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You took my hand, added a plan; You gave me your heart, I asked you to dance with me

Beat inside me, leave you blind[26 Down/26 To Go!]
[+] Hard to believe but we're HALFWAY THROUGH THE YEAR. It's crazy because it literally feels like we just greeted 2010 and now it's halfway done. Hello time, please move a tad slower? Thanks.

[+] Crazy week is crazy. Both good and bad. We finally get Eclipse (and I'll post my thoughts sometime soon) which is the obvious highlight of the week, but there was of course requisite office drama to balance out the high. I'd really prefer monotonous days to highs and lows.

[+] Our country's new president got inaugurated Wednesday (while I was at the cinemas but hey, we've all got priorities right?) and that meant a holiday for us. I would not mind more mid-week holidays. Unfortunately, July has ZERO on the horizon. Boo.

[+] Hope everyone has a steady week ahead & Happy 4th of July to all celebrating!

You know what I hate? Cab fare. Cabbies are greedy mofos and always want more from you. I had to ride a cab going AND coming from work because there were no jeeps in the morning for some strange reason and it was raining like the end of the world in the afternoon. I hate spending on cabs (Php 100) when I can spend (Php 12) on a jeep. I hope this isn’t an omen to more transportation woes.
You know when you’re really excited about something and all you want to do is just be excited but can’t because Real Life (work) gets in the way? This is how today went. I was literally just counting down the hours till I could go home and get more excited about Eclipse. Plus I was actually awake for dinner (I missed last night’s cause I went to bed early). I ended up sleeping late too. Hello Holiday Wednesday.
Amazing things about today: 1) Holiday; 2) Updates from Hydraulic Level 5 AND Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind; 3) Not having to line up for Eclipse tickets (the line reached Time Zone -- this is far); 4) Eclipse with NIkki -- three years in a row! Tradition! 5) Catching up with Nizzle at her house; 6) Eclipse Score and Movie Companion; 7) Did I mention Eclipse AND a Holiday? YES.
I somehow survived today sans my supervisor though it was a terribly busy day. I finally got out of the office and made it to Trinoma to see Eclipse with Ruth and Sandy. I haven’t seen my blockmates in a really long time and it was really fun to catch up with them over coffee after the movie. It’s crazy how we’ve been out of college for more than a year now. Time flies too fast. We were bumming just yesterday.
Worst Day Ever; stressful morning at work which actually reduced me to tears. I hate crying in front of people and I did. Not bad though considering I cry so easily. It’s official, I’ve used up my crying quotient at work. Never again. It didn’t help either that there was dramarama that I did not want to participate in but somehow got dragged in to. Not even my free Eclipse ticket from my dad could cheer me up. Bad day, Friday for sure.
And after yesterday’s suck-fest, Saturday turned out to be pretty damn great. It felt so good to see Lee again after a few weeks. It’s always great to catch up with her and it’s practically tradition that we see Twilight at the cinemas. Scrumptious meal at Teriyaki boy was definitely a great way to have a late lunch. Also, I hate how I’ve been tempted to buy a couple of books but I shouldn’t be spending so the bookstore is just taunting me, really.
I love waking up early just because I feel like I get a lot done. Sure, nothing beats sleeping in but on weekends, when I feel like the hours aren’t enough, it feels strangely good to get some stuff accomplished, no matter how irrelevant. Plus I was able to take my little sister and her friend to watch Eclipse. It’s funny how I like the same thing as my 15 year old sister’s friend. Oh well, young at heart perhaps? Y/Y?
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