kind of glad Ezra sort of got some sense into him. His friend is right. If the school board finds out, he could lose his job. And it's not like any other school would want him after that. And yes, Aria could use the distraction considering what's happening at home, but for now, it's a good thing. Besides, I'm SURE they'll figure out a way sooner or later. Also, isn't Aria's brother cute?

Emily and Toby seem to be hitting it off with the common taste in music etc. I'm still not sold on Toby just because he kind of scares me but at least Emily's sort of comfortable with this one. Yes, she isn't any more open about this as she was her little faux-lesbian affair but somehow I feel like she's at least at ease with her sexual preferrence with this one. Also, girl is too gorgeous.

I really like Hanna's relationship with her mom. I don't know how newly divorced women are but I like the way her mom is in general. Obviously Hanna gets her strength and sassiness somewhere. Also, I'm glad she and the ex boyfriend are trying to work things out. They are sort of cute together and Hanna is growing on me more and more. I could care less about the Jenna thing though I should.

Finally, I'm glad Spencer stood up for herself and simultaneously outted her plagiarism to the dad. I don't want nanny!carrie to get dragged into this anymore so I'm glad that at least she told her dad she stole it. Now I don't know how she'll inform the school and if she even will (and the consequences of that) but it's a step for her. Also, Alex=Javier on 90210 and I still don't like him here. Sorry dude.

The Mad Men School of Seduction

Excited doesn't cut it when trying to describe the upcoming season of Mad Men. Sure, this video is only a reel of their famous one-liners from the past seasons but if anything, I can't wait to see Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce and how they manage the firm this time around sans the Brits and with a down-scaled office. Also, what happens to Betty? And the rest of the guys. I cannot wait for July 26!

On set with Gossip Girl

Yes, I am on the brink of giving this show up especially if this season pilot doesn't blow me away, but seeing the photos from the set makes me reminiscent of times when the show was actually really really good. I'm hoping this shooting in Paris is backed by an awesome script so that I not only look at the pretty but appreciate the story too. Not holding my breath, but here's to hoping
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