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TV Time: The Doctor Gives a Happily Ever After to the Girl and Guy Who Waited;Hanna Is Losing It All

I cannot believe we have to wait till December for another taste of Doctor Who. This season was all kinds of epic and though it’s the first one I’m watching in ‘real time,’ I’m sure it won’t be the last. That finale kicked ass on so many levels, I don’t quite know what to do with myself. That being said, I can’t wait till we get another glimpse of our good Doctor and his lovely companions whoever they may be.

Doctor Who 05x14: The Big Bang

Baby!Pond always makes me want to give her a hug. How is possible that she really does look Amy! It was so nice to see how everything would have turned out in this alternate universe.

Rory's Back! And he's a robot! But it's all good, because at least we get him back. The Doctor + The Fez (it's cool!) giving Rory his scredriver to break him out was just win. I was confused but totally in awe.

Look at Rory fight for his love! I don't know if the Doctor's ever been pumelled but best it came from Rory, cause he really just means well. And when centurion!Rory stayed behind to guard Amy? I DIED.

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. I'm so glad that the centurion survived it all. This just furthers how much Rory loves Amy. 2000 years. He waited. They really are the Guy and the Girl who waited.

So that's all those time travels. It was so cute how the Doctor kept going back and forth trying to make things in the past still occur. When he appeared from the future with 12 minutes left, I swear I yelled NOOOOO!!!!

They saved River! Goodness and I thought waiting for 2000 years was long. Imagine how River dealt with going through the same damn thing. The scene on the roof reminded me of the pilot with them on the roof.

Badass River! No Mercy Bitches! But of course the Doctor isn't dead, and yes the Doctor lies but it's for everyone's benefit really. I wanted to give him a hug though when he was barely awake inside the Pandorica

Kill me. Really. The look on Amy's face when the Doctor was talking to her got me all teary eyed and I swear I was crumpling on the inside. He asked her if it was worth it. Of course it all was. Tears.

The Doctor traveling back through time was too cool for school. Who knew it was future!doctor talking to Amy in the forest?! It makes more senes. It means so much more. And his conversation with Baby!Pond? I melted.

This AU or rather present time for Amy makes me giddy. Not only does she have parents and Rory but she's got a WEDDING that she's excited for. Sure, she doesn't remember the Doctor but I love how excited she is.

Wedding bliss! Or so we think. I love how the 'old saying' gets Amy remembering. Her close ups were so intense and Rory worrying about why his bride was sad broke my heart. The bow tie! The suspenders!

Amy's speech telling the Doctor she remembered him just gets me everytime. I'm so glad Mr. Pond remembers him too. And look at the Doctor so dapper in his suit (with bow tie). Andy Amy, you can only kiss Rory.

Get your dance on, Doctor! It was so cute to see the Doctor party it up and to see Mrs and Mr Pond just enjoy themselves (complete with Rory carrying Amy's shoes). Kill me, these two are too cute.

River Song, are you married? LETS TALK ABOUT THIS INDEED. I really want to see more River song now. And more Eleven/Amy/Rory. Hello to new adventures. I'm so glad they're still his companions. Christmas 2010 here we come.

Pretty Little Liars 01x04:

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I have to say, I feel bad for Hanna. Not only is her dad remarrying but the daughter’s kinda annoying. I feel worse for her mom though. How evil is it of the dad to just brush her off like that? No wonder Hanna’s kinda messed up. And creepy!Toby continues to freak me out. Something tells me he knows much more than he’s letting on. I’m glad Emily is opening up to her lesbian ways more though. In time, dear, you’ll be able to come out of the closet.

Meanwhile Aria and Mr. Fitz are sorting through shit. Aria’s being (im)mature and Mr. Fitz is as well. Though their forbidden relationship is hot, I’m worried about Mr. Fitz losing his job. I know they’re both into it right now, but dude, it’s his job. Finally, Spencer gets into more trouble when her plagiarized paper actually gets entered into a competition. Girl is going to lose it when shit hits the fan. I do not know why she did it to begin with but oh well. And Wren. Stop being adorable. I like you too much.
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